Britney Spears Confirms ‘Vegas’ Residency Deal

Published: Tuesday 5th Feb 2013 by David

With reported contributions from Darkchild, Will.I.Am and Elijah Blake, Britney Spears’ eighth studio album already stands as one of the year’s most hotly anticipated releases.

Now, following a statement made by her manager Larry Rudolph, the hype behind the LP is set to reach fever pitch.

Find out why below…

After we reported news of a Vegas residency deal for the start back in January, Rudolph spoke to our friends over at Extra on the matter, who revealed the following:

“Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, told “Extra” that the Sin City show is set, with a choice between two casinos, one of which is part of Caesars Entertainment Group. The deal will be finalized once Britney’s team decides on the casino.

The pop star has been in negotiations for several months to set up shop in Las Vegas. Rudolph said, “We are in deep negotiations and I’d be shocked if it didn’t happen. Hoping to have a deal done very soon.”

A formal announcement is expected in the next few weeks.”

Perhaps the most exciting news to emerge from her camp in some time, confirmation of Spears’ deal may leave some fans wondering what it will mean for her status as a global touring act, if she is to spend the bulk of her time in Sin City.

Whatever happens though, we can’t wait to see what Team Britney serve up on a production tip and how/if this endeavour may encourage some of her contemporaries to strike similar deals.

 Your thoughts?

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  1. lola February 5, 2013

    Wow, people are really going to pay to see this psycho, can’t dance, lip-syncing had perform?

    • lola February 5, 2013


    • Common Sense February 5, 2013

      The answer is no. Those casinos better be ready for big losses on investment.

    • La quisha donetta kimona jackson February 6, 2013

      Chille please. If they paid your broke ass 100 million plus to do it. Would you?

  2. J February 5, 2013

    No Britney you’re too young for this!

    I hope she still does a world tour next year.

  3. Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

    Another bad move in her career, she needs new management, she is too big for Las Vegas, btw have y’all hear about the rumors that Justin Timberlake insults her when he was on stage at the pre-super bowl event when he said: “Sometimes in life, you think you found the one. But then one day you find out that she is just some b**ch,”…he denies it tho….gotta love him.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2013

      You love him for bashing your girl? Or for what exactly this time? lol
      Also, too big for Vegas? Maybe it´s what she needs or wants

      • Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

        I can’t diss my Husband, and is maybe what she wants but it is a wrong move.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2013

        Uff b**** why do you care about Gaga that much? I haven´t even checked any videos of her concerts since her tour began like a year ago. You´re obsessed

      • Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

        @b**** why do you care about Gaga that much?
        Because you say she didn’t lip-sync, she always sing live 4 you, she’s the best blah, blah, blah, are you sad, she disappointed you?.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2013

        She´s the best? When did I say that? lol She is more of a musician than Madonna though 🙂 Love ya

      • Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

        (She is more of a musician than Madonna)

        Explain that PLEASE!…i’m waiting.

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

      She isn’t “too big” for Vegas, she isn’t “too big” for anything, at least not anymore.

      The way people overrate this girl to the heavens. SMH. She split with her ex-fiance/manager didn’t she? idk.

      Justin always used Britney for publicity so its nothing new. “Cry me a river”, “what goes around comes back around”, etc…..whenever he has a new project out, he mentions her. He even tweeted something about “not disrespecting anyone” or whatever.

      The music is what matters.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2013

        And your comment proves everybody uses publicity stunts. No need to get mad only with certain artists for doing it girl 🙂
        And yes I agree she is not too big for that. First because Celine Dion broke that stigma in 2002 when she went to Vegas after “A new Day has Come” album became the second best seller of that year worldwide and debuted at #1 in the USA with more than 600,000 copies first week. She did it cos she wanted it for her family, not cos she needed to retire due to lack of success like some kids like to insinuate here sometimes. So yeah if Celine wasn´t, Britney is not too big for that 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

        The way people overrate this girl to the heavens.

