Watch: Beyonce Hits Brazil For ‘The Mrs.Carter Show’ / Explains Need For Balance In Press Conference


The above figure, stands as the number of tickets sold by Beyonce within five days upon announcing she was to take her ‘Mrs.Carter Show‘ to Brazil’s Belo Horizonte.

Before she fulfils that stadium date, yesterday saw her touch down in Fortazela to rock the Castelão, joined by husband Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy, whom she spoke openly about during a press conference given to press before the show kicked off.

An honest Bey below…

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  1. rih rox ((…and so does Steve-O)) September 9, 2013

    She’s looking extra FAT…in fact she’s one more cape buffalo meal away from obesity.

    • ABC September 9, 2013

      You’re so thirsty! Bye with that nonsense!

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) September 9, 2013


  2. rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 9, 2013

    Seriously what does she eat? And what’s her workout routine? She never told that shape magazine about her workout routine which is very strange since everyone else does…. hmmm. She probably relies on her dancing and sadly that isn’t doing her flabby figure anything.

    She basically has flabby fat large arms, undefined shoulders, wide waist, big wide flat b*** and short thunder thighs.

    She needs to stop eating cape buffalos, Popeye chicken and guzzling down bottles of Pepsi.

    Put DOWN the FORK FATTY.

    • Marcellas September 9, 2013

      Get a life asap please

      • rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 9, 2013

        I do have a life but I just so happen to have spare time on my hands tonight…… thank you very much.

      • Marcellas September 9, 2013

        And this is what you do with your speare time? Troll writing paragraphs on the way someone looks? Haha I rest my case.

      • rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 9, 2013

        HAHAHA! Am actually laughing with you. Seriously I am… but I’m leaving now…. CIAO.have to attend to stuff now…I no longer have free time…. 🙁


      • Marcellas September 9, 2013

        Sure you do. But good riddance 😀

  3. J September 9, 2013

    Yes B! Looking good !!!
    Brasil I hope you guys have a wonderfull time !!!

  4. Charlie September 9, 2013

    Wow! Her hair grows quick! It’ll be down her back by the time the album is released. I would’ve preferred that she stood by the original hair cut or at least the bob, the fact that she didn’t want to be defined by her hair but ditched both hairstyles is a shame, she could’ve at least left it for a whole album period.

    • rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 9, 2013

      Yeah whatever happened to that miley Cyrus pixie cut…LOL!!!It was jjust for attention.

  5. rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 9, 2013

    I see the ratty blonde wig has made it’s return….. I guess she’s just trying to appeal to those latins who she once wished she was born as.

    • Gilbert September 9, 2013

      a rihanna navy posting hate and commenting on a bey article FIRST. look at how much ur hate comments are, yet ur on a post of beyonce. why dont u go back to tired-ass rihanna and stfu. if u dont like bey why r u hating and so insecure?? shows how much u love stalking beyonce. she has a magical effect on haters 😉 smh, sit yo ass down rih rox whatevuh yo gay name is

      • rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 9, 2013

        beyFATce stans just can’t handle the fat cow being called out.

        If you look at the way she’s standing you can clearly see that she is indeed very unsure and insecure about herself.

        Not gay… I am not gay…nice try with that lame H** response.

      • LDN Chick September 9, 2013

        Beyoncé is nervous because its a press conference she is not a good speaker that’s why she looks awkward. If she was insecure about her weight don’t you think she would hire a top notch dietician and loose weight like she during B Day era?

        She is comfortable with the way she looks and it certainly isn’t fat. You need to come into the real world because not everyone wants to look like Adriana Lima and the average 32 year old mother doesn’t.

      • rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 9, 2013

        At leat Adriana Lima was prego……. we know if this fat cow had one she would blow up….. like Kim…I mean she looks fatter now when she was supposedly prego.


      • LDN Chick September 9, 2013


  6. Marcellas September 9, 2013

    She looks so cute! Aw love Bey shes huge in Brazil xoxo!

  7. ZIGGY STARDUST September 9, 2013

    Bey was just on vacation a few days ago for her birthday, and her hair was not as full and touching the tip of her shoulders like it’s doing here. Nobody’s hair grows that quickly in a matter of a few days. Lol. She may have just added a few tracks to make it look a little longer and fuller or, she’s wearing a new wig.

