Hot Shots: Chris Brown Courtside At Lakers Game

Published: Saturday 3rd Apr 2010 by Trent

Chris Brown was spotted at the Los Angeles Lakers vs the Utah Jazz basketball game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles last evening. The singer was in the company of Young Money rapper Tyga and producer Polow Da Don. Check out more images below:

What do you think of the pics?

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  1. TRUTH April 3, 2010


  2. Wow April 3, 2010

    Lmao of that hater making the first comment chris swagger is on point
    And s*** as usual

  3. geronimo April 3, 2010

    … finally CB news

    Go chris go

  4. geronimo April 3, 2010

    @ TRUTH

    go to rihanna post b****………….. chris is on point.

    im listening to Madusa

  5. callhimBANGBANGcausehegosohard April 3, 2010

    Is that tattoo on his leg the new one he was talking about on Twitter? I wish he’d stop with tattoos, messing up that pretty skin of his.

  6. Blasian April 3, 2010


  7. Gucci April 3, 2010

    Is this all he has been doing? So has he given up singing? SMH.

    Oh well, whatever works.

  8. TRUTH April 3, 2010



  9. geronimo April 3, 2010

    @ Blasian and the truth

    R Kelly f***** them and your asses still supported him. … you two need to crawl under a rock or someting

  10. Gucci April 3, 2010


    Please calm down. I realized that you can’t force people to support your favorite artists if they really don’t want to. Cursing people out like that is just going to start an all out war. I don’t really support Chris but that’s my decision. If you support him then by all means keep supporting him. Pointing fingers at other artists who have completely different situations is ridiculous and proves nothing. We all know the reason Chris’ career has become what it is, and the only person who can turn that around is Chris. I just don’t get what he’s been doing these past months musically speaking.

  11. DION-ISH April 3, 2010





  12. geronimo April 3, 2010

    @ Gucci

    fall back

  13. geronimo April 3, 2010

    @ Gucci

    fall back i wasnt talking to you so pls mind your biz

  14. 12345 April 3, 2010

    I bet he punched that girl in the 1st photo

  15. F*** YOU B**** (KISS MY ASS) April 3, 2010

    Go Chris go you are so damn cute, s*** and hot. I would f*** you right now.

    F*** Rihanna you don’t want that little w**** in your life. You already got what you wanted out of her. You already F***** out her p****. GO CHRIS GO YOU S*** B**** LOVE YAH

  16. geronimo April 3, 2010

    @ Kiss my ass

    ^ ^

  17. X,Y,”and Z” April 3, 2010

    I’ll say this – AGAIN: with all-of-the-talk ’bout Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo and Trey Songz; ’bout all of these THREE trying to “take” Chris’ spot; if y’all didn’t realize, it’s THREE of them; versus ONE DUDE! This goes to show y’all – just what a talent – THAT 2O y/o is!
    …I just CAN’T wait for that Charlie Sheen trial, to begin; you will, ALL OF YOU, will-THEN see the-very-definition of “misogyny”!! …And we’re talking 44 y/o Charlie Sheen: the “Mainstream’s” golden-boy; ‘and-of’ Hollywood-royalty!

    This’ll be a VERY INTERESTING summer; have-no-doubt: all the current artists will be on World Tour, and Mr. Sheen’s VERY revealing trial will commence…

    We’ll-THEN-see: WHO “the crowds” will come-out-to-see; who’ll put on the best show(s) and who’ll excite-the-crowds, THE MOST!!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  18. X,Y,”and Z” April 3, 2010

    Wow, I’ve not seen any-of-Rihanna, on ANY of the blogs, Urban or “Mainstream”. I wonder if “SHE’S in-hiding”; I’m wondering if SHE’S currently having a H***** “flare-up”!!
    I mean, there’s not-enough make-up, in-the-world, that can hide THAT “monster-of-a H***** sore”, we’ve ALL witnessed, residing on HER top lip, now is there?

    Or, maybe she’s “hitting-the-books”: studying-up for her GED? ….Naaawww: she’s too-busy writing that next “Great-American Novel” bout ALL of the BIG D****; she loves to talk ’bout, so much, during HER recent interviews!! <<– HER WORDS, NOT MINE!