        Just like they overrated any other celebrity at least she makes an impact in music and my husband can say whatever he wants, i’d let him do anything he wanted.

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

        I agree with what you said @John but “certain artists” are really annoying with what they chose to use as gimmicks. For Justin and Britney, really emotions were involved, for the “other” its milking a barely existing beef.


        True, all stars are overrated, even those like Michael are made to appear as if they are gods but the Britney stans act like she revolutionized the industry when she didn’t.

        “at least she makes an impact in music”

        No, she has NO impact on music. She has impact on pop culture. Her music has never left a print on music nor has it shaped it or formed it in any way. The closest she came with that was using Dub-step as the first in mainstream music but that doesn’t have a lasting effect, just another trend.

      • Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

        No, she has NO impact on music. She has impact on pop culture.

        yeah that, sorry.

      • irene46 February 5, 2013

        justin and britney haven’t had anything going on for over a decade but many including the media still try to keep a connection alive.

        why would jt need to attach himself to britney’s coattails when his 2006 ‘future s**/love sounds’ sold almost 700k in it’s first week and has sold over 10 ml ww. how does mentioning her help his career when his career is doing better than hers? makes not a bit of sense. just some more britney trumped up bs to give her the appearance of the ‘all powerful britney’.

        ‘what goes around comes around’ was inspired by the split of his childhood friend and business partner, trace ayala, from actress elisha cuthber, not britney! more pr to keep her attached to the way more successful jt.

        btw,why couldn’t the comment jt made have been about cameron diaz? they were together far longer than he and britney!

      • irene46 February 5, 2013

        justin tweeted he wasn’t disrespecting “anyone”. note he didn’t mention britney’s name.

    • CHUDDS February 5, 2013

      Didn’t Celine Dion have a stint in Vegas for YEARS? Didn’t she sell more than Britney? Or no? Regardless, Celine was HUGE. And I’m sure if she were to release an album right now, it would sell like hotcakes. So, Britney is NOT too big for Vegas.

      Britney sucks. Her live performances have dwindled to p*** poor over the years. I’d pay to see Celine, and I would’ve paid to see Toni. Britney, HELL NO!

      • JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2013

        Celine has a new album prepared for this year. And at the end of 2012 she released a new one in French and she killed the charts in France and Canada

    • JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2013

      Hey b****! Do u like Mariah´s friend Lenny Kravitz? I just found out he has a new album ready and just heard the single on the radio, only a radio station dedicated to 80´s and 90´s music plays the song. Don´t know why certain artists are completely forgotten at one point when they constantly keep on realeasing new material, where are the fans they had? It´s not like artists like him changed their styles or lost their voices or something and didn´t went on a long hiatus. And what I hate the most is radio totally forgetting or banning a certain artist once they reach certain age. For example I don´t think Xtina Aguilera is going to have a radio hiy ever in her life. Why the hell didn´t radio support Your Body? It´s what radio wants nowadays. I can´t understand

      • Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

        I love Lenny Kravitz and yes i know about his new album “Negrophilia”, he’s very talented but his music is not commercial, who cares anyway as long as the music is good, i could care less about charts, about Xtina the girl is over, only a miracle can save her, btw Lenny was Madonna’s boyfriend back in the day, Lol.

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

        I know this comment wasn’t for me, but I just wanted to comment on why “Your Body” didn’t succeed.

        1. Xtina had too much time pass with each album
        2. Coming from the biggest flop in history (Bionic)
        3. Media’s hatred for her
        4. Her attitude
        5. No promotion
        6. Lack of interest.

        Xtina sold 1/2 as much with each album in the U.S. as the year went on because she changed. alienated her market too much!

        Christina Aguilera – Teen bubble gum pop girl
        Stripped – R&B/rock/pop/rebel
        Back 2 Basics – Soul/Jazz/Blues
        Bionic – Electronic/dance
        Lotus – Trend following mixed with radio hits such as “Let there be love”, “Your body”, “Just a fool”, etc.

        Too much confusion in her market.

      • Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

        @ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ
        Coming from the biggest flop in history (Bionic)

        No, you didn’t, LMAO.

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

        Bionic isn’t a bad album though, its my jam to be honest, people drag it because it didn’t do as well commercially. I have to say Bionic >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lotus.

        Its true though :mrgreen:

      • Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

        I agree with you though but biggest flop in history that title belongs to Nelly Furtado and Jason Derulo.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2013

        His music was commercial for radio not so many years ago. I hate radio, I really do lol

        Yes I know, but the initial response from radio should have been good. Your Body is what they want nowadays and she was in The Voice, they could have supported her, you know, before the promo and all. They are so biased

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

        “Nelly Furtado and Jason Derulo.”

        Xtina actually promoted Bionic (well at least at first) the reason those two flopped was because no one knew their albums were out, Bionic flopped because everyone accused her of being a Gaga copy-cat and she was bashed and tarnished and so war Bionic.

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

        Plus she was one of the pop girls coming from a successful tour with B2B tour + successful album B2B + she has her GH which had a successful song “Keeps getting better”……not the same situation.

      • Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

        I know Xtina is just unlucky.

    • Pop Royalty February 5, 2013

      gurls , calm yo Tits !

      @MC and @John : hi there 😀

      @suicide :

      Hi b**** , where have you been ?

      I love lenny too .

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

        Its been awhile since we were all in one post together. Happy, dysfunctional, family we are :mrgreen:

      • Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

        I’m here, reading comments.

      • Pop Royalty February 5, 2013

        @MC :

        you know it when we are all at the same place , huh 😉 ?


        @Suicide :

        missed you too 🙂

        i only read comments of certain ppl in here …….

      • JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2013

        B**** shup up 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

        I miss you too, what the hell you was doing, sucking d**** somewhere in Cairo.

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

        Lets celebrate this occasion with Miguel!

      • Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

        Is that what R&B singers do in their shows, disgusting, he is Gay, just horrible.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2013

        OMFG LOL I nearly died with that Miguel video lol Love his album but haven´t checked his live performances really so I´m really surprised by that. Talking about publicity stunts… lol I thought that was Trey Songs style…
        So s*** and funny though. Didn´t know he had such a BODY 🙂

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013


        “Is that what R&B singers do in their shows, disgusting, he is Gay, just horrible.”

        He’s promoting safe s**, didn’t you see him put that imaginary condom on that imaginary long penis? True story, a role model really.


        I know, me too! I saw this on another site and was very surprised. Have you heard his first album? You should listen to it if you haven’t already. I think I love it as much as Kaleidoscope Dreams.

      • Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

        @ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ
        I don’t care about safe s**, that was disgusting, i don’t like his body neither.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 6, 2013

        Please. You´re so biased. How the hell can you not like his body?. Madonna has also done that type of “disgusting” things, so don´t know why it bothers you. Nobody can survive in the industry without some publicity stunts right? Except if you are Whitney Houston or Celine Dion of course 🙂

    • JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2013

      B****** I finally watched beyonce´s superbowl halftime today LOL
      Amazing show as always (superbowl halftime i mean). About Beyonce: the best thing I can say is that she sang that s*** live. So rare in these events for female pop stars, so kudos for that. It was a little bit predictable. She did great, a few new things, but for the most part more of the same. It´s not the best halftime show in history, but she did great enough

      Anyway, no halftime show will ever become as legendary as Whitney´s 1991 National Anthem at the Superbowl so… 🙂

      • Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

        That s*** wan’t all live.

      • Bryan Dossome February 5, 2013

        I honestly thought beyonce did good 7.5 out of 10….it’s her catalog i’m still worried about

      • Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

        I think she did good too but it was all the same.

      • irene46 February 5, 2013

        the media hatred for christina should be listed first. if the media constantly goes up an artist’s a*** with a hot poker and radio ignores their projects it doesn’t matter how many albums an artist releases or how good they are. the media can convince fair weather fans that ‘good’ is ‘bad’ and visa versa. bionic and lotus were both good.

