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Published: Tuesday 24th Jun 2008 by Sam
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So the dust has settled and the BET Awards 2008 are now, but a memory. In my opinion the show was a so-so affair that was easily outshone by last year’s ceremony.

The much hyped Beyonce, Usher and Lil’ Wayne joint performance proved to be a non-event, as, even though the ‘Déjà vu’ singer was spotted in Los Angeles just the day before, she was no where to be seen during the award show itself. In its place, we were treated to a, somewhat, decent solo showing of ‘Love In The Club’ by Usher. However, the entirely lipsynched performance lacked that extra something that would have made me remember it after they cut to the next segment. For an artist who’s place as the top male R&B artist is continually called into question by supporters of younger stars, this was not a good look – at all.

Elsewhere, the show’s lack of ‘that extra something’ was heightened by run-of-the-mill performances by Young Jeezy and surprisingly Kanye West, Lil’ Wayne, T-Pain and, to a lesser extent, Nelly (both Ciara and Fergie were worthwhile –and much needed- additions to his set). None of these performances engaged me long enough to warrant anything other than the ‘what’s the next performance’ treatment.

Hot mess of the night, no doubt, went to Miss Keyshia Cole. From the absolutely horrid vocals (a pitchy, strained and screeching atrocity), I was left wondering if she’d taken ‘anything’ before the show with her bizarre choreography. Honestly though, what was that? I didn’t know whether to laugh or feel sorry for her (if she was serious). I think I decided on something right down the middle. Randomness: Lil’ Kim looked good, didn’t she? Moving on…

On a more positive note, brace yourselves people….I actually, dare I say it, kinda enjoyed Rihanna’s performance of ‘Take A Bow’. Granted the song is still and always will be the pits IMO, in her defence she did sound exactly like the record, which surely must count for something. Randomness: Did anyone else spot Chris Brown in the audience singing along?

Alicia Keys brief 90’s group revival was a great addition to her pretty decent showing of ‘Teenage Love Affair’. Watching this was such a contrast to the sleep-inducing piano-strapped Alicia performances we used to be subject to not too long ago. All the groups did their thing as well; SWV with ‘Weak’, the original line-up of EnVogue (good on Dawn!) and TLC. I will excuse the latter – namely T-Boz – for sounding flat-out shot and looking kinda depressed on stage, as the premise of the performance was so great and offered one of the few moments of genuine surprise during the 3 hour telecast.

I’d have to say performance of the night, for me, is a toss-up between Ne-Yo’s near-flawless performance of ‘Closer’ and Chris Brown and Ciara’s show-stopping rendition of ‘Take You Down’. It’s safe to say Ne-Yo was the wildcard when it came to male performances going into the show , considering both Usher and Chris Brown were also billed. However, to say he staked his claim as a performer would be an understatement. Put simply, Ne-Yo wiped the floor with Usher and most other performances tonight; who the hell knew he could move like that? Great stuff.
I know many were shocked, as was I, to see Ciara join Chris Brown on stage for ‘Take You Down’. What took place in the minutes that lay ahead, no doubt, has people talking. Whatever one’s view, there is no denying that they delivered one hell of a performance. As an avid fan of both Michael and Janet, I really did see, in Chris and Ciara, the new generation’s leaders in terms of the ‘all-round performer’. Randomess: LOL at how they kept cutting to Rihanna.

All in all, despite its few (and far between) moments of greatness, this year’s show was somewhat of a let down in comparison to last year (See: Beyonce & Kelly Rowland 07 BET Award performance) and definitely lacked the jaw-dropping moments that are supposed to make such show’s un-missable. Whereas the BET Awards have trumped the VMA’s on a year in and year out basis IMO, watching this actually has me anticipating what MTV will be serving up come August / September.

What do you think of the performances?

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  1. stephen June 24, 2008


  2. kk June 24, 2008

    Rihanna, and Chris.! Aww.

    I was expecting Beyonce to pop up with Wayne?!

  3. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    I was realy looking forward to seeing Beyonce!!

  4. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    Dat was a banging performance…I managed to look past his lip syncing…coz I hate that so much…but the dancing made up 4 it!….I MAD DAT BEY DIDNT SHOW UP THOU….THEY HAD EVERY1 GLUED TO THEIR SCREENS…

  5. Chris June 24, 2008

    dangg, no beyonce or wayne? =[
    RIRI looks so cute in the end. DAYUM!
    haha and usher killed it once again, even chris brown would agree haha!

  6. Tone7077 June 24, 2008


  7. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    Sorry…T-BOZ sounded terrible!! Omg..SWV SORRY, Envouge they were aight! This awards is kind of wack.
    Lil mama should have won. What does have Missy have out right now. Thats was a soundtrack song. BET is so SHADY

  8. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    no beyonce???? tears

  9. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    Ashanti Looks Beautiful…

  10. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    Im a Ne-yo fan …but did you see his facial expression after Usher’s performance

    He didnt clap

    He had his hand on his cheek/jaw and nodded his hand and smerked

  11. CJ June 24, 2008

    these awards are lagging…

    Keyshia=OK..even with the mess ups
    Alicia=best by far of the night
    C.Brown= CIARA!!! (that’s all the rest sucked)…

    and it continues….(they better set this Al Green tribute off)

  12. kNOX June 24, 2008


  13. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    Damn Sam, you are on fire with this coverage man. Thanks

  14. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    no Beyonce, no Fun… that’s all i have 2 say.

