Justin Bieber Debuts New Dreadlocks

Published: Monday 26th Apr 2021 by Sam

Cop a gander of Justin Bieber!

The Pop star is no stranger to switching up his sound and now he’s following suit with his style.

For, the 27-year-old have unveiled a new hair-do – dreadlocks.

Sharing a series of pictures, JB posed it up with his growing mane.

See more of his new look after the jump…

Bieber’s new look follows the release of his chart-topping album ‘Justice.’

Are you feeling it? Let us know…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Miss Thang 💅🏽 (Shayla Queen 👑) April 26, 2021

    You fool.

    And dreads are nasty. Period.

    • Roberta FlackSabbath April 26, 2021

      PERIOD blood, they’ve been dipped!

      Just so gross. Where is his management? Where are his good friends?

      Every step forward for him is immediately followed by three steps in “insert something gross.”

  2. DC3 FOREVER April 26, 2021

    I bet his foreskin is cheesy and he has remnants of crap in his bootyhole hairs. Just nasty

    • Miss Thang 💅🏽 (Shayla Queen 👑) April 26, 2021

      That must be you seeing as it’s on your mind. Disgusting pig.

      • DC3 FOREVER April 26, 2021

        Nope I’m cut and wax try again

      • Miss Thang 💅🏽 (Shayla Queen 👑) April 26, 2021

        Ew who likes a cut d*** 🤮

  3. Ugghh April 26, 2021

    Nasty white trash. I swear to god he’s the most dirtiest cracker I ever seen

  4. UHoesFunny April 26, 2021


  5. Clarks0o0ñ April 26, 2021

    He wants to be a black guy so bad.
    U are a white man mustin

    • Roberta FlackSabbath April 26, 2021

      “Mustin” hmmm. Good drag name for him.

      Musty Beaver.

      • 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) April 26, 2021

        He had no bulge whatsoever 💅🏿💅🏿 Still looking dirty

      • 1988 April 26, 2021

        Bulge? Nobody is trying to satisfy your perverted pawno needs. Try onlyfans for that.

      • Miss Thang 💅🏽 (Shayla Queen 👑) April 26, 2021

        Boy, he looking like a hobo fresh off Skid Row.

  6. Pat April 26, 2021

    White people dreadz always look slimy

  7. 1988 April 26, 2021

    Do you boo!! 😂 1.8 million likes on Instagram…

    Peaches 🍑 is Justin’s 18th Radio Top 10 only behind Mariah Carey, Lil Wayne, Drake and Rihanna leading the pack. ❤️

  8. 🍭marilyn monh-O-E🍭(💫Perfectly Splendid✨) April 26, 2021

    Ewwwwww 🤮 he looks like he’s just coming straight out from a dumpster. Can somebody give this homeless kid some food, a shelter please?

    • Nomeena April 26, 2021


  9. stan April 26, 2021

    why does he always look like he needs a shower…

    • Miss Thang 💅🏽 (Shayla Queen 👑) April 26, 2021

      Because he probably does.

  10. XYZ April 26, 2021

    He looks as if he smells

  11. TRANS RACIAL QUEEN April 26, 2021

    Oh Justin, I’m pre c****** everywhere..

  12. Black Queen April 26, 2021

    Slow news day? TGJ is losing it’s lust. 🤔

    • Nomeena April 26, 2021


  13. Fancy BISH (FCK Sewer Queen, Maristench, Danzou The Fool, Clarksdump 🤣) 👊🏽💎💋 April 26, 2021

    Why would anyone want to have stinky hair?

  14. True Tea April 26, 2021

    He is starting to look like Lil’ Pump now. Hopefully he doesn’t start painting his nails.

  15. Up (and It’s Stuck!) April 27, 2021

    Just No!

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