Watch: Kodak Black Calls Out Megan Thee Stallion For Taking Credit for His Catch Phrase?

Published: Tuesday 17th Mar 2020 by Rashad

Kodak Black isn’t exactly sweet on ‘Suga’ maker Megan Thee Stallion at the moment, a recent Instagram post reveals.

The ‘Zeze’ rapper – currently serving a 46 month sentence after being found guilty on federal weapons charges – took to social media to fire off at Stallion for taking credit for a phrase many believe he popularized.

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I Really Wanna Go Bad On Lil One but I’m Keepin This Shit Pretty #LetMeDriveTheBoat #FreeTheGoat

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On Tuesday (March 17), Black (born Bill Kapri) posted a clip of Meg – who dropped by ‘Strahan Sara and Keke’ recently in promotion of her March 6-released EP ‘Suga’ – discussing generational slang and catch phrases.  When quizzed on the expression ‘drive the boat,’ the hosts credited her with originating the saying (and she did not disagree).

The incident apparently rubbed Kapri the wrong way as he took to Instagram to caption the clip above:

“I Really Wanna Go Bad On Lil One but I’m Keepin This Shit Pretty #LetMeDriveTheBoat #FreeTheGoat

While there’s no way to prove if Stallion created the phrase or not, Kodak fans have cited multiple instances of him using the it ahead of her – some dating as far back as February 2019 (as seen here).

As of time reported, Meg has not responded to his post.  

Bonus:  See the full ‘Strahan, Sara & KeKe’ segment referenced below:

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  1. Only Facts March 17, 2020

    Eww he’s disgusting. Who the hell could sleep with him?? And I thought he was in jail??

    • WhyYouMad? March 17, 2020

      The article clearly Tate’s he is serving a 46 month sentence sis

      • WhyYouMad? March 17, 2020

        *clearly states

      • Only Facts March 17, 2020

        I know. And my comment was basically saying why the heck is he on social media if he’s in prison

      • jan March 18, 2020

        This is a different day and time, prisoners have internet access.

  2. Beyonce Knows March 17, 2020

    Lil Bill need to focus on not dropping the soap.

  3. Josh Link March 18, 2020

    Crazy eyes should just sit down and eat her prison food.

  4. Get it Kid March 18, 2020

    He needs to focus on being the best prison b**** he can be. Don’t drop the soap.

    • PerkO March 18, 2020

      Smh….U wouldn’t even say that in his face….y get on here and day dumb s…!!!!!!!

      • PerkO March 18, 2020


  5. bad boy aint 4 LIFE March 18, 2020

    aint no way kodak look anywhere near that polished. can we not lie to the public by using super photoshopped and airbrushed up the ying yang photos of people? is this what waypipo refer to as deep fake? make it make sense tgj

  6. bad boy aint 4 LIFE March 18, 2020

    a grown ass man baby that normally looks uglier than how c********** got 2020 lookin; is crying from behind bars about a stupid fkn phrase “drive the boat” that aint no one out here paying any kind of mind to. let that sink the fk in.

  7. Brooks March 18, 2020

    She was saying that way before 2019, if you’re not from texas then you probably don’t know. Before she got finally got recognized, recognized, she was already saying it. So karpi Kodak, do your time humbly and need to want to disrespect a female over some words that used before you anyway. Not worth unless you like being in jail.

    • PerkO March 18, 2020

      Prove it

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