  15. Toons June 24, 2008

    SAM you do not play. You are on point man. This in one of the best blogs if not THE best. Keep it up man!

  16. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    Was that the jabawalkies that won the contest on MTV? If so I am so proud of them. Maxwell was the business and I missed him…. Neyo was good Chris was wonderful…Usher was alright nothing to wowing. I wanna see Alicia performance I missed it. I am not going to start on Keyshia lol. Yeah she sucked so very bad.


    I think will be my favorites

  17. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    please help me get Beyonce to do a Blues/Soul Album by signing this petition today!!!…. …. i know you agree that beyonce needs to do this kind of music and the petition might sound corney but if ENOUGH people sign we could make beyonce listen. please sign. much love

  18. KNOX June 24, 2008


  19. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    Okay Envouge, SWV knew they were coming to the BET show why in the heck didn’t they go on a diet. TLC is NOT when there is no L Lefteye. They look sad and dejected. Aint nothing wrong with a big girl but there was too much biggest going on for me.

  20. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    What happen to Anthony Hamilton grity look. He look too polished, too Hollywood now. WHAT IS GOING ON?

  21. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    NEYO was the best
    T-Pain was next

  22. jonnyhco June 24, 2008

    i hate rihanna,and i dont reall like chris either but he killed usher tonight.where was beyonce.i was so upset i waited for months for this.usher was wack and i love usher.and take a bow was the worst performance of the night.and alicia keys killed it.i love all of the groups.i love tlc

  23. Yung Sha’ B. June 24, 2008

    Usher was WACK! Needed B! Alicia was HOT. Rihanna was as boring and dull as her song. Chris Brown & Ciara killed it! Ne-yo def had wut Usher lacked

  24. Peacola June 24, 2008

    Keyshia Cole was a hot mess…did she rehearse???

  25. Anonymous June 24, 2008


  26. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    Usher’s performance would of been good if he would have had Queen Beyonce with him. even though i know he can sing, i hate when someone lipsyncs and dang had me hoping Beyonce was there!

  27. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    smt stop hatin on ri ri the one time she does sing really gud u’ll ga hate…and where was beyonce?!?!?!?

    the best are
    ne-yo(idk but he was gud)
    chris brown(ci ci killed it)
    Keyshia Cole (doe she mess up)
    rihanna (didnt like her but after tonite i cant say she cant sing)
    USHER(he wasted my damn time)
    t-pain was gud but the lip syncing mad me hate it.

  28. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    Sam is your name correct.

    Well thanks for the Akays performance.

  29. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    Ri Ri did good too.

  30. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    Akeys, Tlc Envouge and SWv did great

  31. Kathy June 24, 2008



  32. Scott June 24, 2008

    Alright, I have been a fan of this site for some time but never commented. However two things were just absolutely insane.

    1) The return of Maxwell. It’s been talked about for…what, the past 5 YEARS?! And finally we see the man on a stage. That was a good feeling right there.

    2) How AMAZING is Alicia Keys for bringing out THE three biggest girl groups of the 90s AND playing back-up to all of them?! I was and still am a HUGE SWV fan and have been waiting to see something of their reunion materialize. Even if this is all we get, that was amazing. On top of that, ALL FOUR ORIGINAL EN VOGUE MEMBERS?! That’s just insane. And seeing T-Boz and Chili together is never a bad thing. Al Green was the feel-good moment of the night, but Alicia wins the performance race hands down.

  33. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    i wasn’t quite impressed on Alicia Keys’s performance… it was rather boring. but this years BET Awards defenitely belonged to gentelmens’ !;P i mean the choreography …. first usher then ne-yo and finally chris brown! DAMN! in my opinion Chris Brown & Ciara’s performance was a total BLAST! they killed it! and yeah…. the big dissapointments were for the ladies… Keyshia, Rihanna, Alicia (not quite impressed), and where the hell was Beyonce?!?!!?

  34. Melissa June 24, 2008

    Alicia Keys had the best performance of the night!

  35. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    so glad beyonce wasn’t there.alicia,ne-yo,chris&Rihanna killed it.

  36. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    Other than T-Payne, Al Green, and Weezy, it was a waste of 3 hours. Usher: Played. Nelly: Played. Chris Brown and Rhianna: Boring. Who would have thought Ne-Yo would dance better than Usher and Chris Brown?

    D.L. Hughley: Played. Bring back Mo’Nique! At least she was funny.

  37. Anonymous June 24, 2008


    Chris Brown and Ciara

    the chorograpghy was insane

    she was perfect for that


    UUMMM can you say she is stepping very nicely into the role of being the next generation Janet Jackson

    the look…the attitude.. the dancing…the s*** appeal

    great choice Chris
    no one was expecting that one

    kudos to you Mr Brown for pulling that one off

  38. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    I Love Chris Brown and Ciara performance that was sooo good…that dance..OMG!!! Usher sucked Rihanna was just okay and what’s with everybody sayin T-Pain was good…that’s sad when yu let those words even start to form in your mouth or leave your finger tips(for the slow ones out there that means actually thinking about typing that)

  39. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    Chris Brown and Ciara killed it! I loved it and I love them they were hot. I always thought they would make a cute couple because both of them can dance their asses off. Usher I was kinda disappointed in his performance because he lipsynched. I thought it was nice of A.Keys to bring out all the old groups. Rihanna’s performance was okay her vocals are better but I just think “Take a bow” is a boring song to sing. Nelly looked nice with his shirt off lol and when Ci came out there with them with the cute little outfit. Keyshia was alright too I loved her boots.

