Nicki Minaj Is The Highest Selling Female Rapper Of The Decade

Published: Friday 22nd Nov 2019 by David

As the music community looks forward to the release of several “decade’s-end” lists in the coming weeks, one name is set to stand above and beyond the rest.

Nicki Minaj.

Full report below…

Powered by live shows, MySpace and YouTube (then in its infancy) Minaj and Safaree Samuels launched a grassroots campaign designed to cultivate a fan base which has now become one the most influential forces in Pop music.

So impactful, that a number of these fans have risen to become stars in their own right.

At the end of the year, when Billboard and the Recording Industry Association of America unveil their list of highest-selling musicians, Minaj will be named the highest-selling female rapper of the decade thanks to the numbers she and her fans amassed during the period.


A feat she would have achieved even if streaming data wasn’t factored into her commercial mix , because the lion’s share of her sales were generated by solo releases (singles and albums) released before Billboard  announced plans to update its chart system in 2014.

Read more here.



Here’s an example of just how sizeable Minaj’s numbers are.

If the overall pure sales figures of every album launched by a female rapper within the last ten years were totalled, the final number would still find itself eclipsed by the opening month number earned by the rapper’s debut set ‘Pink Friday’.


Her lowest selling set, 2018’s ‘Queen’, was certified Platinum in 2019 and is the only Minaj record to see the majority of its units sprout on Spotify and Apple Music.


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  1. only facts November 22, 2019

    Her biggest selling songs are dance-pop trash. The biggest fraudulent act of the decade “hip hop” my a**.

    • DC32020 November 22, 2019

      So Kim could sell 7 million copies of a dance song? ? Has Invasion of privacy even scanned 300,000 copies? Does Kash Doll carry a lunch box?

      • only facts November 22, 2019

        Invasion of Privacy is the #13 best album of the decade per billboard.

      • only facts November 22, 2019

        Invasion of Privacy is the #13 best album of the decade per billboard.

        IOP is album a HIP-HOP album all the way through. No dance pop trash.

        Lil Kim’s biggest albums are PURE hip-hop.

        Nicki wants to use these stats, but off of her POP hits lol. And plus, she was the only female rapper for MOST of the decade. Anyways, congrats to her. Poor thing needs to have SOMETHING to count as a W this year.

      • only facts November 22, 2019

        And who the f*ck cares about Kash Doll? You’re mentioning her and Kim for no reason, boo.

        Cardi’s Grammy says hello.

      • Abel November 22, 2019

        You look so stupid standing for Cardi. She doesn’t even know about your existence.

      • Fancy BISH November 22, 2019

        @Abel does your fave know about your existance?

      • Ren-Oh November 22, 2019

        Wait so Grammys are the only way you say someone is better or most deserving than other ?

        So i suppose to you Queen is worst or less deserving than Imagine Dragons?
        And is Jimi Hendrix worst than Justin F*cking P*ssy Bieber?
        Tupac, Bob Marley, Diana Ross never won…but Milli Vanilli, the Starland Vocal Band and Toto won.

        A grammy is just an award it doesn’t imply one artist is superior to other. Just grow up these arguments are used by kids…

    • Bey Bey Sting November 22, 2019

      But we all know that she is most known for her hip hop songs . Anyway, let’s say Nicki is a Pop girl. What’s your point? She’s still the one selling the records. That’s what you simpletons don’t get and that’s why you’re always surprised when sales numbers roll in and you see how little your faves actually pull. People don’t buy Nicki’s Pop songs because they’re pop songs. They buy them because it’s her. If all a girl had to do to make money was to release Pop songs Kim would be twerking on an EDM beat every Friday night to pay those bills she owes.

      • only facts November 22, 2019

        If you want to talk about how much people REALLY sell, Nicki still have yet to outsell Lil Kim, Missy, Lauryn Hill in PURE ALBUM SALES! Bye, girl

      • Fancy BISH November 22, 2019

        Dumb Yonce stan, do like a your fave and pretend you’re actually smart….. the point is she gets titles as “rapper of the decade” b**** no! Not when half her discography is pop microwave trash, most of her hits are pop and dated.