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT!

  19. DANBOFFICIAL April 3, 2010


    he’s a woman beating loser, his album and all singles have bellyflopped around the world, this b****** career is OVER, really have no idea how he can even consider showing his face in public after his behaviour…….go beat up ya mama chris brown……man w**** s*** bag…..

  20. April 3, 2010

    @x,y,z chris, you are boring…always talking the same stuff….bla chris the best…rihanna h*****…bla…


  21. Parisian girl April 3, 2010

    i dont even care about chris Brown but Can you just leave this guy alone?
    The haterz sound more obsessed than the stans,it’s crazy
    get over it

  22. Kayla April 3, 2010

    No the leg tatt is old he got a new one on his hand.
    love you 🙂
    LMAO at you thinking Chris has nothing to do but go to games. Let me catch you up on Chris’ been doing this week. You see Tyga right? Well they just shot a video in LA the day before and invited all fans. The turn out was FABULOUS you would think they said come for free food and money. Also those two have been in the studio non stop recording and Chris was writing and recording for other artist. Making that behind the scenes dough. Did you know twhen Chris writes for someone he actually gets paid more than the artist. lol Yes Im going back but Chris can retire from the song Disturbia by Rihanna, his own song Forever that he actually wrote. And I guess his song is loved so much that others felt the need to use it. Let me run it down to you. First it was used as the Doublemint commercial, then it was used as the wedding them in the FAMOUS youtube wedding entrance, then it ws used on the show The Office, then it someone sang the song on American Idol and last but not least JUSTIN BIEBER used the melodies from that song in his own song Never Let You Go. So like I said just off that song he’s collecting royalty checks as with the song he wrote for Letoya Luckett “She Aint Got” Also he just wrote a song for Kelly Rowland.

  23. DANBOFFICIAL April 3, 2010

    him being at a basketball game is news why ? my grandmar went to the supermarket last week, fancy posting that ? because it’s just as unimportant as this rubbish……..

    NEXT…….post something relevant….this flop is a woman beater….no ones interested…

  24. Kayla April 3, 2010


    God Bless all of you guys. To sit and talk so much and bring so hate to this guy is sad to say the least. “People in glass houses should not throw stones” In other words Don’t criticize others if you aren’t perfect.

  25. geronimo April 3, 2010

    @ XY & Z
    I’ll say this – AGAIN: with all-of-the-talk ’bout Justin Bieber, Jason Derulo and Trey Songz; ’bout all of these THREE trying to “take” Chris’ spot; if y’all didn’t realize, it’s THREE of them; versus ONE DUDE! This goes to show y’all – just what a talent – THAT 2O y/o is!

    LMAO they dont have talent at least justin is white so he will get away with it but jason derulo?? looks too old, sorry

  26. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut April 3, 2010

    [Insert typical Chris Brown hate here] ugh, I just don’t have the energy today, lol.

    I think we need to start seeing more pics of him doing something useful, rather than attending basketball games, if he wants to have a positive appeal on the haters.

  27. geronimo April 3, 2010

    @ jonstrax

    congrats… your site is great however, pls post chris brown news too. I mainly visit sites that have his news.

  28. Kayla April 3, 2010

    I agree about showing the positive news but the thing is blog sites dont want to post it. Like 2 weeks ago he was in Killeen TX to motivate highschool children on the importance of education. He was also in TX visting the troops and talked to them. I wonder why no one posted that. But as of late he’s just been in the studio recording and mainly writing for other artist, Him and Tyga just shot a video in LA inviting fans and everyone who wanted to be in the vid. Some blog sites would rather post what he’s saying on twitter which was nothing bad. Like a blog site actually got upset because he told someone who constantly bash him “God Bless” you. To me that showed alot of growth because he easily couldve just went in but he took the high road. H e said the same thing to Perez. I never understood why they said Chris was childish for being positive to the ones who hate him. This so called twitter beef between him and his boyz bow and soula boy. They posted every thing else but they didnt talk about the part where he bascically said lets forget about how mch money we got lets put it up and help these countries ie Haiti.

