Must See: Lady GaGa Talks New Beyonce Duet, ARTPOP Tour, & More On ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Published: Thursday 12th Sep 2013 by Sam

It goes without saying that Lady GaGa season is in full-swing.

The multi-platinum chart-titan is gearing up for the release of her fourth studio album ‘ARTPOP’ on November 11th and is on a steady, yet aggressive promotional push for the ‘Applause’ led set.

Mother Monster’s campaign trail made a stop on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’ last night for what we feel is one of the star’s best interviews yet.

The ever-on-point host Andy Cohen left no stone unturned with his questioning, quizzing the 27-year-old square-on about her next Beyonce duet, her ARTPOP Tour, scrapped collaboration with Cher, and much more.

Quotes and full interview await after the jump…

On Beyonce collaboration (14.20 Mark):

“When she’s available! Beyonce’s very busy. But anytime, I love Beyonce. We had such a great time making ‘Telephone’. The end of the trilogy (‘Pararrazi’ – ‘Telephone’ – Blank) will be coming out soon, so…”


“Yes, there will be a tour. Ever since the Born This Way Ball ended, I’ve been thinking about making something that you’ll guys enjoy.”

Full interview below…

Given how integral the Beyonce component was to ‘Telephone’ (and, more broadly, GaGa’s acceptance by the Urban audience), we’re sure many would be disappointed if the much touted completion of the “trilogy” does not feature “Honey B”.

Still, whatever happens, we remain oh-so-amped for ‘ARTPOP’ and hope Stefani delivers!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Valerie (barb) September 12, 2013

    That wig is a hot mess

    • ssssssddd September 12, 2013

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  2. Mark111 September 12, 2013

    Yea she better grab on to Bey, cause it’s her last hope. I see her album doing 300K the most.

  3. ABC September 12, 2013

    So they havnt recorded it then. Which means it aint happening Gaga.

  4. STERLING INFINITY September 12, 2013

    yass! I see U gaga giving cowardly lion realness! #Slay

  5. Molly September 12, 2013

    Beyonce not guna work with that weirdo again isnt obvious she only used you cause you were hot & exciting at the time now your tired & useless so Beyonce doesn’t need you.

    • Mark111 September 12, 2013

      ^This. Bey is in it for HER. Why did she worked with Shakira? Because BEyonce had a spanish album to sell. Why Gaga? Cause she had a re-release to sell. (remember, video phone came out first.) Not only that, but she does it to 1 up them, hint the Alicia Keys song, for years it was always a Bey Vs Ak, and it was a great debate, after that song, it was a clear win. Smart on Bey’s half tho, Jay Z does the same thing with new hot rappers.

      • Molly September 12, 2013

        I see no lies, those two are desperate.

      • riri slay September 12, 2013

        u spill the tea.

    • JAJAJAJAJA September 12, 2013

      Beyonce and Lady Gaga are Queens right now and simple ass pop artists like Katy and Miley wont be remembered like them two.

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

      I wonder y she never worked wit nicki then. Lol…

  6. Bey Fan September 12, 2013

    Love Gaga…HATE the wig. Can’t wait for ArtPop

  7. christinastherealtalent September 12, 2013

    People ask me why i dont like Gaga…i say just looking at her is like nails on a chalkboard.

  8. JER September 12, 2013

    BeYAWNce is busy? Hmmm

    • ABC September 12, 2013

      Yes b****. You point?

    • Apologetic September 12, 2013

      Yes, she is busy with her greatest hits Farewell Tour.

  9. cake like lady gaga September 12, 2013

    T********* needs that duet with the talented Mother Monster, its the only thing that can save her now. Otherwise she can stay waiting at FLOP International for that flight to Irrelevance.

    • ABC September 12, 2013

      Gaga is flopping hard b**** shes fading already. Beyonces been in the game 16 years and is still on her relevancy level so try again.

      • cake like lady gaga September 12, 2013

        Where is T*********’s single though?

        You can join my search party as we look for it..

      • ABC September 12, 2013

        You should be worrying about Gagz fading already not searching for Mrs Carter music boo. But yass you better put your time and energy into a search party for Beyoncé music honey!

      • LOL September 12, 2013

        LOL what relevancy? Floponce can’t even sell a snippet, thats why she’s scared to put an album out LOL

      • cake like lady gaga September 12, 2013

        The only person fading here is T*********.. The h** has recorded 96325632114528 songs, but still no single and no album..

        You can grab a seat alongside your struggling fading fave sis _/

      • ABC September 12, 2013

        The relevancy that’s keeping her on sold out Tour, all over the press and b****** like you on her cliterous wondering about her music. Gaga on the other hand needs her dated gimmicks that no one is here for anymore. After 5 years? Damn. Theres no comparison.

      • cake like lady gaga September 12, 2013

        But The Born This Way Ball was the second highest grossing tour last year, even with the cancellations..

        Where was T*********?

        Sit back down _/

      • Youdontseeme September 12, 2013

        Gaga flop? losing relevancy? Lol her single is in the top 10 on Billboard top 10 and iTunes all over the world soo…i think not! Beyonce and Lady Gaga and the Queens right now…so try again boo

      • ABC September 12, 2013

        And? Beyonces Tour is CURRENTLY slaying off no new music aswell yet shes irrelevant? The numbers aint even in yet honey. Try again. Doesn’t change the fact Gaga is still fading after just 5 years.