      • JOHNVIDAL February 6, 2013

        I know

  4. tits mcgee February 5, 2013

    Good for her. I just hope some one is in the wings with the smelling salts. She seems like she fading day by day.

  5. Bryan Dossome February 5, 2013

    I genuinely like Britney so i’m ok if that’s what she wants

  6. King B>Rihanna February 5, 2013

    If Brit Brit ever combined In the Zone and Blackout on one album.That album would be every f****** thing in the universe.Good move for her hopefully she can re-create the spark she once had.

    • Likica February 5, 2013

      I agree, ITZ and Blackout albums are amazing, I like them so much ^^ But to be honest I am sure her new album will be something similar to Scream and Shout song and I don’t want that for her. :/

  7. Miguel February 5, 2013


  8. a February 5, 2013

    this is obviously a deal initiated by her managment and label to milk all the money they can from her now that her deal with RCA is almost over. britney has CLEARLY been done with the industry for the past 5 years. she doesnt even give a f***, the passion is gone, she stopped putting in work and effort a long time ago…
    she is now a machine that is being puppetered to make money…. poor girl, those critics are going to eat her alive with them reviews.. this is a bad decision, hopefully it doesnt last more than 6months or a year.
    she should just retire tbh…

    • Common Sense February 5, 2013

      Poor girl? She’s making tens of millions of dollars while not trying or giving a f*** as you say. I certainly don’t feel bad for her nor should anyone else.

      • irene46 February 6, 2013

        yes poor girl! even if she’s truly making what her pr team claims, money isn’t everything. she’s under a conservator, she doesn’t have custody of her kids, when’s the last time she’s been seen out with someone not resembling a caretaker of some sort, she’s unable to conduct an interview without accompaniment and her performances are zombie like.

        someday she’s going to realize the real sad caliber of her performances and how her team has pr’d her for the money and the media continues to jock her up, not because she’s talented; but only out of concern because they claim “she’s so sweet and humble”.

  9. MusicLoveChild February 5, 2013

    But Britney can’t really sing or dance anymore…I hope those Las Vegas Stage Lights make up for what she lacks….which is everything

  10. ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

    Great for her if that makes her happy. I honestly feel she’s lost her passion and spark for her music that she had during ITZ/Blackout eras so its a lost cause. Maybe this might push her to get her act together. Its not the end of the world, Celine did it as well and then she went back to touring before she returned to Vegas for 2009- concerts.

    • Mark111 February 5, 2013

      A Mariah Carey fan talking about a lost of passion. Your chic been lazy and careless after emancipation of mimi. (Not a Brit fan BTW)

  11. CHUDDS February 5, 2013

    Britney sucks. She hasn’t been the same since her breakdown.

    • irene46 February 6, 2013

      sad but true!

  12. CICI SLAAAAAYS February 5, 2013


    • CHUDDS February 5, 2013

      LMAO!!!! B****, Ciara couldn’t sell out a strip mall tour, let alone a big-time Vegas show. Exit. Stage. Left. Goodbye!

      • Mark111 February 5, 2013

        Strip mall? She can’t even fill up a restroom stalls.

      • irene46 February 6, 2013

        what you say may be true about ciara but it’s sure not because she isn’t talented. she sings every bit as good a britney and dances far better than britney even when britney was at her best.

  13. Common Sense February 5, 2013

    Celine has romantic couples songs that draw in the middle aged (with large disposable income) crowd. She fits into Vegas perfectly. What does Britney offer? She can’t sing, she can’t dance, and her tiredass bubblegum pop songs look silly being performed by a 30 year old woman. Her target audience is much younger than the typical Vegas tourist, so I just don’t see her show being successful AT ALL.

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

      Her stans will go, she has the most loyal stans. Just look at S&S and her horrid album FF selling. The same people that went to the last tour will probably go to Vegas this time too. I don’t know if it’ll be enough or not.

      I doubt she cares regardless, she just wants those coins.