  29. Enchanted April 3, 2010

    Chris enjoy your life. People will always have negative things to say no matter what. I am proud of you. If God forgive you, that is all that matters. You have a gift that’s unbelievable and style thaaaaaat’s out of this world. Keep pushing and you will achieve all that you set forth to accomplish. Never give up!

  30. cool chick April 3, 2010

    chris music career is over

  31. geronimo April 3, 2010

    i think chris is fun to be with, rihanna must be missing him cause matt kemp looks boring, i mean lets face it.

  32. April 3, 2010

    i’m sure she doesn’t miss getting beat on

  33. DANBOFFICIAL April 3, 2010


    terrible album and single sales …..

    “Lemme see’ if you can FLOP IT, FLOP IT, girl indedd i am a FLOP, FLOP IT !

    @ KAYLA….someone who has beaten up their girlfriend doesnt have a leg to stand on when it comes to preaching to others so it really doesnt matter what “GOOD” he is doing…do you not understand that ? -_-
    all you chris brown fans are dellusional fools……keep buying his FLOP albums and making money for the idiot (Y) while he laughs at your faces behind closed doors………………………….. he’s never gpnna be with any of you dellusional “OMG IM GONNA BE CHRIS BROWNS GIRLFRIEND” fans….and if it ever did happen, youll probably be bashed up in a hospital after a few months into the relationship……carry on fools

  34. DANBOFFICIAL April 3, 2010

    CHRIS BROWNS CAREER IS DONE, the b**** should just get himself a job at tesco’s now and sit it on down……………….. hasnt it been a year or something since he beat the s*** out of his girlfriend, didint his album BELLYFLOP straight in and out of the charts……




  35. ~Team Weezy~ April 3, 2010

    He looks so cute and adorable! So does Tyga! The tattoos are distracting! Ugh! Stop Chris, Please!!!!!! It is so unattractive! Anyway, I still loves my CHRiS BReeZY!!!!

    Btw: Why are people saying this isn’t news? This is a blog site, not CNN! I mean probably 50% of the posts on this site are Hot shots or Promo pics of artists, so I think people are saying that just because they don’t like CB or any other artist that they post pictures of. Smh.

  36. geronimo April 3, 2010

    @ jonstrax
    ok, thanks

    what have you been drinking lately? or smoking? …. there is also a rihanna post so go over there, why hate?

  37. Fred April 3, 2010

    Gonna ignore the ridiculous hate remarks I usually see on this site and just say he looks like he is having fun with Tyga. They just got through making a video together either the day before or same night not sure time really,in LA. Chris will be doing Spring Bling in a few days then tour in Brazil then MTV Japan awards I believe. I don’t know about European tour yet along with all that community service and classes, charity work etc etc

    He seems busy enough to me. All you people need to just stop hating on Rihanna and Chris. Let them do their thing and chill out. I wish the best for both of them.

  38. shay April 3, 2010

    All these comments,yet yall claim yall dont like him lol.Im sure he is enjoying his life,and not worring about about people who waste their time commenting on someone they dont like.
    Godbless *chris brown voice*

  39. geronimo April 3, 2010

    @ jonstrax
    i commented but my comment is on moderation, i think its cause im not in the UK

  40. Kayla April 3, 2010

    God Bless You *in my voice

  41. Devil’s Pie April 3, 2010

    He’s so damn cute! I just wanna hug him. He really is messing up his skin with all those damn tattoos.

  42. Jamie April 3, 2010

    Hate all you want, but Chris is that dude!!!!!

  43. florida_girl April 3, 2010

    Chris will be fine, he should have waited to drop his album but knowone knows the future but God so everyone will have to wait and see….

  44. Gucci April 3, 2010

    even on a Chris Brown post, XYZ still finds a way to talk all about Rihanna. Girl, keep it up because Rude Boy is number 1 for a third week, and Chris Brown’s career has not progressed for a third month. So who is the winner?

    @geronimo Girl, I was trying to be nice to your busted ass and you still want to throw shade? Hun, the only thing you should be throwing is a dollar at your flop ass, broke ass idol Chris “The Iron Fist” Brown. F*** you, and you need to fall your mouth back off of his his d*** because he isn’t checking for you boo. He’s going to basketball games so he can out some of the sweaty men. Isn’t it obvious? So kindly take a seat in the damn trash can next to his career.

