Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Elijah & Ciara Enjoy Digital Domination

Published: Saturday 4th May 2013 by David

He’s the Grammy award singer/songwriter readying the release of his debut single ‘XOX‘ in the coming weeks.

Now, in penning the latest chapter in his success story, Elijah Blake has secured his very first digital certification, joining fellow artists/collaborators Beyonce, Ciara and Nicki Minaj in celebrating their own respective wins this week.

Good news below…

 Upon its launch last December, the ‘Everything’ sensation exceeded initial digital projections when his ‘Bijoux 22′ EP scored 20,000 individual downloads in the first 24 hours of release. Later that week, a further 16,000 individual internet users downloaded the release- bringing its first week online numbers to 36,000 units.

Now, with over 200,000 streams to its name, the project has now been certified Bronze by Idle Media‘s ‘Datpiff‘ for reaching download figures of over 25,000 on that outlet alone- helped in part by momentum generated by the aforementioned ‘XOX’.

Meanwhile, over in the Nation Of Pinkslam, Nicki Minaj extends her lead as the UK’s most frequently charting Rap export with her #1 album ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded‘ and her ‘Re-Up’ single ‘High School’.

For, more than one year after its April 3rd 2012 arrival, the album has soared back into the nation’s Hip Hop Top 5, occupying the #4 spot, outselling every release spawned by ‘The Motto’ MC Drake and ‘How Many Drinks’ performer Kendrick Lamar.

As this happens, ‘High School’ soars back into the Top Ten, now holding the #8 spot as her combined global album sales continue to soar past the 5 million unit mark and head to 6 million, with her debut LP ‘Pink Friday‘ enjoying worldwide sales of 3.8 million and ‘Reloaded’ currently at the 1.6 million mark.

Back in the UK, Beyonce & Ciara fly the flag for R&B with their respective releases. In Ciara’s case, comes ‘Body Party’ which sits pretty at #17 on iTunes R&B as the combined views for its official video reside at 5,693,683 views.

This, a major catalyst in the cut’s Billboard Hot 100 win last week- with video streams now counting towards chart positions. 

Then, if one had to name this week’s highest ranking chart royal, they’d find the answer to that question lies in ‘Grown WomanBeyonce.

That’s right, with 14 new single entries on iTunes R&B, 8 on Itunes Pop and the #21 spot on the overall albums tally with her LP ‘4’, the ‘Gift From Virgo‘ icon has reaped the full rewards from the British leg of her ‘Mrs.Carter Show‘ tour.

Come Sunday, fans can expect to find the aforementioned ‘4′ firmly embedded in the UK Top 30, two years after its release date- and a Top Ten slot on the Urban tally….pushing the album’s sales even further towards the 3 million unit milestone.

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  1. JARED (WHITE DUDE) May 4, 2013

    Congratulations Elijah Blake & Ciara >>>

    …And everybody else.

    • KellyKDL May 4, 2013

      Where’s Rihanna?

      • BeyWhoUWanna May 4, 2013

        Christopher’s crotch.

      • KellyKDL May 4, 2013

        YAAAASSSSS. You shady b**** you. We DC sisters have to unite.

    • Likica May 4, 2013

      US SALES:


      22 (25) RIHANNA UNAPOLOGETIC 15.373 (- 5%) 16.119 [958.608]


      4 (3) RIHANNA FEAT. MIKKY EKKO STAY 162.496 (+ 0%) 162.138 [2.510.055]
      54 (52) RIHANNA POUR IT UP 35.836 (- 3%) 36.764 [998.778]
      115 (116) RIHANNA DIAMONDS 15.690 (- 2%) 15.956 [2.926.703]
      118 (115) RIHANNA FEAT. FUTURE LOVEEEEEEE SONG 15.191 (- 5%) 16.003 [465.244]


      46 (42) RIHANNA RIHANNA LOUD TOUR LIVE AT THE O2 186 (+ 0%) 186 [9.637]

      RnB ALBUMS:

      42 (37) RIHANNA TALK THAT TALK 1.210 (- 22%) 1.546 [1.095.681]

      There is she right now. Where were your favs in 2012?

