From The Vault: Toni Braxton – ‘He Wasn’t Man Enough’

Published: Sunday 20th Jul 2008 by Sam
After filing for Bankruptcy in 1998, songstress Toni Braxton had largely been counted out by many the industry. However her year 2000 comeback with ‘The Heat’ silenced the critics and naysayers alike by spawning several hits and selling more than 6 million copies worldwide. The biggest hit to be lifted from the record was ‘He Wasn’t Man Enough’ – which spent several weeks at the top of both the Billboard Hot 100 and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop charts. A well deserved feat, as the both the song and vid are top notch:

Watching this back kinda has me thirsty for more real talent such as Toni on today’s charts. One can only dream, I guess…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Anonymous July 20, 2008

    I love Toni! She has so much class, especially compared to some of the whores coming out nowadays

  2. Soufian July 20, 2008



  3. Soufian July 20, 2008

    i just wanted a new one :p uhmm yeah what i wanted to say is i agree with Anonymous, i mean she dresses a bit provocative but it’s just the right dose or doesn’t come over sluty or w****-ish

  4. s0nny July 20, 2008

    i love toni braxton alot her music and voice is amazing! have u guys heard her last album libra? the track please is banging! sam do u know of any update on her new album? please please please post some stuff about her if u know! thanks

  5. Anonymous July 20, 2008

    I miss this Toni 🙁

  6. Anonymous July 20, 2008

    Many people as far as fans and critics a like miss Toni but in recent years problems with her health and records labels as well as dealing with her son Diezel who has Autism has put a hold on her career. Hoping that all will be resolved soon so that Toni can come back and do her thing. God Bless Toni and her family.

  7. Dr. Heather July 20, 2008

    This was my SONG back in the day!!! I really miss Toni’s songs…her albums were always in constant rotation.

  8. Anonymous July 20, 2008

    Love her. One of the artists I dont let anyone say anything bad about. She’s can show panties and still not come of as trashy. lol =)

  9. Anonymous July 21, 2008

    I loved this song by Toni! It's one of my all-time faves by her, but I'd have to say my ULTIMATE fave Toni Braxton song would have to be, "Breathe Again."

    Work it out, Miss Toni! DO YOUR THING! You have pipes for DAYS and I <3 you!

  10. Anonymous July 21, 2008

    one of my favourite artists

  11. R&amp;B Fan July 21, 2008

    The new studio album was supposed to come out this June July but hasn’t been seen yet. Still, I’m excited for it as it’s supposed to be a return to the old Braxton. She’s got such talent. If you want, here are more of Toni Braxton’s Music Videos

  12. Anonymous July 21, 2008

    Toni Braxton is truly a unique talent and this song does serve as a reminder to all how talented she is.
    Also i might add she has a wonderful personality as well, I had the dream of a lifetime to come true when i met her and took a photograph with her back in 2006.

  13. Anonymous July 21, 2008

    The Heat is her best album!!!!!

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