  45. DANBOFFICIAL April 4, 2010


  46. I LOVE CB April 4, 2010

    Sing with be below V V

    Same s*** everyday, haters still on the hate game,
    Same comments everyday, haters still in the same lane

  47. hihihihi April 4, 2010


  48. Raychel April 4, 2010


  49. geronimo April 4, 2010

    @ GUCCI
    you need psychological help, call dr phil. how can you say he is broke and everything when you know nothing about him? go back to the jungle b****

  50. Kami April 4, 2010

    Screw the fact that he hit Rihanna –
    people get it much, much worse every single day.

    I actually MISS him and his music.
    Doesn’t anyone else agree? If that incident hadn’t have happened, “I Can Transform Ya” would have sky rocketed because it was actually an incredible song.

  51. DANBOFFICIAL April 4, 2010

    b**** is a big broken flop ! his album bellyflopped in and outta the charts around the world…… must be seriously low…..if you see him working at a supermarket near you don’t be suprised………


  52. Symone April 4, 2010

    LMAO @…….. The Chris Brown haters coming here with their redundant hate for Chris.
    Hypocrites get upset at people that call them out on their hypocrisy.If music was bought or played based on PERFECT artists,there would be no music…..One LAME Chris hater EVEN calls him or herself Gucci after a rapper that KILLED a person and who happened to have had a cd released the same day as Chris but YET that same LAME dog Chris even though they supported a killer and that’s how you can tell ISH is way deeper for these fools.

    To all my fellow Chris Brown fans,know that these LAMES that hate Chris are just upset because he still gets out and live his life.It really really and I mean REALLY bothers these LAMES that their hatred for him is irrelevant to him…Always remember many of these LAMES have UNRESOLVED ISSUES OF ABUSE that they project onto Chris instead of seeking the help they need from a mental health professional…………

    You either have these silly women here who have been beaten up on the regular or may still get beat up who are too cowardly to leave their abuser….You also have women here that hit men as Chris ex hit him and they got their feelings hurt when the boyfriend or whatever hit them back…..

    You also have these guys here that saw a female relative get beaten up who were too little to do anything suddenly growing a pair of nuts on the net against Chris……There are also guys here who when they got big enough to help their female relative were TOO SCARED to help their female member suddenly growing a pair of nuts……. These people are straight LAMES.

  53. Gucci April 4, 2010

    He is broke because he has not ONE endorsement deal anymore. Add to the fact that his album TANKED. Even the club promoters know his pockets are empty that’s why they are not trying to have his party. The only people in denial are his busted, broke down ass stans who stay trying to act like this fool is relevant in today’s news.

    His career is OVA, career is OVA (Rihanna voice)

    Why arn’t you begging these radio stations to play his whack music honey? I have not heard a Chris The Iron Fist Brown song on the radio for quite some time, so all your meaningless comments are doing NOTHING to dig his career from underground. His mix tape was FREE and still nobody was checking for him, you baboon.

  54. Gucci April 4, 2010

    @DANBOFFICIAL LMFAO you are hilarious!

    Next there’s going to be a post about him washing his ass.
    Whoops, never mind he can’t even afford a bar of soap to wash his ass…..and to the person who tried to call me out and tell me how much this fool supposedly earns from writing songs…first of all hun he co wrote every song, and is therefore not entitled to the full royalty check. That royalty check is getting split 4-5 ways, boo. Second of all the chump change he makes is NOTHING compared to the money he would have been making had he been endorsed, or selling CD’s and concerts. Girl sit that ass down or send him a check. Why do you think he’s going to basketball games now? I’ll answer that for you.


  55. X,Y,”and Z” April 4, 2010

    @Gucci — YET STILL: we ain’t hear ’bout anybody suing HIM for “THEFT OF SERVICES,” now-have-we? …”TAKE A BOW” <<— In MY Rihanna voice!!

    …He ain't NEVER had to avoid, deny nor obfuscate any such H***** rumors; ain't NO H***** …."scars" on-his-person, now is there? …"You look so dumb right now" <<–In my "other" Rihanna voice!!!