      • irene46 February 6, 2013

        hmm. doubtful that enough of those loyal fans will be able to make it to vegas enough times to support her revues for a year or even less.

  14. F****** Hairy (Riherpes stole WFL from Leona Lewis) February 5, 2013

    The older crowd won’t pay to see her, they’re the ones with the real money with the exceptions of young celebrities that party in Vegas.
    She is no Celine.

    • JOHNVIDAL February 5, 2013

      Can´t believe how many times I agree with your comments. Can you please change your user name? I´m begging you 🙂

      • Eye Candy February 5, 2013

        If it makes you happy 🙂
        Btw I have NEVER denied Mariah’s legendary status or the records she has broken. I’m just not too big of a fan when it comes to her diva attitude but I think she is the best vocalist to walk the planet!

      • JOHNVIDAL February 6, 2013

        Oh man (or woman). Thank U. You did the right thing lol I knew, I knew deep inside you know the facts and who is who in the industry. Congrats 🙂
        ps: Great user name btw

    • Bryan Dossome February 5, 2013

      But she can get a younger audience to go watch her…don’t forget she has a solid fanbase which explains how she managed to go platinum with an album as horrible as femme fatale in this climate

      • Eye Candy February 5, 2013

        It costs less money though to buy a CD or even to go to a regular concert than it is to go to Vegas & pay to watch someone perform.
        Do you know how expensive it is to stay in a Vegas hotel for just one night? That city is not for the broke.

      • Bryan Dossome February 5, 2013

        You have a point there…i still feel her stint will be successful BUT waay shorter than Celine’s (12 months maximum)….Btw thanx for changing your name lol.

      • Eye Candy February 5, 2013

        Your welcome lol 😉

      • irene46 February 6, 2013

        ‘femme fatale’ went platinum because it was certified before it had even sold the 500k to gain gold status. it still has not reached 1 million in sales in the u s. it’s just more bs added to the britney hype.

  15. Pop Royalty February 5, 2013

    man , I LOVED britney as being a part of my 90’s kid Life thing , so ……

    do whatever makes you happy Brit.

    I am not here for the post-circus britney tho , lemme keep it real ! maybe cuz she became a mom and became mature , but that S&S mess says otherwise ….

    I do not know , i just can not hate or shade her …………

  16. BubblePopElectric February 5, 2013

    Considering that her album sales have her closer in proximity to Celine, Mariah, Janet and Madonna than Rihanna, Katy, Taylor or Ke$ha…. This is a MAJOR coupe for the Britney Camp. This near 100 million dollar Vegas residency validates her iconic status in the industry and also gives her time to have somewhat of a normal life/routine for her growing boys. I think that she is very shrewd when it comes to her deals and that other blossoming iconic acts like Beyonce + GaGa will follow suit once/if they decide to work and expand their families.

  17. Pop Royalty February 5, 2013

    but Las-vegas requires having a talent tho , right ?

    something like this :


    • irene46 February 6, 2013

      now, that’s whatcha call talent!!!

  18. irene46 February 5, 2013

    well, wrong again! it was impossible to believe that she was actually going to appear on x factor. now vegas. it’s still hard to swallow that she was actually paid $15 ml for one season. it seems simone would have been smart enough to put in a prevision to pay her that sum only if she increased the ratings. instead they fell. vegas deal makers, no doubt, took notes.

  19. CICI SLAAAAAYS February 5, 2013


    • CHUDDS February 5, 2013

      How long did Ciara’s career last?

      • Likica February 5, 2013


  20. Pop Royalty February 5, 2013

    @MC and @Suicide :

    everytime i see it , i think of both of you! but mariah threw that shade man , she’s my professor 😀

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

      All those Mariah pictures RIP must have been shot in her bedroom.

      She’s my professor too, someday I’ll be as great of a shade-thrower as her.

    • Suicide Blonde February 5, 2013

      I don’t like it, Eminem is my Husband.