      Global Album Best Sellers in 2012
      Artist Title Total (m units)
      1 Adele 21 8.3
      2 Taylor Swift Red 5.2
      3 One Direction Up All Night 4.5
      4 One Direction Take Me Home 4.4
      5 Lana Del Rey Born To Die 3.4
      6 P!nk The Truth About Love 2.6
      7 Rod Stewart Rod Stewart 2.6
      8 Rihanna Unapologetic 2.3
      9 Mumford & Sons Babel 2.3
      10 Maroon 5 Overexposed 2.2
      Source: IFPI

      More questions?

      • WELP May 4, 2013

        everybody outsold rihanna bwahahaaaahahaaaa

      • FameThisWay May 4, 2013

        Yes. How many schlongs can Rihanna fit in her snatch at one time?

      • Likica May 4, 2013

        2.3 million in 5 weeks honey… All of them released their albums before her so it is understandable, it would be a shame if they didn’t ;). But where were all the people mentioned in this post, that are supposed to ‘slay’ charts? She sold in 5 weeks what they sell in 2 years or don’t/won’t sell never again in their careers.

      • WELP May 4, 2013

        taylor’s RED album came out same time and sold 5 times that much bwahahaaahahaaa

      • Likica May 4, 2013

        Taylor Swift – Red – October 22, 2012
        Rihanna -Unapologetic – November 19, 2012
        The difference is almost a month. And learn to count, its not 5 times 😉
        But P!nk – The Truth About Love – September 14, 2012 and did just 300 k more.

        Anyway, do you really think that Beyonce would outsell Taylor Swift if they were to put their albums out in the same day? LOL LOL LOL No way, Taylor would murder her, Rihanna as well and I can admit it, she is doing her thing right now, but pretty locally… It took your fav 2 years to sell 2.8 million and you are laughing at Rihanna’s 5 weeks sales..? Oh, the irony..

  2. Monstarebel May 4, 2013

    Lol all these flops!! smh Aint none of them slaying the charts like Rihanna….hahahahahahahaha yet you always wanna diss rih the b**** that stay winning while the rest of your favs stay struggling….When was the last time anyone of them had a top ten hit? illl wait….

    • quetta May 4, 2013

      Hahaha, chill. No need to be mad.

      • Monstarebel May 4, 2013

        Lol f*** that dont diss the b**** whos continuously winning when your favs are bearly charting on the irrelevant charts & scared to release music.

      • quetta May 4, 2013

        But you act like the hive don’t congratulate rihanna when she is winning. When I read that she sold out her mac line I caught myself smiling for her. Don’t get mad because a biased blog isn’t backing her up. And sweetie beyonce is not scared, I honestly can give two shits if she doesn’t drop a single as long as she doesn’t cancel her tour when she comes to florida.

    • I’m a mothafuckn Monsta May 4, 2013

      Oh excuse Ciara and beyonce for not being is generic as Rihanna! Those girls actually has an artistic bone in their body! Your fav is a bandwagon artist She Does what’s IN and buys Youtube views, singles, radio plays etc she doesn’t do her things fair How many times has she been call out? Smh

      • Likica May 4, 2013

        What’s deep about cIARA’S AND bEYONCE’S MUSIC? I can understand about Beyonce, she has nice ballads (even though most of her songs are basic, dance R&B/pop songs), but Ciara? Her music is so basic, shallow and repetitive. Come back when she makes as good album as Rated R that was more critically acclaimed than both of your favs all albums 😉

      • WELP May 4, 2013

        whats deep about rihanna’s music? strip cluba, dollar bills is incredibly thought provoking…

  3. My Forehead Tho May 4, 2013

    17th spot, on the RnB charts, in the UK?

    Ciara girl at least your charting.

    • Promise07 May 5, 2013

      Sit down, it charted higher than SL ever did so boom!