    And what I find MOST confounding, if not perplexing and totally befuddling: A Rihanna supporter/fan/stan calling CBreezy …."dumb"?!?! …But it was SHE who said, outta-her-own-mouth, that SHE was "too busy" for High School, no?

    So what are we left with? …A drunk, diseased, obnoxious, tantrum-prone, functionally-illiterate non-talent who is "toxic" to one-and-all she comes across! …But wasn't it Matt Kemp, who, just after having been-seen with Rihanna, had "HIS past" surface? …R***, stalking and assault WITHSTANDING! …And it is NOW L.A.Reid who NOW has to seek gainful-employment; all due to HIS affiliation to/with that disastrous and ill-conceived "Rated R"; and it WAS CoverGirl, who suspended her commercials when they thought SHE'D have to take the witness stand and testify; ergo their NOW finding a "NEW" IT-girl: Dania Ramirez! …."You look so dumb right now……….."

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT!

  56. X,Y,”and Z” April 4, 2010

    @Gucci — I don’t work in, nor am I affiliated-with, the recording/music/show-business industries; but from what I have read: artists make their loot, from touring, NOT CD sales!
    …And YES: endorsements are lucrative, but they’re second, and is something-of-a “prelude”, if not based-totally-on, said artist’s ticket-sales; no? …If you can draw-a-crowd, you can BEST-believe, some corporate-entity, will seek-you-out, to capitalize-on, said popularity!

    …Now, we’ve ALL seen Rihanna “take the stage”, now haven’t we? …We ALL watched that 09 BET MJ award/tribute, when Trey Songs, Usher and Tyrese, took-to-the-stage, and performed; let-us-just-say – as we can ALL AGREE: SURPRISINGLY-uninspired; given the venue and “circumstance”!

    Sam had made-post Trey Songz doing a stage performance for MTV, in Fla, for some College-crowd; …there again, we ALL saw Trey at-HIS-best: uninspired, mundane, drab, pedestrian, while-STILL, sedentary!

    So, come-this-summer, it’ll be quite an “eventful-season”: careers will be saved, made and lost/broken! ….I wait with “bated-breath”!!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  57. geronimo April 4, 2010

    while chris is at the lakers game, rihanna is accepting a proposal from a r*****

  58. geronimo April 4, 2010


    if endorsements are the only way of making $$ then rihanna is broke as hell too, she is endorsing nothing.

    pls dont reply anymore you need to go back to the jungle where you came from mtzzz

  59. Selly April 4, 2010

    Lol at the haters…. GOD BLESS YOU!….

    Good to see Chrissy living his life and enjoying it!

    Someone said why don’t we him doing other stuff, well he does, alot but the blogs choose to post what they want…..mostly negative… s*** like he can’t get a venue for his birthday party this year… yeah whatever..

    Whatever he is doing him! You do you!

  60. BeysBetter April 4, 2010

    i miss when chris looked ute and innocent. now he lookslike a thug that will steal your purse!

  61. DANBOFFICIAL April 4, 2010

    Chris Brown –
    The album debuted at #7 on the Billboard 200 selling 102,489 copies in its opening week. The album peaked at #134 in France, #83 in Germany, #47 in Ireland, #55 in the UK, and #83 in the Netherlands. The album has sold about 290,000 copies in the United States as of February 24, 2010.

    Rihanna –
    In the United States, Rated R debuted at number four on the Billboard 200 chart and sold 181,000 units in its first week, beating her previous album Good Girl Gone Bad’s first week sales of 168,000,[98] and making it her highest selling week ever.[99][100] The album was also Rihanna’s fourth top ten album in the country and her second highest album chart position.[101] It also topped Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, becoming her first album to top the chart. On January 8, 2010, Rated R was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) with an estimated 1,000,000 copies shipped to date.[102][103] The album had sold approximately 774,000 units in the US as of March 31, 2010.

    Wikipedia Extract —- NUFF SAID DANBOFFICIAL OUT !

    Rude Boy

    Wait Your Turn


    Chris Brown stans ya can all shove it up your tits………his musical career is gone.