  40. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    Keyisha Cole was an off key mess! Lil’ Kim saved her ass… kinda!
    Alicia was boring as usual but saved herself with bringing in the other artists. En Vogue looked great considering how many years ago they hit the scene, as did SWV and TLC it gave me good memories of when music was good.

  41. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    y is evry1 hatin on rihanna i like her and i love take a bow

  42. CreamDiggler June 24, 2008

    Rihanna was flawless, the singing, the outfit, the stage presence…she’s been listening to critique and its working

    I liked CB and Ciara.

    I enjoyed Nelly too, but I’m going to go with Riri as the best of the night so far.

  43. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    … Rihanna can sing Sam and i think you need to take some of your comments back (or hang your head in shame) she was a damm site better than Keyisha Cole. Ciara with nelly was pointless, she mimed but you couldn’t really hear her vocals. Pointless

  44. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    I LOVE Chris and Ciara’s performance. That was very hot! Usher is done. I enjoyed Rhianna too. Of course Al and crew did the damn thang. Alicia’s performance was good.

  45. bdavisthedancer June 24, 2008

    Alicia sounded better singing other peoples songs. Why does she always sound like she is straining? Her performance was good though overall.

  46. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    I sincerely don’t understand how ppl can say Alicia Keys’s performance was boring. WTF?? That was the most exciting of the night. For those of us who were raised in the 90s and grew up singing those songs, that was an amazing treat. Rihanna was as bad as I expected her to be. She was flat and dull- no personality, no energy. She looked beautiful, but it’s a performance, not a photo shoot.

  47. Cherish June 24, 2008

    U know what…im not one to feed into rumors or whatever, but i’m truly starting to believe that beyonce IS pregnant. I mean come on…she’s ALWAYS in the front row of the BET awards, even if she has nothing going on, but oh well….

    Usher- Did ok…not a good opening performance

    Young jeezy – BOORING


    Keyshia Cole – What was that mess girl!!! I was more entertained my Neffie and Frankie!

    Alicia – I loved her performance, although her vocals were a little off. I was so surprised to see SWV, the ORIGINAL En Vogue and TLC. They were good about keeping that tight lipped

    T-Pain – The brother always puts on an entertaining show, I can’t hate

    Ne-Yo – I was very surprised. Very good performance even though I hate the song

    Chris Brown – Ummm what was the point of bringing Ciara out again??

    The Al Green tribute – YAWN, but I am happy to see MAXWELL is still breathing!!!!!!!! Where the HELLLLLLL HAS HE BEEN!

    Rihanna – Wow I was shocked. Babygirl sounded exactly like the record. Very nice performance.

    Nelly – WTF, Ciara looked cute though!

    Lil Wayne – What can I say? He bought the house down!!!! I love weezy

  48. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    BET is shady…Lil’ Mama should have won that award since she is the only one that had album released in the Female Hip-Hop category.

    I disagree with comments saying Beyonce should have performed with Usher. At all award shows the artist/label have to pay for the entire performance usually is at least $100,000 for dancers, musicians, and insurance. There is no reason for Usher to share the spotlight with Lil’ Wayne or Beyonce since he is likely the one paying for his performance!

    The best performance was Alicia Keys, although I would have rather her left the stage when SWV, En Vogue, and TLC came out since she was never a part of any of these groups.

    Great Performances:
    Alcia Keys

    Could Have Been Better:
    Usher (practice lip synching)
    Rihanna (boring)
    Chris Brown (keep trying)
    Young Jeezy (boring)
    DL Hugley (predictable)

  49. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    the only ones dat left me speechless were alicia, wayne and ol’ girl lil kim… they performances were off da chain!!!!

  50. Tammy June 24, 2008

    Usher is finished. Chris Brown put him to shame. At least Chris, didn’t lip lynch.

    Alicia Keys w SWV, Envogue & TLC. ooh the 90 was supreme in R&B then. thanks Alicia for bringing them back.

    Rev Al – Jill Scott, Maxwell & Anthony Hamilton – GREAT!!!

    Wayne was good during AMilli.

    Neyo – Good.

    Chris Brown & Ciara – Excellent.

    Pastor Sapp – Great & very inspiring.

    Kanye – Is it his mike? Was he cussing too much? He was in & out.

    Usher looked tired & old. He started off strong; but, ended WEAK!!!

  51. Anonymous June 24, 2008

    USHER – alright was expecting better

    JEEZY F/ KANYE – decent performance just not for a high budget award show

    KEYSHIA COLE F/ LIL’KIM – she needs to improve on singing live as for lil’ kim she was better than expected

    NE-YO – one of the best of the nigt, he really stepped his game up and he really desevered best male r&b artist

    ALICIA KEYS – another great performance for her but t-boz from tlc voice was horrible…I don’t know about anyone else but I was expecting Destiny’s Child to walk out…now they would have murdered it with alicia and would have shattered the rest of those girl groups but they already have…lol!!!

    T-PAIN – it was an entertaining performance

    CHRIS BROWN – need to improve vocally singing live but he danced really well but Ciara totally out shined him

    THE AL GREEN TRIBUTE – Jill could have done better but she was decent, anthony hamilton did well, maxwell was superb, al green did well.