      • BeyWhoUWanna May 5, 2013

        Watch your mouth w****.

  4. TurntUp4Cici May 4, 2013

    The slayage is so real though. Riwhore who?

  5. I’m a mothafuckn Monsta May 4, 2013

    Ciara is a flop yet her R&b single debut in the top 40…. OH? Btw sam Body Party has reached the top 5 on Uk r&b itunes and 90 on main

  6. lover Bey May 4, 2013

    4 already hit 3mill WW! Congrats to her, I really like the album. I think the tour will push the sales even more up! It already passed I million/Platinum in the U.S. Grown Woman is very catchy and will be an instant hit. It already has 10,000,000 views on YouTube. I think that is them most any commercial has ever gotten. Her H&M Commercial has 5Million. People are really ready for new Beyonce music! Come On Bey!

    • Likica May 4, 2013

      It’s at 2 700 000 according to Mediatraffic and at 2 800 000 accoding to ChartNews and… Stop the inflation 😉

      • WELP May 4, 2013

        according to billboard and chart news it is at 3 million. stop the delusion

  7. HausMuthaAdele May 4, 2013

    Good for them.

  8. Riherpes May 4, 2013

    Ciara is back bishes!

  9. lover Bey May 4, 2013

    “That’s right, with 14 new single entries on iTunes R&B, 8 on Itunes Pop and the #21 spot on the overall albums tally with her LP ’4′’ Wow! She hasn’t released any new music and her old music is still charting. I think it is because she is on tour that people are buying her old music more.

  10. Love on top May 4, 2013

    Rihanna Fans don’t compare R&b singles to your favs Over produced generic Trash thanks! Her Sia song (diamonds) and Lana song (stay) are as basic as her p**** pats on stage

    • Monstarebel May 4, 2013

      Their basic yet their hits…. btw Where did love on top chart on the billboard hot 100 chart? It damn sure didnt reach top 10 like stay & diamonds did 🙂

      • lover Bey May 4, 2013

        @monstarebel But Love On Top won a grammy Hun. Just because you chart on the BillBoard Hot 100 or dont doesn’t mean you are a flop/winning.

      • ERIN May 4, 2013




    • Likica May 4, 2013

      @LOVER BEY
      True, but Grammy doesn’t make it big and iconic either. I think that most people don’t even know that song :/

      But don’t Beyhive call Beyonce Queen of Pop (because some critics said so)? Make up your mind! When people say that 4 underperformed you use that R&B album excuse despite having a basic, generic dance song as a lead single and basic R&B songs like Countdown and BTINH.

      • ERIN May 4, 2013





      • lover Bey May 4, 2013

        @likica 4 was mainly an RnB album. The only songs that weren’t RnB were RTW and maybe CountDown. The rest was 100% RnB. I dont consider it to be a flop, it sold 3mill WW,went to number 1,won a grammy,and was the biggest selling RnB album of 2011,that is an accomplishment,especially since pop is what is in right now. She is the Queen of Pop and RnB. Grammy doesn’t make it big and iconic neither does a hit on billboard. Also,love on top has 90mill views on YouTube,Im oretty sure lots of people know it.

      • Likica May 4, 2013

        I’ve never said 4 is a flop, it is not, maybe it underperformed but not a big flop like people try to make it. 4 has sold 2.8 million, it’s not at 3 million yet, sorry.:/ Always inflating sales, I see, starting from Dangerously In Love which never saw 11 million reported by MTV ^^ Talk That Talk is close to 3.5 million though, it was at 3.3 at the end of 2012. 4 has not outsold Talk That Talk for sure. TTT underperformed because of You Da One which should have never been a single. And both have generic songs, not just Rihanna. And Rated R was more critically acclaimed than all Beyonce’s album.

        @LOVER BEY I agree honey. But TTT did well too. #1 worldwide album, big lead single, Won a Grammy for WFL Video, MTV VMA for Video Of The Year, huge views on Youtube etc. etc. and yet Beyhive call it a flop.

