Pop Megastar Janet Jackson was honoured at the Ebony Pre-Oscar Celebration. She attended the event with her brother, Jackie Jackson. As has been the case recently, Janet looked beautiful.

Check out the pics:

Credit: Janet-World

Kinda surprised by the single choice but still a cool video. She needs to leave this 40’s thing alone already, though.

Black Hollywood was out in full force last night to celebrate with Oscar nominee, Jennifer Hudson at her Pre-Oscar Party. Celebs in attendance included Jamie Foxx, Janet Jackson (looking on-point!) and Serena Williams. The party looked to have been alot of fun. Where was Beyonce?

Ciara finally has a new video out. This premiered just a few hours ago on Access Granted. I like the video alot; Like A Boy is one of the better tracks off Ciara: The Evolution. The choreography is on point

Check it out…

Like A boy
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Being from London myself, Leona won our version of American Idol called the X-Factor, which is also judged by Simon Cowell. Her vocal ability has been likened to an early Mariah Carey. This past month she signed a contract with Clive Davis’s J Records in America worth a reported $5 Million. With a voice like hers she is destined to do BIG things.

Check out two new songs of hers:

D/L: Loving You (Minnie Ripperton cover)

D/L: Breathe

One of our great affiliates UK Rep’s BLOG of all BLOGS has posted this cover which is supposedly for Kelly’s new album, Miss Kelly – out in June. I’m liking it alot; its gives off sophistication. Lets hope the music is just as good.
What do you think of it?
Oscar favourite, Dreamgirls, has grossed over $100 million (in the US alone) since its release in December last year, according to Boxofficemojo.com .This is a major achievement for the film and for black cinema overall; it’s the only ‘black’ film to have crossed the $100 Million barrier – The Colour Purple coming closest at $98 Million.
I really enjoyed the film and felt that the cast all put in stellar performances. Be sure to check out the Oscar ceremony this weekend to see if Dreamgirls wins BIG.

Rapper Busta Rhymes has rejected a plea-deal from Prosecutors in his assault case yesterday, 20th February. The deal would have meant that Rhymes, 34, would spend only 6 months in jail for two assault charges. The first charge is for Rhymes attacking his former driver, Eddie Hatchett, during an argument over back-pay. He is also charged for assaulting a fan who allegedly spat on his car in August. He is, however, considering a judge’s plea-bargain that would allow him to plea guilty to a lesser assault charge and remain free.
I say take the judge’s offer. It’s not often you get a judge bending over backwards to keep your behind out of jail! Seriously though, he needs to sort himself out.
In other news, the Florida beauty shop owner who was allegedly assaulted by Foxy Brown, resulting in her arrest last week, has told the New York Post “I hired a lawyer. I hope to pay off my mortgage with whatever I get”- referring to a lawsuit he is about to launch against the rapper. IMO he deserves nothing if all he wants is money instead of justice. Plus, I don’t think Foxy has any money left!

Click here for the vid of Brown being released from jail.

Mike apparently was in attendance at one of Prince’s shows at The Purple One’s 3121 club over the NBA All-Star weekend. MJ did not did perform and was said to just be there to enjoy the show.
This is kinda surprising considering their ‘history’. Though they have never ‘beefed’, they have made dodgy comments about each other over the years. Plus Prince refused Michael’s offer to appear in the Bad video all those years back (he was supposed to play Wesley Snipes role). IMO I don’t feel there ever really was a feud between the two; just the media hyping things up as they are very much from the same era.
Will i Am (who Michael is working with) was also in attendance and performed a freestyle during Prince’s Musicology. Further proof that MJ was most likely in attendance.
Maybe Mike was getting tips for his own Vegas show which has been rumoured for some time now?
Source: Housequake

This track is a Darkchild produced left-over from the B’Day album. It’s a good song. The lyrics are a kinda wtf though. Not album material but still a decent track.

What do you think?

UPDATE: Link now updated with CDQ! (Credit: Marck)
DL: World Wide Woman (FULL)

Spotted this one over at YBF:

PaPa Knowles strikes again. YBF chick LeToya Luckett was tapped to be on the Daddy’s Little Girls soundtrack along with several other artists–including Beyonce. But word has it that the reason Toya got dropped from the soundtrack was because Papa Knowles demanded she get dropped or else Beyonce’s track would be pulled. Here we go again….

Source: YBF

Not too sure about this one. I know Papa Knowles is kinda shady but I think some of the stuff written about him is over-exaggerrated. Still though, I wouldn’t put it past him…

Toni performed a medley of her classic hit Your Making Me High (remix) and Take This Ring from her most recent album, Libra. Her performance wasn’t saying too much. It’s not that it was bad, but it just wasn’t anything special.

Toni Braxton Take This Ring

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