    NELLY – needs to go find kelly so he can have another number one hit, ciara still proving she’s a good dancer but horrible singer, fergie was great!!!

    Marvin Sapp – very inspirational

    Lil Wayne – it was okay but should have definetly been more energized

  52. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    Look out Ciara is coming…that is Rattla off her new album and it features Chris Brown produced by Danja and written by Ciara/Chris/ and Balewa Muhhamad!

  53. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    F*** these weak ass performers

    Where the hell is Jill Scott?

  54. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    Just saw the Chris Brown and Ciara performance. One question. Is Ciara human? 2nd question. We wouldn’t need any reason to think she’s from out of space, do we? OMG! Ciara is f*cking RAW! What!

    So far everyone is saying Usher lacked. (don’t wanna say wack too harsh of a word) TLC perform with Alicia. Mmmm…Chilli and Usher at the BET awards. Did somebody…idk..maybe f*cked up someone’s concentration maybe…maybe? Anything preferable to saying Usher sucked. I can’t do it.

  55. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    Usher SUCKED! Im sorry but he’s done….

    And i’ve came to a conclusion that Ciara is the sh*t! Her and Chris Brown killed it!

    Alicia did her thing…the 90’s groups were a huge plus

  56. Anonymous June 25, 2008


    Usher- Was cool, yes could’ve been better but he did what he could..

    Young Jeezy/Kanye- Did Knaye have a straw down his throat wtf was that performance.. smh

    Keyshia Cole- HOT A** MESS, Lil kim did wayyy better than her, she didn’t even sing on the Let it go song.. so ghetto wif the booty shorts she was better off keeping the skirt on… but wait yall how can yall not talk about her momma Frankie doing a split on the red carpet?? lmaoooooo I swear u can take the crackhead out the ghetto but the ghetto is still in her.. Can someone get them a Etiquette coach??

    Neyo- I actually liked his performance. I LOVE JABBAWOCKEEZ so them being there was official!!

    Alicia Keys and the flashback performers- Alicis sounded *I hate to say it* horrible, she has performed better in the past but I guess when u take the piano away this is what u get.. SWV … yeah not even worth mentionin.. Envogue were ok especially for them not being together for a long time.. TLC?? t boz sounded like she smokes a pack of KOOL and sip on whisky.. ol weezy jefferson voice lol and purpose of Chilli?? smh

    Chris Brown- HE RIPPED IT!!! that dance perfomance with Ciara was the business!!

    Ri Ri- She was actually pretty good!! loved the outfit.. butthen again has she ever failed us?? APPLAUSES TO HER STYLIST!!

    T-PAIN- Pretty Interesting performance I mean the Dr. Seuss look works for him lol, but umm can someone tell Rick Ross that wearing pants under his big ol gut is NOT cute lol and can someone turn DJ Khaled’s mic off with that ” we the best”crap smh.. but overall the hood remix was pretty cool

    Nelly- nice performance.. *ehem* I guess Ashanti didn’t proposed to huh?? lmaooo

    Lil Wayne- I waited til 11 for this performance he did well, but then again most druggies can give a good show lol he was high as a kite!! lol

    Rev Al n em- LOVED IT!! Maxwell ripped it up, Anthony did his thang thang and Miss Jill did an alright job and congrats on her recent engagement to musician Jon Roberts!! I thought Al was gon start preachin.. had me all dancin n shyt

    But wait yall please tell me yall saw Lisa Lisa?? WTF?? I mean grant it she was never a skinny chick but dayuuuuuuuum she could’ve put on some SPANX under that dress lmaoo

    DL Hughley introducing Marvin Sapp as Warren Sapp f***** my head up I was like Warren Sapp?? da football player?? lmaoooo he a mess for that lol oh my gawd yall!!

    and I’m through.. for now lol

  57. ThinkAboutIt June 25, 2008

    First problem with the show… DL Hughley as the host. Monique, Steve Harvey, Cedric and Katt Williams have become somewhat part of the BET awards shwo and can help keep it on track. DL is just not naturally funny – and clearly can’t read too well… Warren vs. Marvin Sapp.

    Keyshia just seemed like she didn’t rehearse enough – Lil’ Kim was a treat, but they seemed unaware of what to do together on stage.

    Keyshia is learning, and what she must learn is that she’s more a singer, than entertainer. Can’t do all of that dancing and trying to sing if your conditioning isn’t on point.

    Usher’s performance was so hyped that it seemed a disappointment, but the brother can really dance… that lip syncing was not a good look. Ciara and Chris Brown really was nice, but Chris Big Bow tie was distracting.

    And for some reason I can’t seem to get Rick Ross’ bear chest and tattoo plastered stomach out of my mind…

    It was a beautiful thing to see EVERYBODY rocking with Al Green –

  58. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    Ciara is a PROBLEM!!

  59. blaqgurl June 25, 2008

    All I gotta say is Maxwell blessed the stage. It was so brief…at first i was like who is that and then when I realized that it was him I screamed like a teenage girl in my apartment. That was the best moment for me and he did a great job as always. Still fine too…even without the hair. I think his new look shows how he has grown. But he needs to drop an album quick cause that was quite a tease to surprise us like that… the pleasant surprise it was. But if I saw him on the street I was slap him (with the back of my hand haha) and ask why he gotta play with our emotions like that. Just bring the music! Oh and the Jabbawockeez killed it with the Neyo perfomance. Go Jabbas!

