50 Cent Mocks ‘Empire’ With ‘Glee’ Comparison

Published: Friday 13th Mar 2015 by David

‘Power’ player 50 Cent has mocked Lee Daniels’ hit TV series ‘Empire‘ by comparing it to ‘Glee’ this week, belittling the show’s writers with a diss shared with ‘USA Today.’

His words below…

The creative choices are dropping all the ambiance of the room out. To me, it just feels like a musical. If they would’ve left the ambiance of the room — have music playing from the stereo, and had the guy rap, like you would hear me rapping live in this room right now — you would still stay present in the room. When you take all of the sound out, and it just sounds like a recording playing through there? It’s like a musical, that’s the only other time we’ve seen it that way. So we directly associate that with that kind of project like ‘Glee.’


50 had that to say when asked to share his thoughts on the series, weighing in on it as his own show Power gears up for a second season on ‘Starz‘, once home to the hit series ‘Spartacus.’

His remarks come after he accused ‘Empire’s producers of stealing ideas from his project to create their own, accusing them of biting his marketing plan with:

It is what it is. They took it, they copied it, and it’s because they were targeting the same audience that ‘Power’ had for that show — and it worked. And I’m happy the project worked because I have friends [Timbaland, Terrence Howard and Cuba Gooding Jr.] working on that project.


Do you agree?


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  1. The Darling March 13, 2015

    Felicia can hang it up the kids are living for Empire musical or not so Miss Thing can pay it ….being bitter is never a good look

    • trose March 13, 2015

      Read her sis

    • TheElusiveLamb March 13, 2015


    • SBC19 March 13, 2015

      You sound like a fukn f******. Shut up gay wad.

  2. The Beysus Impact March 13, 2015


  3. Me March 13, 2015

    Who would listen to this idiot? We are all well aware that Empire is a musical! Thanks for pointing that out captain obvious!

  4. Kandi March 13, 2015

    Fifty come on maaaannnnnn. Its nothing like your show or Glee. Man just say its a great show and move the f on!!!! He still talking about this show when he need to direct those questions to promote Power. Example…. what you think about Empire? We just wrapped up season two to Power and its going to take this show on new levels! Hell he is promoting Empire then his own show!

  5. March 13, 2015

    why most of us blacks have to be such crabs in a bucket. so sad really.

    • James March 13, 2015

      Most of us blacks? Statistics please.

    • Linda March 13, 2015

      Speak for yourself dear. The “blacks” I know support everyone.

  6. Skyfall March 13, 2015

    He is just salty, just like Malik Yoba said on the real, the show is more like NY Undercover. 50 cent is reaching and is trying to be relevant and build buzz around his lame ass show.

    P.Diddy can shut his delusional ass up too if the allegations of him suing because he feels the show is based on his life. I mean if it’s based in your life which son is gay and who did you kill, and is faith Evans cookie?

  7. Al March 13, 2015

    The biggest Flop of all get this crettin out of here

  8. Bitchplease March 13, 2015

    Empire has absolutely nothing to do with Glee. #Justsaying 🙁

  9. DeanD March 13, 2015

    I didn’t even know 50 had a show, but I agree that sometimes when the actors are supposed to be performing live but are lip synching to a pre-recorded track, it can pull me out of the scene but I’ve watched Glee so I am kind of used to that. But that’s also where the comparisons to Glee stop. He does sound bitter but at least he didn’t go full-on Kanye.

  10. Bam Bam March 13, 2015

    Power>>>>>>>>Empire there is no contest. I love Taraji and Terrence but it is like a musical version of Power

  11. SMH March 13, 2015


  12. MISHKA March 13, 2015

    SALTY Cent.

  13. Teflon Boy March 13, 2015

    Personally, I hate when a show uses a pre-recorded track and has the actors mime over it, for me the ambience of the room the scene is supposed to be in really keeps the authenticity present but I’m a sound engineer so like 50, something as simple as that would be jarring as a viewer.

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