      • You Tried November 22, 2019

        Only facts was streaming a factor back then??? No so your point is null and void. Just like y’all say Cardi deserved a Grammy and can’t believe that it was awarded to her out of spite ..just accept that Nicki was the biggest selling female rap titan of this decade.

    • Lady P November 22, 2019

      Darling, didn’t you read the article. We are talking about pure sales and TGj was even honest enough to admit that Queen needed Streams to sell a million so you can’t even say they’re biased. Cardi’s entire career lives and dies on Spotify and that’s why she’s afraid to tour because she herself knows that she wouldn’t sell out. She knows that because the album she put out hasn’t even sold 300,000 copies ??????. I’m happy that she has a Grammy But let’s see how much it is worth when that second album drops. If only you knew what I knew. #Atlantic #Budget #Payola #ScaredToRelease #Investigation

      • only facts November 22, 2019

        Missy Elliott Album sales:

        Supa Dupa Fly: 1.221 Million (U.S.) – 4.542 (Worldwide)
        Da Real World: 1.068 Million (U.S.) – 6 Million (Worldwide)
        Miss E….So Addictive: 1.767 Million (U.S.) – 9.297 Million (Worldwide)
        Under Construction: 2.142 Million (U.S.) – 7.377 Million (Worldwide)
        This Is Not A Test: 705,000 (U.S.)
        The Cookbook: 657,000 (U.S.)

        Add those up, hun. Nicki has YET to OUTSELL MISSY WITH ALBUMS! Take singles out of it.

        BYE GIRL!

      • toilet paper May 1, 2020

        only facts who tf cares

    • E. November 22, 2019

      Cardi isn’t straight hip hop. I’m just referring to what songs I’ve heard on the radio. I don’t listen to her album but from what I’ve heard “Be Careful”, “Ring” and “I like it” does not sound like straight hip hop. Ring sound like a R & B song that she’s rapping on. I like it is latin music with most of it being rapped in spanish. Be Careful, I don’t know what to call that but it don’t sound like hip hop. Also, the only top 10 hit Cardi had this year was “Please Me” which plenty of people have saod that song sound like 90s R & B. You didn’t wanna mention that though. Yes, Cardi’s biggest hit this year sounds like R & B and was featuring a Pop Artist.

    • Fancy BISH November 22, 2019

      LMAO so true as if the identity theft wasn’t bad enough, the woman is simply fraudulent and let us not mention the thousand features lol, yet no #1 SMH

      • Fancy BISH November 22, 2019

        @Fancy FRAUD, You’re really talking about identity theft? Delusional ? ? ?

      • Fancy BISH November 22, 2019

        I love you more but it’s time to get off my c*** na na.

      • Fanciest BISH November 22, 2019

        Let me be the superior , ahem bigger* person and switch it up.

      • Fancy BISH November 22, 2019

        @Fanciest FRAUD, you tried it ? Just bow TF down to the originator, you a copy bish…you wouldn’t even have a name to copy, change or do anything if it weren’t for me! You’re trying to get rep off my good name cause I’m liked and you’re loathed…PERIODTT. ?

  2. only facts November 22, 2019

    Congrats, Nicki, I guess.

    TGJ, can we get a post on how Iggy’s EP STILL didn’t come out?! LOL! Go ride a kangaroo, b*tch. You’re done.

  3. ? The Real Jasmine’s Grape Juice ?? November 22, 2019

    Why are you guys arguing with idiots Nicki Minaj is the Queen ? no need to argue with Trolls they are always going to be Angry . Have a blessed day Barbs

    • Fancy BISH November 22, 2019

      Self aclaimed queen of rap, does not have the solo success or awards to bargain, take a sit girl.

    • Ferme Ta Gueule Jasmine November 22, 2019

      said Jasmine, the Queen of Trolls and Slaves. By the way, how many slaves do you have? You didn’t tell me the last time, I’m so curious.

    • Ferme Ta Gueule Jasmine November 22, 2019

      And by the way : calling yourself a Queen doesn’t make you a Queen. The one and only Queen of rap is called Lil’ Kim, a title she received from the streets, the fans and the industry. Nicki sold a lot and nobody can deny it, she was the one on the spotlight this last decade but her time is over just like Kim’s time years ago. Anyway, Kim is still a legend today, her first album a classic, she made history about QUALITY. Rendez-vous in 10 years to see where Nicki stands.