  60. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    Sammy boy, you done us proud here in the UK with Grape Juice BET coverage. You had the videos up even before the US sites. That Grape Juice is where its @@


  61. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    IMO by far, the shows that Monique host are the best. T-Boz, seemed sick, but I was happy to see them. Ciara has her game on lock, no one come close to what she does(she is getting way too small though). Ne-Yo is a very good performer IMO, I was not disappointed at all. He is underestimated alot. As much as I like Keyshia, WTF is all I can ask! Kim looked better than she has in a while. Maxwell was a welcomed surprise. Alicia gives good performances, as usual. T-Pain as usual is entertaining and wierd. Lil Wayne actually had more energy than his usual performance, loves Tha Carter III. D.L. Hughley is not that funny! Rihanna was surprisingly decent. Loves Fergie. I wanted to see more of Chris and Ciara . . . .

  62. Waterfalls June 25, 2008

    Alicia Keys saved the doubt hers was the best preformance except for t-boz…what the hell happened to her voice?? En vouge stole the show for a moment, SWV did good too..

    Chris and Ciara was alright they did good

    Young jeezy and Kanye was wack

    Rihanna did great her vocals have improved so much, but it would have been better if she had done two songs instead of one.

    Maxwell did good with his soothing vocals…but the preformance was kinda boring

    Usher……..he left a lot to be desired and i’ll leave it at that.

    Neyo was really good

    T pain gave me a headache

    Lil wayne did the damn thing

  63. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    who the bet awards sucked. did we need bey? well anyway it is said to suck every damn year but Neyo killed that s***. I love that boy

  64. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    Well in my opinion i thot the BET Awards was better this year than last year… Chris Brown & Ciara’s performance was by far my favorite performance of the night. LOL wen they cut 2 Rihanna after Ciara was done grinding on Chris… And shame on u bloggers who had a fit wen they said Beyonce wud show up @ the awards. She was nowhere in sight, nd u all were flippin out… But that jus proves that Beyonce is the best in the game rite now… jus the mere mention of her name & the rest of u go CRAZY!!!!! Keyshia’s performance wasnt that bad startin out, all tho those off pitched notes did make me wanna laugh… Her dancin was funny, Keyshia’s not a dancer @ heart but she was getting down with those old school/ghetto girl moves (nothing wrong wit that). I can say that i slightly enjoyed her performance, especially when Lil Kim came out. Usher’s performance wasnt all that bad but Ne-Yo’s was better. I enjoyed his too. Alicia Keys bringin out all those old girl groups from the 90’s was one of the best performances of the night. I can say that her & Chris Brown’s performances really got me sised! As for Nelly’s… Wo! What is happenin to this dude, his performances used to be the higlite of the show, but the highlite of his performance was when Fergie & Ciara came out. Ciara had a big night 4 someone who hasn’t released a single in a while or an album in 2 years. Cant wait for Fantasy Ride. I liked Rihanna’s performance, it was good. So was T-Pain’s, Lil Wayne’s & Jeezy’s… Jeezy had the whole stadium on the feet rappin along wit him… The tribute to Al Green was amazin… All in all, the BET Awards was better than last years show… Hope the BET Awards ’09 has us all rememberin it years to come.

  65. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    I didn’t like Usher, I loved Chris Brown and Ciaras dance routine “that was so hot”, Keysha Coles! Keysha Coles…….. I think she was horrible! She kind of reminded me of when Mary J. was doing bad, they need to test her for drugs or alcohol! Was that Ciara that came out with Nelly? and Last but not least LIL WEEZY!!!!! Oh yeah! t-pain walking in slow motion was so funny it was hilarious!

  66. janfan_48 June 25, 2008

    I LUVED the tribute to Al Green and his actual performance. Hands down the best.

    NEYO ripped it!!!! The BEST out of all the others! That mofo outdanced e’rbody!

    Chris and Ciara = this generation’s Micheal and Janet Jackson! The PERFECT duo!

    Keyshia Cole was a HOT damn mess. Kim saved her performance.

    Weezy ripped it too! I’d say he was right after Neyo as the best.

    The idea of Alicia’s performance was good, but it just didn’t turn out so great. lol I liked her speech the best! haha

  67. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    Chris Brown & Ciara r definitley this generations Michael & Janet… They need to do a song together… O & Sam where is that ‘High Price’ download?

  68. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    Oh and as if we didn’t think Puffy was a mess already him asking the ladies to bring out the CIROC on stage??? I swear Diddy shows his BITCHASSNESS time and time again.. oh and yes LISA LISA aged horribly I see her stomach caught up with her breast lmaoo and to think I use to think she was HOT!! back in the days… indeed T-pain walkin in slow motion onto the stage was quite hilarious but nothing was more hilarious than Kanye West rappin wif jeezy he sounded like one of those folks that talk wif a mic to there throat?? not a good sound Kanye lol I thought artists only did the synthesizer for singing not rappin lmaoo… and last but not least ok tell me this.. when did Terrance Howard become an recording artist?? hmmm Hustle n Flow must’ve inspired him but his guitar playing was quite impressing, but J hud those adlibs were….American Idolish LMAOOO…

    -Don’t Lick the wrapper lmaoo *line of the night*

  69. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    The 2008 BET Awards as a whole in my opinion was worth an overall grade of a ‘B’. Lacking a few big names such as Mary J, Beyonce & Jay-Z and a couple of the ‘hot’ people such as Plies and The-Dream. I don’t understand people not showing up despite their nominations, but it’s w/e. Faces like G-Unit, The Game,Nas, and Lloyd were expected simply because they have albums dropping soon. It’s called PROMO.