      • ABC September 12, 2013

        I mean monsters were begging to give out Blowjobs they’re so desperate isn’t that telling you enough? Yet youre still worried about Beyonces music.

      • Apologetic September 12, 2013

        So nowadays a #1 worlwide song is considered to be a Flop? Funny. 😉 Still in the Top 10, I don’t see why it is a flop. Okay, its not as succesfull as her first singles, but that doesnt mean that it’s a flop. Beyoncé hasn’t charted for almost a half decade (only with Gaga) in that heights. Sit down (or Bow down b******)

      • ABC September 12, 2013

        Yes it is a flop for someone of Gagas position. The USA is one of the biggest markets. Beyoncé, after 5 years into her solo career was still on fire so like I said no comparison. She is still relevant without the charts because shes already carved a name for herself after a LONG TIME in the game. It will be interesting to see where Gaga is 5 years from now.

      • ABC September 12, 2013

        in Gagas position*

    • cake like lady gaga September 12, 2013

      So according to you a top 5 single = fading?

      • ABC September 12, 2013

        Yeah. For the so called ‘biggest popstar in the world’ according to her fans being beaten by Katy Perry. She should’ve been straight in that #1 spot without hesitation.

  10. jenny September 12, 2013

    She is flopping …next.
    When an artist failed to get #1 spot for their first single nowadays, they’re simply irrelevant.

  11. Slayty Perry (Dark Horse) September 12, 2013

    Her wig, those shoes, that top, everything is a hot ass mess. Or are we going to write this off as “art” or “creativity”. Not even a Telephone part 3 would bring interest back into her. And lol @ Urban appeal

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

      If u search gaga’s name on worldstarhiphop, I bet u her name comes up more than Katy Perry. Katy Perry is boring anyway….

  12. Super Cisus September 12, 2013

    Repulsive flop

  13. cake like lady gaga September 12, 2013

    But I love how Mother keeps TGJ f*** pressed.. I get my life from seeing these minions seething.

    All Mother has to do is breathe, and these f*** have meltdowns.. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    😀 😀 😀 😀

  14. ABC September 12, 2013

    That wig is a MESS ew

  15. RIP GAGA’S CAREER 2008-2011 September 12, 2013

    Roar is almost at 2 million. Applause 750k lol

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

      Where is roar’s impact tho besides the charts? Yes, it’s making coins. But is it memorable? Gaga’s song was already featured in a commercial. Katy’s music is only good while listening to the radio I guess which is what made the clear channel deal. kii.

  16. Kim Kardashian stan September 12, 2013

    GaGa is flopping Lana Katy & Lorde slaying her on the American hot 100 Lmao. This has to hurt gagas pride she always wants to be on top so bad she pulled all the stops for this song to go number 1 but failed.

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

      When has she said she ever cares about a number 1 song tho? Having a top ten on billboard is still success, tbh.

  17. pat September 12, 2013

    gaga needs some normalcy…beyonce needs some edge….it could be a top 10 hit

  18. Born To Die September 12, 2013

    I simply cannot at this rat faced b**** getting her wig snatched by Basicity Perry of all people. BYE googoo!

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

      Well if u can’t take it maybe u should die already like ur screen name says….

  19. Sally September 12, 2013

    Gaga & Beyonce really don’t mix Videophone was a disaster, Telephone was generic & basic the song had no impact.. Beyonce needs to work with people like Nicki, Azealia, & Iggy.

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

      Nicki is a flop tho. And if Beyonce wanted to duet with nicki she would have done it already while she was still popular. And dead at telephone not having impact. Bish bye. I will agree wit videophone tho.

  20. Tisha September 12, 2013

    It just cracks me up that so far the only thing defining this era for her is that rats nest wig on top of her head.

    You can see the irrelevance while looking at her.

  21. . : : h 2 o : : . September 12, 2013

    I’d love that but ….. It’s too late

  22. Chris September 12, 2013

    bullying on a gaga post, how convenient.
    im a monster but she seemed drunk

  23. Rihboy September 12, 2013

    Beyonce is busy doing what exactly? I know its not tour prep..thats routine. Hmmmm

    • Yolo September 12, 2013

      Balancing a career with a healthy personal life. Something your fav could learn from.

  24. Yolo September 12, 2013

    Doubt it will happen.

  25. JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2013

    She looks great.
    Can´t wait to hear Artpop song by song when it comes out. Cos I loved S** Dreams and Applause is really fun and a good pop-dance song.

  26. DIGGER BEY September 12, 2013

    Everybody wants THE QUEEN! I would luv to see the trilogy to Telephone but something just doesn’t seem right here. THE QUEEN takes time off between touring. They could of squeezed something in somewhere. I do know other than her sell out World Tour, she’s also working on her Upcoming Classic Album. #NOVEMBER B******

  27. rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 14, 2013

    Thank GOD for those horse blinders she’s rocking…..if only she had a muzzle that extended to her large massive nose then we would be All spared.

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