      • lover Bey May 4, 2013

        @likica 4 has sold 3mill WW. Just check that stats, Rated R was not more critically acclaimed than ANY of Beyonces album. DIL has sold 11mill as of 2013. Tbh,Im not in the mood for the back and fourth so can we stop here please. Let the numbers speack for themselves.

      • Likica May 4, 2013

        Sorry, but no. The sources like MTV are not credible since they post delusional numbers. Probably shipments for both albums. 😉

        Metacritic score:

        Rated R – 75 vs 4 – 73
        Good Girl Gone Bad – 72 vs B Day – 70
        Loud – 67 vs I Am.. saSha Fierce – 62
        Talk That Talk – 64 vs Dangerously in Love – 64
        Unapologetic – 61 vs …..

        And yet people say that Rihanna’s music sucks…

      • WELP May 4, 2013

        4 is at 3 million. check billboard and chart news sorry boo :/

  11. MCThePlaceToBe May 4, 2013

    He’s so s***.

    • MalikOnMyMind May 4, 2013

      No lies were told.

  12. Paulette May 4, 2013

    Beyonce stay slaying don’t she Beyhive? Respect The Queen

  13. nicko May 4, 2013


  14. MariahIsMusic1 May 4, 2013

    Congrats Ciara. I like her new song. Mariah stans for people with real talent

    • BeyWhoUWanna May 4, 2013

      Yass sister. I agree with that.

  15. MariahIsMusic1 May 4, 2013

    Stay and Diamonds is pop and trendy so b**** please. There’s nothing different about them

    • SlayerRih May 4, 2013

      You mad lol

  16. truth(i’ll f*** nicki honey NNN WIIITTT NNN WIT B****! ) May 4, 2013

    So proud of them all, but i’m most proud of King Nicki for proving to the haters that she’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

  17. HOWYOULIKEIT May 4, 2013

    Now where’s your fav?

  18. LAX May 4, 2013

    Congrats to all of them

  19. NickiSaidDis May 4, 2013

    The things i would do to Sexlijah though.

    • LLASAP May 4, 2013

      Go into details.

  20. truth tea (take a sip) May 4, 2013

    Pink friday has NOT sold 3.8 million worldwide.
    I love how you try to downplay Rihanna’s slayage and overrate Garbaj’s statistics.

    • ItsLennyBitch May 4, 2013

      Stay mad w****. It is 3.8

      • YorkshireBarb May 4, 2013

        Check the stats sis.

    • Heartbreaker2004 May 4, 2013

      Kiiii, the sad thing is that it has.

    • QueenOnika May 4, 2013

      Awwwww you’ve been a fan but you didn’t know how much she sold? Yes b****, it sold 3.8 and that’s why everyone drags her ass for not promoting RR properly.

  21. RICHANDBLACK11 May 4, 2013

    Congrats babe, damn Beyonce is still selling a 2011 album

    • HOWYOULIKEIT May 4, 2013

      yes she is still consistently sellng

  22. MariahIsMusic1 May 4, 2013

    F*** Nicki Garbage

    • GagitaMaraj May 4, 2013


    • Mooriah Calories May 4, 2013

      If she thought it would make her relevant again i’m sure your fav would… *files nails*

  23. lSmhl May 4, 2013

    Ok but u Sumtimes have to struggle to get to where y want to be And Betonce And Ciara Will Forever Have More Talent Den Rih Case closed

  24. 1D>>>>YourLife May 4, 2013

    I f****** love Elijah’s voice.

    • PrettyWings May 4, 2013

      Me too, he sounds like Weeknd.

      • OVOForever May 4, 2013

        Similar but not like, Elijah’s voice is more Pop.

      • PrettyWings May 4, 2013

        Come on Ovo, they sound exactly alike.

      • OVOForever May 4, 2013

        I can’t hear it at all.

      • Woman2Woman May 4, 2013

        His best vocal is on Wonderland with Keyshia. Completely slayed it.