    Usher: I was bored, honestly. And expected so much more from him, considering he calls himself, Mr. Entertainment. Despite no B or Weezy, he def. could have held his own. Lip syncing was not necessary, and he should have started with Moving Mountains LIVE to prove his vocal skills (like Chris did with ‘With You’). The dancing was crazy of course, but a live performance would have been great. Disappointing show opener.

    Young Jeezy & Kanye West: The song is a banger, def. But the performance was boring. Nothing spectacular about it at all. The song itself kept people semi-hype, but the performance didn’t.

    Keyshia Cole & Lil’Kim: Keyshia Cole is my girl! BUT, I expected more from her. I think her genuine excitement got to her and she was a tad overly excited. Didn’t really understand why she started on the platform thing, but it worked.Bringing Kim out for ‘Let it Go’ was hot but her dancing honestly made me laugh. It was too sporadic. Plus, she gets cool points for actually singing LIVE!

    Alicia Keys: My favorite female performance of the night. I loved the female groups of the 90s. If she brought out Xscape, it would have been a complete WRAP. I think T-Boz was trying to maintain composure without Left-Eye because she seemed to be in another world, a little. All the groups looked amazing by the way.Best surprise of the night.

    Ne-Yo: My Favorite Male performer for the night. His performance was flawless. His vocals, dance moves and over swag was on point. People often sleep on his dancing but he def. opened some peoples eyes. I loved it!

    Chris Brown: Opening with ‘With You’ proved his point of I can sing AND dance. I’m not a fan of bowties, so I was a tad annoyed lol. But bringing Ciara out was hot. The dancing was crazy and the water with their names was crazy. CB is that dude! Second best malr performance to me.

    T-Pain: I really don’t understand his choice of clothing the majority of the time, but to each is own. I liked the Circus theme. I hate late, so Flo-rida bored me. Ricky Ross scared me a little bit. He needs a shirt all the time. DJ Khaled and co. got the crowd hype and Luda killed it. Good show!

    Al Greene tribute and performance was classic. Enough said!

    Rihanna- Her vocals were good, for her. The performance was straight to the point. Chris singing along was cute.

    Nelly: Anyone catch Ashanti’s subliminal claim “I got that good-good” before she introduced Nelly? Him performing shirtless was enough for me. It was aight, the songs just aren’t poppin’ enough. Fergie and Ciara were great additions though. It was straight. Nothing spetacular or terrible.

    Lil Wayne: For a show finale, I expected more. Something unexpected like ‘Let the Beat Build’ or Dr. Carter. Got Money was aight, but Lollipop and A Milli were expected. T-Wayne? Um…ok. Weezy was aight though.

  70. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    i heard that beyonce didnt perform because the producers didnt want her to because she has opened the show b4 and they didnt want people to think that they were biased towards beyonce. Beyonce got mad and didnt even show up to the show. i commend beyonce. who cares if she performed a million times. Shes the hottest performers so they shouldnt have any problems. this years show was wack without her.

  71. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    ^i’m sure that’s a lie.

    ciara is a bad b*tch

  72. kandice June 25, 2008

    beyonce didnt have s*** to perform. what was she gonna do? “beautiful nightmare”? lol. CIARA IS BACK AND IM SOOOO HAPPY. she was the it girl for 2004/2005, and shes coming back to reclaim her throne. YES there is room for TWO itgirls…rihanna AND ciara. speaking of rihanna, babys vocals were on point. i was very proud. i enjoyed all of the performances with the exception of ushers and young jeezys.

    from fav to least fav

    chris & ciara
    lil wayne
    tpain and them
    alicia (wouldnt have cared for it if she didnt bring out tlc, envogue and swv)

  73. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    Ne-Yo can kill that beef with Chris Brown straight murdered him as far as performance and voice.

  74. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    Nah I have to disagree with ^^ cause Chris Brown outdid Neyo on dance move wise last night, just the way him and Ciara were moving maaaaaaan that was classic, like it was a concert or sumthin, Neyo aint got nothing on that, don’t get me wrong Ne yo is an excellent performer and although I liked his performance last night Chris brown basically gave him a taste of his own medicine, both I would have to say were the highlight of last night’s show aside from the Al green tribute.

  75. barbara June 25, 2008


  76. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    something was definitely wrong with the sound and the mics last night
    keyshia did okay
    alicia has done better but was still hot
    usher needs to take a chill pill
    Ne-yo was so s***, classy and very entertaining
    the boy sounded so good live
    and his voice was great

  77. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    Ne-Yo with the JabbawokieZ…..AWSOME!!! They are my favorite dance group and Ne-Yo did perfectly with them.