  4. Darayo November 22, 2019

    What makes me laugh about these hood rats is that they say Nicki sold because she was the only one. I don’t even have time to dissect that dumb argument but let’s say it was true. In the last two years several girls dropped albums and finally yall the variety you craved and what did you do? Diddly squat! ?????. Kim couldn’t even sell 1000 copies. Iggy’s sales are bubbling under the bubbling under. Cardi is scared to tour because she can’t do anything without a Spotify playlist and Kash Doll ‘s numbers were lower than a hooker’s self esteem on a Friday night. I mean, what do you even want me to say?

    • only facts November 22, 2019

      When is the Queen tour coming to the US? Haven’t we been waiting since last year for her to announce dates? Hmm…

      • Jez November 22, 2019

        Why would you care about that?? From your comments you are clearly not a fan so why does her tour mean anything to you??

      • only facts November 22, 2019

        Girl, the reply to MY comment said Cardi can’t sell shows or a tour. So I respectfully asked, when can we expect Nicki to release those US dates for the Queen Tour she kept telling us was coming for a year…

    • Dr November 22, 2019

      Cardi will headline tour 2020 made 4 million off 4 shows shell be a great headline act Megan can open for her

  5. Just Sayin’ November 22, 2019

    Good for her and all now can we leave her plastic a$$ in 2019. Hope she invest all that money well cause we all know she going the be the breadwinner for her “family” cause her “husband” won’t be gainfully employed with his rap sheet.

    • Fancy BISH November 22, 2019

      We actually left her in 2016 after the shethering, keep up.

      • You Tried November 22, 2019

        Clearly didn’t lmao still talk about her everyday she has a number 1 on Latin billboard charts

  6. Detruth November 22, 2019

    You only posted first week sales and from only one of her albums ?

    • only facts November 22, 2019

      They’re on her payroll. Tacky “journalism”. They don’t want the truth. They’re trying to deflect from NONE of her albums being on the billboard albums of the decade list.

    • Natalie November 22, 2019

      You fool! They literally explained that she sold more in one month than every other female rapper even when ALL of their sales are combined.

  7. KIKI November 22, 2019

    wow another pointless chart and useless information!

    and duh people still actually bought albums back then.

    Her attitude is still toxic and trash!

    fix that bum nasty personality you have going

    • Kenny November 22, 2019

      Just like Cardi plastic botched ass

  8. Clarksooon November 22, 2019

    Billboard’s Top Female Artists of the Decade:

    #24 Camila Cabello

    *less than 3 years of solo career*

    She did that with only 1 album

    Camila is already putting her name in the history books

    • THERAPY November 22, 2019

      And he’s talking about Camila again and again… OMG man how come you can’t even see you need some help?

  9. jay Z November 22, 2019

    Niki is #blackgirltragic!

    niki likes Men that have s** with young girls! ewwwwww

    niki is embarrassing herself and queens!

    • Fanciest BISH November 22, 2019

      Come through with the facts.

  10. C***** November 22, 2019

    If Lizzo can be considered a rapper, then so can Meghan Trainor. In that case, Meghan Trainor is the biggest selling female rapper of the decade. 🙂

    • Fancy BISH November 22, 2019

      An absolute kii

  11. Clarksooon November 22, 2019

    Top Billboard 200 Albums of the Decade:

    #142 Camila

    When was this album released? In 2018.
    She did that.

  12. Dr November 22, 2019

    She had ten years so

  13. Dr November 22, 2019

    Cardi still has biggest female rap single of decade in 2 years oops ??

    • E. November 22, 2019

      Most people’s biggest hits come from their first album. Ashanti had 2 number 1 hits when she came out. Also, she won a grammy but after that it was downhill. When Cardi fall all the way down y’all will still be talking about her number 1s and grammy. In the long run that ain’t gone mean nothing. Ashanti isn’t still charting nor did she have the longevity Nicki does. There are a lot of great artist with no number ones or grammies. A grammy does not define a person as an artist. All y’all wanna sh!t on Nicki but none of y’all talking about how Lizzo’s one song lasted longer as number 1 than both of Cardi’s songs. I’m not including Maroon 5, that would have went #1 without Cardi. Also, Lizzo got 8 noms in one year but all y’all do is bring up Nicki when it comes to Cardi. Don’t come talking about Lizzo isn’t hip hop cause according to y’all Nicki ain’t either. Lizzo kicked Cardi off her high horse.

