Chris Brown Slammed By Gay Fans For Bailing On ‘Pride’ Performance

Published: Monday 7th Sep 2015 by Rashad
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‘Loyal’ singer Chris Brown has gay fans questioning his loyalty after he was a no-show at this weekend’s gay pride festivities in Atlanta.

Scheduled to make an appearance at The Georgia Freight Depot nightclub as a reported 4,000 fans patiently waited, the event – sponsored by lesbian owned/operated Traxx Girls group – came after weeks of social media and local hype for his appearance.

Fans were particularly disappointed after learning he was actually in town for his ‘One Hell of A Nite Tour’ at Aaron’s Amphitheatre.  Well, now the party promoter, Melissa Scott, is speaking out against the Grammy winner for his absenteeism.  Get into her word’s below:

“I think it’s unfortunate for mainstream artists to take people’s money with the complete prior knowledge of knowing what the event is and being very clear about what the event is about. I’m completely baffled. You know it’s gay pride. You knew you agreed when you sent the contract in and took the money.” – M. Scott

Scott says her concern began to grow when she and the singer’s team were exchanging text messages at 2am and he had not arrived.

“I was being told to take his (Brown’s) image down because he looks a little feminine in that image, an image that he took. As a promoter I should be focused on my crowd. I had to send text messages of pictures of my crowd to say, there’s nothing but girls in here man.” – M. Scott


Scott has gone on record to say she believe Brown’s bailing is due to learning there were gay men in the audience, not just lesbians as expected.  Thankfully, she was able to secure ‘My Way’ hitmaker Fetty Wap in his place.

“We called Fetty Wap who is the hottest artist in the country right now and he was five minutes away (from the venue) and asked him if he could come,” says Scott. He said “hell yeah!” I said it’s a gay party.  It’s tons of people here. He said he didn’t care and was on his way.”

As of time reporting, Brown has not responded to the backlash. (source)

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  1. Queen Molly September 7, 2015

    oh no ki

    • BGKC ???????? September 7, 2015

      That thing in your avi is ugly

      • Queen Molly September 7, 2015

        Leave the queen alone

    • Mark111 September 7, 2015

      Who’s that White woman in your avi?

      • Queen Molly September 7, 2015

        Your favs biggest inspiration.

    • Missy September 7, 2015

      From all his anger issues and mental problems he was probably molested and HE LOOKS FEM in most pics.

      And dances like he gay

    • Stephy September 7, 2015


  2. The Great Lacefronce. September 7, 2015

    F*** and dykes must be exterminated!

    • BGKC ???????? September 7, 2015

      SHUT UP HŒ

  3. Mark111 September 7, 2015

    Hahahahaha, so many gay guys loves him and diss Rihanna, yet he don’t even want to be around you all. Hahahahahahahahaha
    These people (you organize these events) get too hyped and I think they talk to people faking as if they work for these celebs. Because they get so b*** hurt when they “bail” on them and I be like, where’s the contract?

    • BGKC ???????? September 7, 2015

      But sis you ARE one of us. Keep it cute.

      • Mark111 September 7, 2015

        But I’m not. And that’s the reason why we don’t want to be around you people. You read the postt, they put a fem pic of Chris. Why do you f*** always want everyone to be gay? Hahahahahahaha

      • grangrandolly September 7, 2015

        The day that mark becomes straight, is the day that I come back alive and visit rih!

  4. Girl bye September 7, 2015

    Oh no, the one thing you can not do in today’s world is p*** off the gays. gays who run the world.

  5. BGKC ???????? September 7, 2015


  6. Barb-wire September 7, 2015

    So he decides to spit in the faced of those who feeds him? Well… Okay…

    • Barb-wire September 7, 2015


  7. Janatic September 7, 2015

    When you’re secure in yourself, you don’t care what kind of crowd you play for…unless it murderers, rapists and racists in the crowd…But anyway, kudos to Fetty Wap for stepping up…Chris…nevermind…I will leave it alone

  8. Chile, leave my weave at the door and don’t steal it like those broke ass barb stans September 7, 2015

    But I thought he was a changed man because he said so! Lol! He does not give a f*** about anybody or anything, so why would you expect him to show up to a gay pride event? He’s clearly homophobic.

    • SCREAM QUEENS September 7, 2015

      EJ King (stylist) is apart of his glam squad ????

  9. Jarel September 7, 2015

    I don’t get it, first of all you should not have agreed to the event in the first place,if you had a problem, u knew it was a “GAY EVENT” HELLO!!! IDIOT. Oh it would be only lesbians there really???
    Plus, if I was straight male artist, why wouldn’t I embrace the gay audience, they are the ones with the money and they are loyal!!!

  10. RICHIE_RICH J September 7, 2015

    I bet the kids was over it. All my friends back in Atl said pride was real cute. Me and the hubby went to DC and philly. Back in boring a$$ Chicago!!!!!!

  11. What now September 7, 2015

    No 1 should b surprised. Chrissy been acting like this forever now. Funny how he always want forgiveness & in the same breath will say he gives no f**** abt no 1 but himself. The boy is loco af.

    • sleep September 7, 2015

      Thank you!!! I no longer rock with Chris.

  12. Indie September 7, 2015

    Chrus Brown is and forever will be a first class a** hole! His not homophobic is his stylist who is one of his best friends i think his name is EJ and his always hanging with him and a mixed crowd however he shows times and time again that he has a little boys mentality and acts up playing The Man when his with his boys, thats why he chafed on the love of his life and got a ho pregnant and thats why he pulled out of this event worried about what people are going to think. for him to do this as mainstream pop star in 2015 is very bad for the LGBT community as it makes other mainstream straight makes feel embarrassed about publicly supporting LGBT! His an a** hole! Big respect to Fetty Wap for coming through

  13. OMG Logic!!! September 7, 2015

    So a has been is getting choosy about what gigs he’ll play? I don’t think Fistopher quite realizes his place on the Music Industry’s totem pole these days. He should be taking ANY event he can book and showing up with a fu cking smile.

  14. ReadingDiva September 7, 2015

    Only an insecure closet case worries about someone questioning their sexuality. She (Chris) would have got more respect from just showing up, and not only from the gay community. A real and comfortably secure individual i.e. Fetty Wap shows up, collects their check, says thanks, and go on living secure with who they are. NEXT

  15. sexyb September 7, 2015

    And yet yall gays will still ride hard hard for this n****. Yall stupid as f***

  16. Arianator Barb September 7, 2015

    Price Fetty is better than this h** anyway

  17. shakira stan September 7, 2015

    But everyone knows he takes it up in the ass.

  18. #TeamBreezy September 7, 2015

    FALSE! He was never even booked for this!!! Haters!!! Always Trying throw dirt on Chris name but he stay #WINNING

    • sleep September 7, 2015

      Dumb ass team breezy thinks they know everything about him. No, f*** y’all and your master. He always does dumb s*** like this and then wants forgiveness, f*** it. Fetty is A1. And to think I supported Chris’ dumb ass for so long, f*** him.

  19. @JanetCIARA_ September 8, 2015

    These comments have me CRYING

  20. SBC September 9, 2015

    He shouldn’t have agreed to play that kind of a gig in the first place. No real man is gonna get up and play for a crowd of homos. Chris should fire whoever it was that booked him for such s degenerate affair. Save the gay crowd for f****** ass Adam Lambert and frank ocean.

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