    • QueenCeline May 4, 2013

      I can see the comparison but I don’t think Weeknd can belt like Elijah. The only one who can belt like him is Miguel.

      • PrettyWings May 4, 2013

        Listen to RS and then listen to Everything and tell me they’re not twins.

      • OVOForever May 4, 2013

        At the end of the day they can both sing but Elijah sounds more like Frank than he does Abel imo.

  25. Drew May 4, 2013

    Beyonce 😀 You have everyone, especially the people who have seen you on tour already waiting for you to release that single. Smart B****.

  26. Sass May 4, 2013

    4 was such a flop yet its still charting after 2 years.

    • Likica May 4, 2013

      So are Loud and TTT in some countries. What’s your point?

      • Sass May 4, 2013

        Im not talking about Rihanna though. This post is about Beyonce. I dont throw the word flop around like majority of the Navy do with 4. Thats my point, you can rest now.

      • Sass May 4, 2013

        I dont know what your point is though. Always buzzing around ready to discredit Beyonce in defence of Rihanna. I dont see Loud or TTT mentioned in this post. Do you?

      • BeyWhoUWanna May 4, 2013

        4 is much better than TTT and Loud put together because it was deeper. Everyone knows I Care but does everyone know Skin.

    • Likica May 4, 2013

      I’ve never called 4 a flop, I repeat if for 2415343347327435th time. It’s not a suprise that her albums are charting in the Uk because she is on tour there. I mentioned Loud/TTT because that was kind of shade towards Rihanna, don’t try to deny it 😉 The Beyhive call talk That Talk a flop but it is still charting as well. Just defending my fav like you do. And it’s not like you ever have to say something nice about Rihanna. You’ve never said something positive about her while I praised Beyonce many times as a performer and I complimented her concert in Belgrade, it was great.

      Yes, it is, but Rated R >>>>>>> 4.
      How do you know about that? Did you ask every single person in this world about I Care/Skin? No one knows those songs beside their stans. Only official singles are remembered.

      • BeyWhoUWanna May 4, 2013

        No love. Rated R is not better than 4 because once again Rihanna had nothing to do with Rated R. An album is only as good as its motive and all Rihanna did was record the songs other people wrote for her. The critics loved 4 and it still sold 3 million. The critics loved RR but it flopped and that’s why they rushed it so she could go to the Loud era.

      • Sass May 4, 2013

        I stopped reading after your first sentence because once again, you didnt READ properly. I never said YOU personally, I said the Navy. Why you felt the need to respond to my comment in the first place, I dont know, unless you are pressed that I am only stating facts. I never mentioned Rihanna so why are you getting defensive? You need to learn what shade is, its the Navy that call 4 a flop ALL the time so I state a simple fact and you jump the gun. The post is about 4.

      • AguilerasHeart May 4, 2013

        Oh come on honey, RR better than 4?

      • Likica May 4, 2013


        That is your opinion, and your opinion<<>>>> everything on 4, especially Run The Wold and Coundtdown. Rihanna co-wrote almost all songs on that album, and it is her personal album telling the story about her feelings after Cb incident, how does she have nothing to do with it? ;/ Ok, see it here. Calling Rated R a flop but it has sold 3+ million worldwide, more than 4’s 2.8 million (not inflated 3 you want to make happen). The typical delusion. Even if Rihanna had the best album in the world, you would never admit it.


      • Sass May 4, 2013

        Yes, WHATEVER now gtfo you irritant.

      • Likica May 4, 2013

        LOL LOL LOL the typical Beyonce stan, nothing more expected. The delusion everywhere 😀

      • Sass May 4, 2013

        I hope you are not addressing me, since you were the one who responded to my comment with something not even relevant to my point in the first. Typical Rihanna fan….

      • Sass May 4, 2013

        first place

  27. MariahIsMusic1 May 4, 2013

    4 is a better album compared to LOUD and TTT. I wish Mariah would just release the damn single now. I will be slayed

    • BeyWhoUWanna May 4, 2013

      Omg you read my mind.