      • Dr November 22, 2019

        She stole the decade sir in 2 years

      • Dr November 22, 2019

        Sadly billboard didn’t give this to lizzo as cardi songs where bigger according to them and lizzo only sold 1 million cardi at 3 million albums lizzo ass been out with that tired song since 2017 billboard said cardi wins deal hater

      • Dr November 22, 2019

        Lizzo still 2 number 1 songs behind cardi u mad and what horse she kick cardi off off ??????

      • Fanciest BISH November 22, 2019

        Girl.. that fat whale wouldn’t lift her leg that high, just stop.

    • Fancy BISH November 22, 2019

      Lol biggest hot 100 hits of thr decade (sales)
      8 Girls like you (featured)
      56 I like it (lead)
      80 Bodak (actual rap)
      94 Super bass(only entry)

      Now now Cardi F is on her way to flopland with her wack ass lyrics, but her stats are much more impressive and has a 10 times shorter discography

  14. Fancy BISH November 22, 2019

    I actually can’t stand this woman, I have a theory she was molested growing up.. her admiration for m********, chille. From that Polanski (a certified pedo), her brother, 69(whatever it is), now her man, I bet it’s man crush everyday is Rkelly or Cosby.

    On the real, biggest thieving fraud in history lmao I can’t even believe how it gets away with it, considering her fans.. well..

    The only pop act to not have a #1 smash this decade.. girl even Selena has 1 , no grammys.. if it wasn’t for that Zolanski persona and gay pandering it wouldn’t have lasted 3 years, something it has in common with lady garbage

    • E. November 22, 2019

      How come you always on post about her? Don’t worry about who she with, it’s her life not yours. Don’t nobody care about who you’re with, why you worrying about her? What she eat don’t make you sh!t. You could just skip by these articles but yet you make it your business to spew hate every chance you get. You let it be known you don’t like her. You don’t have to reiterate it on every post. We’ve seen your comments they haven’t went unnoticed. You got the attention you were seeking and we don’t need to see anymore of your comments. That goes for you and @only facts and all the other Nicki haters that comment on every post about her.

      • Fancy BISH November 22, 2019

        It’s not hate sis, it’s logic and fact in short it’s TEA. Get some of it, don’t be a mindless sheep, see her for what she is. A self proclaimed queen who couldn’t even live up to the title, a flop who ovesaturated the industry she couldn’t get #1…. an angry black formerly plank ass woman with the most delusional stans who can’t see her for what she is.

  15. Dr November 22, 2019

    Still no Grammy ??

  16. Bussyfellows November 22, 2019

    You can say the queen name you should feel blessed. That went right over your head b**** you’re still pressed.

  17. Bella November 22, 2019

    It a shame one can’t even get in here she should have a lot of people commenting nicki congratulations baby u deserve it everyone that’s doing u wrong will one day walk where u walk and they will know it wasn’t worth it what goes around comes around. We love u the best rapper in fing history bla……..

    • Fanciest BISH November 22, 2019

      LMAO, we have to laugh..

      Best fraudster to get away with fraud in history*

      • Fancy BISH November 22, 2019

        You’re the fraud, dumb, stank heffa HOEE lol…you’re clearly mentally ill, just freely doing your ish up and down this comment section! Can’t make a name for yourself? Awwww, you’re just ash and I’m lotion ?

  18. Danny Bey November 22, 2019

    I mean, she was the only one for the majority of it. So I guess lol

    • Natalie November 22, 2019

      So Kim didn’t release music in the last decade? AZEALIA Banks didn’t debut a year after Pink Friday dropped?Kreayshawn never happened? Iggy Azalea’s Fancy was a myth? Cardi B wipes back to front?