  78. tia June 25, 2008

    i think everything was ok….i didnt wanna say but the awards were quite boring…i knew they would be when they started airing the commercials last week,there were only two,one wit wayne one wit nelly….i miss the commercials wit monique and the smith family lol

    anyway,usher was boring,a.keys was boring,until the girl groups came out,jeezy was boring until yeezy came out and shut it down.keyshia’s was ghetto fabolous,but i was actually entertained,and her mama is a clown lol…those are the let downs to me

    ne-yo did a great job,t-pains set was entertaining,chris brown did great,nelly did pretty good,wayne is da homie so i loved it…a millie got the crowd all the way up,al green tribute was good,maxwell was killin it,we miss you man!!d.l hugley was a wack host,better then damon wayans tho lol…..hmmm i think thats it,oh and i think everyone deserved their award….except i felt like keyshia deserved one.T-pain had me rolling when he was walking on stage all slow motion.ooh and terrance howard was killin that spanish guitar fa real.marvin sapp did very well too.

  79. Kathy June 25, 2008


    Everyone thought her vocals were terrible, and shot, BUT maybe it is because she just wrapped up her tour like a few day ago. I’m sure her vocals are tired, and sore, because that’s what it sounded like. I’ve heard really great performances from Alicia.

  80. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    Ok, let me get into this discussion…

    First, I wanna inform everyone that I missed half of the show, so if one disagrees, that is understood. I have though watched all performances, so I shall comment.

    Ok, Usher opened as we all know. And it was a disappointment. Especially for an opening. But is that a surprise? Not many BET Awards openings have been blow-outs. Mo’nique and Fugees, thats bout it, and most would even disagree with the Fugees.

    So next, Jeezy. *Yawn* Lol, I’m playin. I hadn’t heard the song until 2day, so maybe that has a lot to do with it. I just wasn’t excited.

    Then, there is Keyshia Cole…no comment

    Ne-Yo! Yesssir! That’s what I am talkin about. Probably, my favorite performance because he is sleeped on by many. I was pleasantly surprise. Excited to see him. And the Jabbawockez (spelling?)! Are you kidding me!? I think all everyone saying that Chris blew him out is a definite overstatement, because he didn’t (But we shall continue that discussion later on).

    Next, Ms. Alicia Keys, ummm…the 90s throwback concert was hype. Envogue and SWV were stunners. TLC…not so much. Envogue looked amazing. I was like damn! Hope my looks remain intact as well as theirs has, not to say they are old or somethin…

    T-Pain and them! Nice performance IMO. I love that everybody and they mama decided to show up to support their homie. Everyone got their shine on that stage. Flo Rida, Rick Ross (Damn, homie put a shirt on! U ain’t s***!), Big Boi, DJ Khaled, and Ludacris (so perfect I love it).

    Then, (moment of the night probably) Ciara and Chris Brown. Now you may wonder why I put Ciara’s name in front…let’s say that IMO it was HER performance. At first, I wasn’t excited that Chris sang “With You,” but I see him slowing it down to show vocal skills and he passed in that field. After that part ended, I was praying that he didn’t sing something lame like “Forever,” and not like its a bad song, but his performance woulda been HELLA boring if that was next. I need something to excite me…ENERGY. And if I don’t get that it ain’t good. So when “Take You Down” came on I was pleased, because that song itself has a lot of sexual energy, and then Ciara came out and KILLED IT! Priceless performance because its sort of like a summoning of a new age. Forever they have been said to be Michael and Janet’s proteges but there was always that doubt that they could live up to that legacy. But I believe that there is no question anymore. And the crazy thing is that they are still very young. Ain’t no tellin how sick they’ll be when the reach the mid to late 20s.

    *I have come to the conclusion that when Ciara looks pissed as hell. You will get a GREAT show. So look for that next time.*

    Now Rihanna. Being that I am not a Rihanna fan, this may seem to be a lot of hate. But she was BORING. Her vocals were on point though. Very much, but again walking down the stairs doesn’t employ any energy. Then there is that dress…only Rihanna and I like that bout her. She is her own, can’t anybody dress like her and get away with it, but that dress was str8 out of Beloved the movie. Man, if she had a good-looking guy come out and do anything. It woulda been really something, but it was more like really nothin. I mean damn Rihanna, Chris wouldn’t’ve been mad. I mean he literally air f’d Ciara so it woulda been all good. Lol.

    The Al Green tribute was real nice, bordering perfect. Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton (lookin all polished, I see ya!), and MAXWELL! Damn, where did they dig him up at! Bout time though. And he’s looking SO good after all those years. And what I loved most about that tribute was Mr. Green’s performance. EVERYBODY was up and really partying. I mean EVERYBODY. I don’t believe anyone was sitting down, but if they were, they were rockin real hard in that chair. That is what GOOD music does to you.

    Then there is Nelly right? Nelly’s body is s*** as hell so u kno i was feeling that, but honestly, that was it…Ciara and Fergie were a nice touch, u can’t be mad at that. But it still didn’t do much for me. Nice outfit though Ciara.

    Last, Lil Weezy the man of the night (along with T-Pain). His performance to begin didn’t do anything for me. I was like…why? But then he got to “A Milli”…great. I love a lot of audience interaction, so that was exciting to see everyone enjoying themselves. But that’s bout it.

    And then there is one last thought…why was everyone leaving b4 the show was over? BET shoulda just let everyone get up and leave and end it at that. DL comin back on to say goodnight was unnecessary cause no one heard him! Lol.

    That’s how I feel about BET Awards ’08. I feel a lot huh? Lol.

  81. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    And I bet NeyO put out that song he did, because he knew his performance was gonna be crazy, and yeah, a lot of people like it, but it wouldn’t have been the same if the JABAWOCKEEZ weren’t there.

  82. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    Who’s Maxwell? Sorry for being ignormant!