  21. Likica February 5, 2013

    Congratulations, I guess. Get that money Britney. I miss your In The Zone era, Toxic video was so epic, so was the song. She was one of the best performes in her prime, I wish she could dance like she used to. :/ Baby One More Time was #1 everywhere and it has such a big cultural impact. Probably one of her best songs is this

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

      “Baby One More Time was #1 everywhere and it has such a big cultural impact.”

      Also Hit me baby one more time’s outfit had a cultural impact as well.

      Toxic was her best single + video, she’ll never top it. Her creativity ITZ and her music in Blackout was great for her growth as an artist, sadly the media broke her down and life caught up to her.

      • Likica February 5, 2013

        Yup, BOMT was so iconic, the dance, the outfit, the song, everything.
        I agree about Toxic, too bad she will continue doing songs like Scream and Shout :/ I like Everytime and Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know as well, great ballads. You are right, quality wise Blackout and In The Zone are her best albums, Femme Fatale was a disaster. I see that many people like her song Unusual You from Circus.

  22. MISHKA February 5, 2013

    Awww “…Baby me one more time” *tears* GOD, WHYYYYYYYYYYY?

    If this is her decision, good for her and her kids.

    I don’t think Justin T was talking about Brit and even if he did…well, she ACTED like a britch!!! Cheating on him even though they had just bought that little love nest together…she made him cry on TV and that was the beginning of the end for her.

    • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

      He didn’t need to antagonize her to the media like he did though. She’s over it and him and he seriously needs to MOVE ON.

      • Bryan Dossome February 5, 2013

        How old were they then??twenty??i think they since moved on just that the media still wants to link the two

      • ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ February 5, 2013

        Justin still talks about it or alludes to that……..

      • irene46 February 6, 2013

        britney also referred to jt in songs. ‘toxic and ‘every time’ was allegedly about him.

        it’s the media that throws up britney every time jt comes out with a new project. he doesn’t need her to validate his career when his last album sold 685k the first week.

        the fans and the press need to stop the fantasy about him still dwelling on a decades old affair. some mags even slapped a small picture of britney on the cover featuring jt and his bride jessica’s wedding photo.

        it’s unlikely jt’s remark was alluding to britney. he had a long relationship with cameron diaz since then. as a matter of fact when the media used to question him about britney, he looked totally uncomfortable.

  23. lolax February 5, 2013

    OMG SO HAPPY FOR BRIT BRIT I guess she should perform s&s at the grammys

  24. Mark111 February 5, 2013

    Walking zombies are in now, so I guess she’ll do well.

  25. Touché February 5, 2013

    I really don’t think this is the best time for her to do this. I mean judging by her age and status, I don’t think this will work out for the best.

  26. mc the place to be! February 5, 2013

    Congrats I guess still want more from her I’ve always been a fan ever since she came out with hit me baby one more time played soda pop out as a child

  27. cake like lady gaga February 6, 2013

    is this why she left X-fActor?

    The fuckery though :-s

    • irene46 February 6, 2013

      she would have been gone anyway. fox wasn’t going to renew her contract.

  28. irene46 February 6, 2013

    ƸӜƷ MC ƸӜƷ Replied:
    February 5th, 2013 at 5:44 pm

    Justin always used Britney for publicity so its nothing new. “Cry me a river”, “what goes around comes back around”, etc…..whenever he has a new project out, he mentions her.

    celeb show entertainment tonight is digging up decades old past celeb relationships. it just happens to feature justin and britney at the time when jt is releasing a new music project. what a way to give britney cred by reviving her ages old connection with the more successful justin. he must be sooo sick of their tired ass stunts.

    • irene46 February 7, 2013

      i read on another site that britney is absolutely not being booked at any caersar casino revues in vegas. they claimed to be booked up for the next two years with other celebs.

      this other site suggested this vega deal buzz may have just been used as a distraction from the fact britney’s contract was not being renewed with the x factor.

      her team has got to be one of pr’s best. if a vegas deal doesn’t materialize i’m sure they’ll come up with some other tale to salvage britney’s image. i guess we’ll see.

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