    • Marcellas September 9, 2013

      Yeah and? Like many others don’t do it?

      • ZIGGY STARDUST September 9, 2013

        I never said that others didn’t do it. I was just making an observation about her hair and leaving my “personal” opinion about it.

      • Marcellas September 9, 2013

        You wouldn’t leave that comment if it was anyone else.

      • ZIGGY STARDUST September 9, 2013

        With all due respect, how do you know what I would or would not do? You don’t know me, just like I don’t know you. So, it’s presumptuous of you to assume that you’d know exactly what I would say about anyone. It’s my own “personal” comment about Beyonce’s “HAIR”. Nothing more, nothing less.

      • Marcellas September 9, 2013

        Oh give it a rest you know exactly what your shady ass was doing.

      • ZIGGY STARDUST September 9, 2013

        Are you seriously coming at me with attitude because of a comment that I made about Beyonce’s hair? Lol. Seriously? Of all things in the world to get miffed about, her hair?? Lord, have mercy. SMH.

      • Marcellas September 9, 2013

        Like I said give it a rest. All this comes down to is you wrote a whole paragraph on someone adding tracks to their hair which is hardly comment worthy. But I guess it is in this case because its BEYONCE.

      • ZIGGY STARDUST September 9, 2013

        Once again, with all due respect, I’ll give it a rest when I’m good and ready. I don’t need you or anyone else to tell me to, “give it rest” as if you’re speaking to a child. I’m an adult and if you can’t speak to me with respect, then don’t respond to me. This conversation is not even serious or deep like that. “YOU” made it that way. It was a simple comment of mine that I left about Beyonce’s hair. If you didn’t like what I had to say about it, you could have kept it moving and not even respond to me. Even if you felt that my comment was not, “comment worthy”, I still had a right to post it. If you don’t like it, keep it moving.

      • Marcellas September 9, 2013

        So now you’re being contradictory. You can voice your opinion, but I cant voice mine. I have to ‘keep it moving’. The fact I didn’t like what you said (if that’s the best way of putting it) is why I commented.

      • ZIGGY STARDUST September 9, 2013

        I never said that you couldn’t voice your opinion. But, at the same time, if you’re going to be rude about the “WAY” in which you choose to express yourself, then I’d rather you keep it moving. Your approach was nasty from the jump. I can respect anyone that has an opinion that differs from mine. But, it’s all in the “WAY” you do it. It’s no what you say to people, but it’s “HOW” you say it. I wasn’t rude towards you. That’s why I kept saying….”with all due respect”. But, you acted as if you had a bit of a chip on your shoulder. If you didn’t like what I said, there’s a way of expressing that without becoming defensive.

      • Marcellas September 9, 2013

        Well I will express my opinion on this blog in whatever way I want. I don’t need to be politically correct or polite. Its a blog. Which again, is besides the whole point Im making about Beyoncé and your comment, which Im sure you know what I mean deep down.

      • ZIGGY STARDUST September 9, 2013

        I realize that this is a blog, but just because it’s a blog, it doesn’t give folks the right to be rude. You can’t expect to come out of your mouth anyway you see fit, and not expect some people to be offended by the tone in which you address them. But, if you feel it’s your right to speak the way that you want because it’ a “blog”, then that’s your choice. But, it’s not something that I will tolerate, because I don’t come at people in that way on blogs. I give respect and I expect to get it in return. So, if there are individuals that don’t want to speak to me in that manner, then it’s best that we don’ talk at all. We teach people how to treat us.

      • Marcellas September 9, 2013

        Thats you. I can speak however I want. Point Blank Period.

      • Marcellas September 9, 2013

        And you’re still trying to distract from the whole topic anyway. But Im done now I didn’t come on this blog to told about how I should address someone in the comments section on a blog. Bye.

      • ZIGGY STARDUST September 9, 2013

        I made a “personal” comment about her hair and that was all there was to it. Nobody is trying to make a distraction about anything. You took this thing and blew it up to high heaven, and it wasn’t even serious like that to begin with. It’s “HAIR”, for goodness sakes. SMH. And, just like you feel it’s your right to speak whatever way you want to people on the blogs, then it’s equally my right to let a person know when I don’t appreciate being spoken to in a disrespectful manner, on the blogs.