  83. Da Duchess June 25, 2008

    There is nothing wrong with not knowing. Maxwell is a R&B singer from about 1998, most notedly known for his albums “Now” and “Urban Hang Suite”. With singles like “This Woman Works,” “Lifetime,” and “Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder),” many would say that he is a Neo-Soul legend.—Maxwell

  84. tia June 25, 2008

    oh and yes the show lacked because my girl beyonce wasnt there,she is there EVERY year and EVERY year she comes out with a surprise and kills everybody even with destiny’s child…..i think rihanna can sing and i cant stand her but she did an ok job,i was just bored to tears,she is NOT a performer lol.

    Shoot i think that brandon t jackson might have done a good job hosting…cuz he had me dying…

  85. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    T-Boz & Chilli! Love them so so much!

  86. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    Wow, that whole show was terrible. Rhianna and Chris did their thing but both songs are soo played out. Rest of the performances? Awful period.

  87. Antertain June 25, 2008

    Damn T-Boz has that raw croak she needed to warm up abit. Funnily enough u can see they don’t feel right on stage without LeftEye. Alicia was cool i think she didn’t sing up2 her usual standard cus she wanted to share the spotlight properly. Wow Dawn with her Envogue ladies. SWV woo. Coko jus full of annointing in her voice now.

  88. Anonymous June 25, 2008


    Ciara was fire with Chris Brown that dance was hottt…

    Ne-Yo stepped up the levels
    Ri Ri who i’m really feeling done well and is improving all the time.

    Usher was cool but because i was expecting something (Bee i particular) my focus wasn’t on the performance as much.

    Keyshia great voice but she has no control on her voice sumtimes but she was only get better live cus she can sang. She gotta be bit mo focussed

  89. Anonymous June 25, 2008

    highlight of the night: AL GREEN.

    noone else came close.

  90. muzik412 June 25, 2008

    I’m just glad someone was on tha same level I was on when I was watching the performance. There were several times that I was like next!

  91. Soufian June 26, 2008

    can anyone give me the answer as to why they’re not loading? Is it because i’m not from the USA?

  92. Anonymous June 26, 2008

    Soufian try to see the performances.

  93. Soufian June 26, 2008

    nice, is working .. thanks love ^

  94. Soufian June 26, 2008

    another comment from me, i just saw the list and winners and DK or D26? No ashantie for best video? No lil’ mamma for best female hip-hop artist? Best new artist The Dream?? estelle should have gotten that one..


  95. Anonymous June 27, 2008

    r u kiddin CB performance was WACK. that water effect behind him was hot tho.
    and ne-yo d*** good even tho his steps were mad easy. one two step here and there and ppl are happy i see

  96. Anonymous June 27, 2008

    Ummm Usher’s pants looked too tight on his a**. Man..not a good look when you look like your balls are suffocating, screaming for air. WTF Tameka could not have come with a better fit other than black? Lip synching. Since when Usher started to lip to a live show? Even CB showed and proved by not lipping. You know what, I understand why he was wearing black. Usher was getting ready for a funeral cuz Neyo just murdered him. Man what I would give to see the look on Chilli’s face watching this poor performance. For all his talking sideways about her. He looked like the hasbeen that night. He did not bring the usual energy we’re used to seeing. He looked like a defeated man (not a happily married man). Instead coming out to have fun and show his fans the true entertainer Usher is, he was mainly putting on a show for NEYO and CHRIS, maybe Chilli too in some sick twisted way..idk. Very dissapointed. On a positive note all I cay say is SHOUT OUT TO THE DANCERS! They really worked their butts off. GREAT JOB ALL OF YOU! WAY TO GO! Especially the ladies dancing with Usher.

    Ciara and Chris off da chain! Too little time to the performance. I wanted to see more.

    T-Pain don’t care.

    Al Green very good tribute. Love Jill Scott and MAXWELL (can’t wait for the new album).

    Alicia is such a beautiful soul. For her to let the women from the 90s to share the stage with her is just awesome. LOVE IT! Damn near cried when I saw TLC without L. Very special performance. I certainly miss the 90s. Ummm t-boz has sickle cell, she did not sound horrible. She sounded and looked sick.

    Neyo was the best male performer of the night. I am not a fan of his but he sure did prove he can move.

    Lil Wayne was no doubt happy that night. He did good too.

    Keysia was just a mess.

    The show was a letdown no stars to back it up and the host was not alot left to be desired. It was tacky.

  97. Anonymous June 27, 2008

    Qho The hell does lil wayne think he is he sayz hip hop is alive dat ugly n!gga killed hip hop with his bad lyrics damn who wit me dat lil wayne is suckyest rapper EVER !!!!!

  98. floacist July 3, 2008

    Very good show this year. I wasn’t feeling last year’s too much.

    Ciara and Chris Brown mine as well have just performed ‘Scream’.

  99. Anonymous July 5, 2008

    First I just want to say you Beyonce fans are giving her WAY too much credit. The show would not have been any better if she was there as her performances are just as average as the next. Last years show was boring as well as this year. The Al Green tribute was great! Al still got it and showed all the entertainers how it’s suppose to be done. Chris Brown’s performance in the beginning was boring but when Ciara came out they shut it down! But like others have pointed out, the performance was too short! Chris should have just performed Take U Down.

  100. tashombia December 1, 2011

    waht the f*** all you p**** asss n***** out here doin thimg lil mama and i stay ready to bang so you can get it to

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