  28. TaylorWins May 4, 2013

    I really don’t know how the Navy can say Rated R is better than 4.

  29. . : : h 2 o : : . May 4, 2013

    Congrats Beyonce?

  30. fatusankoh May 4, 2013

    god bless bey that is a good look long live queen bey I can’t wait for all her project

  31. rihanna slay May 4, 2013

    what the fcuk is that dude wearing ? he needs help.

  32. Davis May 4, 2013

    I love 4. Such a nice album. I really respected the route she took with that album.

  33. opd2 May 4, 2013

    gratz to nicki.

  34. quetta May 4, 2013

    That lickia navy stan needs to have several seats. Like seriously why are you always down the hive back when it comes to rih? Especially, when no one mentioned her in a post. Nvm, you’re just a typical delusional navy stan whose quick to discredit bey n praise rih.

    • GET EM LIKCIA!! May 4, 2013


      • quetta May 4, 2013

        Lol, when? I must have missed it.

  35. Rihanna killed beyho’s career May 4, 2013

    I can’t at these flop hos on the R&B charts though. Funny how everyone was saying that the Navy has nothing to celebrate about when Rihanna’s balled “Stay” reached 2.5 mill and became a top 10 hit. Mean while your fav barely makes it on the R&B charts. The struggle..

    And Grape is making Beyucki look like an even bigger flop:

    Come Sunday, fans can expect to find the aforementioned ‘4′ firmly embedded in the UK Top 30, two years after its release date- and a Top Ten slot on the Urban tally….pushing the album’s sales even further towards the 3 million unit milest

    This proves that 4lop is a huge flop album with no hits.

    • Drew May 4, 2013

      The album is 2 years old remember?

      • Settle4U May 5, 2013

        And slaying tf out of TTT.

  36. Mark111 May 4, 2013

    This Elijah can’t even give his music away.

    • BrandNu211 May 5, 2013

      You didn’t read the thread did you?

  37. DIGGER BEY THE KING May 4, 2013

    Lmao US Sales: 4 has sold more than all of Hoeianna albums, except for Good Girl Gone H** and Lame. @ lmao @ this Rihc*nt. Yeah Stay has sold 2.5 singles. That’s singles honey. That’s all R**** is known for, is moving singles, singles and more singles. I guess that’s how she got n the 100 million Records Sold Catorgory. Along side Britney Spears and Prince. Britney has sold over 80 million albums and Prince has sold over 50 million albums. Hell, everybody n that catorgory has moved albums and singles. She hasn’t passed 30 million albums sold yet. While everybody else has sold more albums, than singles. Hoeianna is the only one there for didgital single sales lmao. Sub Par H**. She better b glad of the Digital Era. Cause her ass would b flopping hard.

    • NaviKissKiss May 5, 2013

      MTV said she’s sold 100 million so stop lying to yourself.

  38. LeviLovesCiara May 31, 2013

    Body Party is on track to becoming the best selling R&B songs of the year! Considering the little promo its gotten the song is slaying. Go CiCi!!

  39. Vidiii May 31, 2013

    Listen you Navys

    Rihanna is a single seller
    4 Slays Rated R
    Ciara’s Goodies album Slays both of Rihanna’s first two albums combined!
    For Ciara’s second album Ciara the evolution first week sales 336.000 copies outsells Eminem’s album!
    Ri never had a high first week sales!
    I must admit Ciara’s 3rd and 4rd album are a less succes.
    Because of the bad promotion and Record company Jive!
    With body party she is coming back, and for an RNB SINGLE is she doing very well!
    Ciara is talented can sing and dance at the same time!
    Ri works only for the devil, thanks to GGGB album! Everyone knows that.
    Illuminati biatch. Sell your soul and become famous!
    Thats why i will always be and will choose CIARA all the time
    Baby, I am a Beyonce fan! #GetYourLife (Tamar voice)

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