      • Marcellas September 9, 2013

        BYE ZIGGY! You’re the only one whos blowing this out of proportion. My comment was nothing more than a rhetorical question.

      • ZIGGY STARDUST September 9, 2013

        ….Oh give it a rest you know exactly what your shady ass was doing.”

        From this statement alone, it sounds more like you were the one blowing it out of proportion and taking it personally. No one was being shady. That was the way that you took it. Every time that someone says something about Beyonce, that some of her fans don’t agree with, it’s not always coming from a place of malice. And, you’ve said, “Bye” to me twice, yet you’re still responding to me. What’ up with that?

      • Marcellas September 9, 2013

        You copy and pasted my comment. Yes. I still by it.

      • Marcellas September 9, 2013

        I still stand by it*

      • ZIGGY STARDUST September 9, 2013

        I copied and pasted it to make a point, in that you became defensive and acted as if you had an attitude. Even insinuating that a person was “shady” because of their comment. Therefore, “YOU” were the one blowing this thing out of proportion, not me. I could see if I called her a bad name or threatened to kill her, but all of this over a comment about her “hair”? Lol.

      • Marcellas September 9, 2013

        If I was becoming over defensive I would be much worse than saying you know what your shady ass was doing damn take a chill pill. Which you do because she put tracks in her hair, shes a girl that we all know wears weave like many others ‘nobodys hair grows that fast’ em, stating the obvious much? Not necessary to highlight. I wasn’t even expecting you to reply it was flippant. Boy was I wrong. Chill Ziggy. Its a bit of banter.

      • ZIGGY STARDUST September 9, 2013

        It wasn’t necessary to highlight according to, “YOU”. That’s how you personally feel about it. But, just because you feel that it wasn’t necessary to highlight, didn’t mean that I couldn’t say it. Just like you have the right to say what you want, I have the right as well, (within reason). I just feel that SOME of Beyonce’s fans/stans take things too personally to the point where people can’t just have a discussion and agree to disagree. We can disagree and still respect each other’s viewpoints.

      • Marcellas September 9, 2013

        Ok but Im trying to find where I said you could not say it. I said its not necessary to highlight which is different. Like I said its a blog and banter. Im not upset you said it, you’re taking banter too literally.

      • ZIGGY STARDUST September 9, 2013

        You took it as shade, I was just being honest from my “OWN” personal point of view. Nothing more, nothing less. If you didn’t agree, that’s fine. And, I couldn’t care less about being thumbs down from people. I’m not here for anyone to like me or agree with me. I was just leaving my 2 cents on the matter and that was it. *shrugs shoulders* But, since you say that it was a “flippant” remark in terms of banter, then it’s all good. I’m straight. :0) Enjoy the rest of your evening. :0)

      • ZIGGY STARDUST September 9, 2013

        I couldn’t careless if I get thumbs down. It was my personal opinion and that’s all there is to it. Case closed. Have a good day sweetie! :0)

    • ZIGGY STARDUST September 9, 2013

      Oh so, saying, ….”Oh give it a rest you know exactly what your shady ass was doing”, was banter? If you added an “lol” after it, that would have been banter. But, it came across like you were serious. Maybe, I did take it literal. Because, SOME of Beyonce’s fans/stans can get really uptight and serious and come at people like their ready for a war. Even if that wasn’t you intention, that’s how you came across to me.

      • Marcellas September 9, 2013

        Theres much worse on this blog. Coming from many fan bases, not just the Hive.

      • Marcellas September 9, 2013

        And your comment got thumbs down without me even touching the dislike button so my point about you being shady still stands to reason.

  8. Kisses Down Low September 9, 2013

    Beyonce is bout dat life!!!!!! Like two days ago she was cruising the meditteranean with hubby and baby now its back to bizness. I do love her for that. She looks very pretty and tanned here you can tell.

  9. LDN Chick September 9, 2013

    I see this weight obsessed troll is up stalking Beyonce with its embarassing exaggerations as usual.

    Bey looks fresh a gorge keep doing ya thing girl!.

    • LDN Chick September 9, 2013


  10. Vee September 9, 2013

    Shes such a doll I adore her.

  11. rih rox((…and so does Steve-O)) September 9, 2013

    OK I just watched the video…Ewwww!!! Even ciara who people here call her manly has much feminine talking voice.