      • Danny Bey November 23, 2019

        Kim released a mixtape. Everyone else released independent projects here and there. Cardi just debuted two years ago. Barely any girls were active during Nicki’s start and Iggy was a one hit wonder. I SAID WTF I SAID

  19. Lol November 22, 2019

    She was the ONLY female rapper of that time until until 2 years ago. Spare me the useless articles about nothing…

  20. Steven Jr Fuentes Fuentes Parra∀ November 22, 2019

    Congrats nicki

  21. Steven Jr Fuentes Parra∀ November 22, 2019

    Congrats nicki

  22. Jasmine The Real Princess November 22, 2019

    Well that’s not a hard feat to accomplish when you’ve been the only mainstream female rapper for 10 years. Glad she’s a washed up FLOP now

  23. Steven Jr Fuentes Parra∀ November 22, 2019

    Congrats nicki on your accomplishments these negative and immature comments people leave will neva tarnish what you have achieved this decade…so enjoy your success you deserve it…

    • Jasmine The Real Princess November 22, 2019

      Flop flop flop.
      No Grammy and no no 1 LMAO

  24. No Glory November 22, 2019

    Drake’s “scorpion” sold an estimated 732K. Wayne’s carter 4 did 964k. Where in the F*CK are y’all getting these numbers? Like, do research before you post. Ignant @asses.

    • High Price November 22, 2019

      Facts because the Carter 3 did over a million first week! Everyone knew the Carter 4 was going to do the same but it still faired well with just a little under a million! Facts! Carter 3 was and still is a masterpiece.

    • Swirly November 22, 2019

      Nicki’s sales could never! Her biggest era was Pink Friday. It’s been a downward slope ever since.

      People love to talk crap about IOP’s sales as if Queen fared any better with it’s sloppy roll out and 25000000 flop singles. We are also in a different sales climate. No one’s streaming Nicki’s music anymore. She isn’t the “force” that the Barbz make her out to be. That’s no shade, it’s facts!

    • Caleb November 24, 2019

      This site never fact checks.

  25. #Formulation November 22, 2019

    Well done nicki… she deserves this. She was on her grind this decade. Periodt.

  26. AJ November 22, 2019

    Nothing gets the comments popping like Nicki Minaj . Bow to the Queen Nicki

  27. High Price November 22, 2019

    Nicki had the whole industry talking when Pink Friday debuted. Can’t discredit the girl. She definitely can sell her ass off!

    • Dr November 22, 2019

      Cardi had whole industry talking when she won that Grammy making history as first female ever to win rap album Grammy ??

  28. E. November 22, 2019

    For all the haters in the comments saying Nicki was the only female rapper for most of her career that’s why she was on top… Please tell me what other female rappers was out when Cardi released IOP I’ll wait. Nicki was only doing features and everybody had already written her off so she wasn’t seen as competition. Who was Cardi’s competition? Cardi hasn’t been charting too well since these other female rappers came out. Her last few features flopped, some didn’t even make the charts. If her new album don’t get at least 2 #1s it’s going to be considered a flop. You have to do better than the last album to still be on top. If not it will be that sophomore jinx.

    • Dr November 22, 2019

      Nobody was out with Nicki what’s ya point cardi has 3 singles above Nicki on decade chart u mad she did it in 2 years and took Nicki 10 ?????? IOP also higher than any Nicki album on billboard decade chart so fall back ????????

      • E. November 22, 2019

        You still haven’t mentioned any other females that were out when Cardi came out. Everybody just overlook the fact that Cardi didn’t have no competition. If they were counting streams when Nicki released Pink Friday she would have number ones. Y’all go on thinking Cardi’s better because of her streamed #1s that if it wasn’t for Nicki pushing for them to count she wouldn’t have.

    • Dr November 22, 2019

      All Nicki last few features flopped ??????? you do realize this

      • E. November 22, 2019

        That’s no surprise everybody hate Nicki now. However Cardi suppose to be the it girl.

    • Dr November 22, 2019

      Post Malone hottest thing out and French Montana song flopped don’t blame cardi for that flop post couldn’t even save it so

      • E. November 22, 2019

        No excuses, she been flopping flat out. Quick rise quick fall. Most people whose first album was a huge success don’t follow up with another successful album. We’ll see what this next album do. Hopefully for her sake it don’t flop like her latest features. To think every song she released this year y’all swore it was her next number 1. Needless to say it was not.

    • Dr November 22, 2019

      But cardi album still on billboard 200 after 2 years though still selling hater u mad mad lmao queen cake n went off charts pass cardi who fell off ????

    • Dr November 22, 2019

      Nicki had 150 songs try to get to number 1 ten years trying and cardi has 3 in 2 years I’d be mad to ha ha ya b**** ain’t number 1 material that’s sad all those tries and not 1 ????????????

      • E. November 22, 2019

        I don’t think every song Nicki is on is going number 1. That’s bardi gang that thought every song she was on was going number 1. I’ve been rocking with Nicki all these years with no number 1s. Why should I care about that now? Y’all always claiming she’s trash but whenever there’s a post about her y’all haters flooding the comment section. If she’s so irrelevant why can’t y’all stop talking about her? Can any of you nuts answer that? I have better things to do with my time than keep commenting about somebody I don’t like. Apparently y’all haters are very miserable cause y’all talk about Nicki everyday.

    • Dr November 22, 2019

      All y’all lil gay ass queens thought hot girl summer woulda get Nicki a hot 100 number 1 based off i tunes stats wrong ???????

  29. What would Whitney do November 22, 2019

    Yesssss Nicki minaj…told them…I’m so happy for nixxx….

  30. What would Whitney do November 22, 2019

    Respect that..bow down bitchexxxxxxx

  31. Adonis November 22, 2019

    Lol the ghetto “writers” on this site are the biggest trolls ever. They only uploaded this because billboard yesterday released their “top 100 albums of the decade” And not a single Nicki Minaj album made the list. You know who’s album did make it? That’s right, Queen Cardi B. ? I laugheth! Imagine all that diiick suuucking and for what? Not to be on a top 100 list, no actual award, no number 1 poor Chile.

    • Fancy BISH November 22, 2019


    • Dr November 22, 2019

      Exactly proof is there all the barbs mad lol

  32. Swirly November 22, 2019

    Nicki’s numbers and “records” are all smoke and mirrors. Her biggest selling album was released almost a decade ago, and she’s been unable to match those numbers since. Her sales declined significantly with every release. Her biggest hits were forgettable pop fluff – “Starships,” “Superbass” and “Anaconda”. Her “record” for most female entries were based off of endless features she did between the years of 2009-2019. No matter how LOW the songs charted and fell off soon thereafter, she still boasts and brags about the “Record”. Aretha broke records ALL by herself. She didn’t need 1000000000000000 forgettable features to obtain, but I digress.

    Nicki did what she had to do career-wise, but I’m tired of the smoke and mirrors.

    • Dr November 22, 2019

      And all those pop fluff songs sit under cardi on decade list song charts ?????

  33. ME YOU US November 22, 2019

    Yal notice how nicki Minaj post get the most comments on tgj site? If her haters and fans were calculated she’d be the most talked about artist since Micheal jackson even beyonce cant relate..

    What lame ass cardi fans dont understand is when go at a legit talent and success like minaj..your only building up a huge fall and fail for frauds like cardi cause if nicki is being torn apart via popularity..cardi will be ripped to shreds once her popularity and non existent numbers are compared to the next top option..period

    • Dr November 22, 2019

      Legit talent yet no Grammy no critics lists of top albums of decade but ok Lmao

    • C***** November 22, 2019

      Girl, Nicki had the biggest fall from grace this decade. Shut the hell up

  34. Blanca November 22, 2019

    Nicki messed up when she paraded herself around as the poor mans Lady Gaga in the early 2010’s. When it comes to her, she’s quantity over quality. Her discography is incredible forgettable compared to the greats.

  35. Caleb November 24, 2019

    Y’all don’t fact-check anything y’all write. Over half of Pink Friday Roman Reloaded’s certifications are from streams and 2/3 of Pinkprint’s certs are from streams and singles. So this paragraph was a flat-out lie:

    “Her lowest selling set, 2018’s ‘Queen’, was certified Platinum in 2019 and is the only Minaj record to see the majority of its units sprout on Spotify and Apple Music.“

  36. toilet paper May 1, 2020

    only facts the comment is about cardi under construction and so addictive are the only ones Nicki hasn’t outsell

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