    Sorry but Beyonce has a very masculine voice when she talks And SHE is sooo BORING! her voice and watev is quite repetitive and it’s lacking personality. Its like shes a robot reading and rehearsing.

    Boring fat, hag with no fashion sense and insert here>>>>>>> wherever you want _________!!!!

    • Cons September 9, 2013

      I pray for people like you! So much hate on a person you don’t know.. Sure she is unbothered by you.. For every hater there are more who love her.. Stop comparing people. How would you feel if people called you a f***** and beat the s*** out of you for acting like a f*****…. Just be gay and happy stop the hate..

  12. Micks September 9, 2013

    Gorgeous congrats on the tour success its very nice how openly she speaks of her family now. Shes so into them. She was so career orientated I can really see family is her life now.

  13. mc the place to be! September 9, 2013

    the way she talks though its like she thinks too much on words period

  14. Brandys Starr September 9, 2013

    Beyonce is a beautiful woman. I respect her level head and ability to prioritise.

  15. I Will Adorn You September 9, 2013

    Little Blue must have more stamps on her passport than the average adult haha

  16. 90s Baby September 9, 2013


  17. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) September 9, 2013

    She needs to embrace her 5th grade education level and give a proper interview, she sounds and looks fake and boring.

    Accept the fact that you speak like an obese 12 year old boy with a 5th grade education level.

    She also needs to stay away from fast food, she is packing them in, oh and beer too. The beer belly her hubby and her were spotting is just plain gross.

    • SLAY_HIVE September 9, 2013

      GIRL STFU with your outrageous exaggerations!! CAN YOU PLEASE POST YOUR PIC, SO I CAN DO A SIDE BY SIDE EVALUATION OF YOU AND BEY, since obviously you’re “flawless” smh

  18. . : : h 2 o : : . September 9, 2013

    That green dress she wore for them was THE worst of all time …

    Beyonce’s fashion sense is the pits

  19. Yolo September 9, 2013

    Its true what shes saying about balance many people in the industry should take notes. That’s why she has remained together.

    So many people love her not only for her career persona and talent but because of the way she handles herself. She just lives life by her standards. Doesn’t try to impress when she is with her family. That’s just her family time. She can separate the stage from real life.

    She does not try to act ratchet, bad and street cred yet surrounded by 5 bodyguards who can sweep her off her feet if anything goes wrong, unlike the average person.

    It was just the other day I was reading a pop star from Mumbai praising her on that. Beyonce needs to just carry on doing what she is doing with herself you will always have negativity when you are on top.

  20. SLAY_HIVE September 9, 2013

    Beyonce looks wonderful, even though i was loving the short bob! It’s amazing how much love she gets in Brazil!! I would have loved to be at that stadium last  night!

    • etone September 9, 2013

      You mean you weren’t invited?
      so she don’t give a f*** about you

      • SLAY_HIVE September 9, 2013

        Why would she invite silly c***?? I live in America and I went to the concert in Atlanta!! Im not a delusional fan, i dont expect Beyonce to know me or address my existance! Get a life!

  21. XXX September 9, 2013

    I love how she brings Blue everywhere with her.

  22. DIGGER BEY September 9, 2013

    Yessssss KING B! Get those coins! KING B always looks Beyatiful! I luv how she has these Miserable No Life F*** forever pressed lmao. RiRox…..B**** who are u foolin? We know u don’t have an life. Your life consist of either TROLLIN TGJ 24/7 or starring at the walls 24/7. Get it togather Tired Ass F**. And @ LoveShit.. u are the worst. No new friends, not even no old friends lmaoooooo. Dried Up H**. #GET YOUR LIFE C*NT

  23. BeyHIVE September 9, 2013

    Queen. That is all.

  24. JER September 9, 2013

    15,000. The amount of tickets BeYAWNce’s team bought at a discount then sold to Stubhub who marked the price up and ripped off her own fans. SMH!!!!

    And Balance? I don’t call someone in the music industry not being able to put out quality music in 6 years “balance.”

    • Krista September 9, 2013

      So is that why the stadium was full then? And the last paragraph makes no sense at all. Since its your opinion, and has nothing to do with balance.

  25. Krista September 9, 2013

    Keyboard warriers alert!

  26. Amy September 9, 2013

    She could pass for 21 there!!

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