  62. X,Y,”and Z” April 4, 2010

    @A,B,C,D and E — Now why would I want to put a dime in YOUR pocket? I’ll stay right here and MAKE SURE, Trent and Sam – “get theirs”!!! …And if, no-one-dares, to be “honest enough” to, at-the-VERY-least, cast a “critical-eye” on Feb 8th/09 Chrianna; why would I want to partake in any-such hysteria?

    I NEVER had to lie, or-EVEN, “bend truths” regarding Rihana, Chris and the “happenings” of Feb 8th/09 Chrianna! …So please – post your links on rihannadaily, or the OTHER cesspool, or said “dingy-outposts” of cyberspace; I’M NOT INTERESTED in your site! …Rihanna, TMZ and Jay Z, has-seen-to, and ensured that the dumbing-down of these United States continues – UNABATED!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  63. geronimo April 4, 2010

    @ Danbofficial
    just listen to yourself….. rih has big promotions and sold that much only?? wtf you see when bey promotes it sells like crazy. chris didnt have that much promo but he will sell concerts and as for rih well she has no talent, no stage presence nothing so just dont come to cb post go to rih

  64. geronimo April 4, 2010

    @ Danbofficial

    0.99 lmao

  65. X,Y,”and Z” April 4, 2010

    @DanB — But it seems you’ve excluded one VERY important and telling fact: Chris’ “Graffiti” did go #1 on Billboard R&B, #3 Digital CD, and #7 top 200! And, I-might-add, all of this, while being the most-rebuked and reviled human being, “this-side”, of the Tora Bora Mountains of Afghanistan!

    Chris’ ONLY visit to The Continent, was for Fashion Week; where HE was MUCH celebrated! …I’ve EVEN seen “even-handed accounts” of the happenings of Feb 8th/09 Chrianna, reported by Australian newspapers! …And speaking of ’bout Australia: “Forever” went 2X Platinum, for 09!!! From what I’ve see, and have read, on the foreign blogs, the rest-of-the-world, isn’t interested in “TMZkoolaid”; no sir! it’s ONLY here, in the U.S., where you’ll find lies, if told, often-and-loudly-enough; can be THEN mistaken, for the truth!

    But, all-of-what, we NOW debate, is pure-speculation, no? …I’ll say, yet-again: This summer will be “make-or-break” for MANY-an-artist, record-executive (L.A. Reid), and TV/Movie-star (Charlie Sheen)!!
    …And I’ll close by saying: by the end of THIS summer, we’ll be THEN-forced to re-judge, re-schedule, re-evaluate and re-classify! …All-to-the-benefit, of one, Christopher Brown!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!!

    P.S. – If I were you, as a Rihanna supporter, I’d PRAY that her REAL statement, the one SHE made to the cops – AND SIGNED, IS NOT-made public!! But you can bet, it’s ONLY a matter-of-time: Harvey Levin has no friends; and said affidavit becomes more-valued as either Chris OR Rihanna grow in popularity!

  66. geronimo April 4, 2010

    @ X Y

    100% true she better pray with her

  67. DANBOFFICIAL April 4, 2010

    Rude Boy

    Wait Your Turn


    Chris Brown stans ya can all shove it up your tits………his musical career is OVER !

  68. X,Y,”and Z” April 4, 2010

    @Dan – You really ARE as-delusional, as-they-come, now aren’t you? …But it WAS Rihanna who was given SAINTHOOD, but ONLY, to THEN, ruin-and-squander-it-away, with THAT horrid, deceitful and trifling 20/20 interview, wasn’t it? Why sure, you know it’s the truth!

    You-KNOW, that the millions, that Def Jam invested in her, is NOW, at-a-loss! If not, why is it now, that L.A. Reid, is seeking gainful-employment?
    8-million viewers watched her, and she blew-it!

    CoverGirl knows she’s NOT “bankable”; soon, come-end-of-summer, Def Jam will know this too! She has NO talent to build-on; what she does: “s**-for-sale” …All while trying to “explain-away” that …..”scar” on HER top lip!

    I mean, let’s have some real-talk: How are you going to even begin to “sell p****”, when you have H*****? What does THAT say ’bout your “clientele”? …They must have full-blown A*** “to wanna s**” a “H***** host”! …And what a FINE role-model she makes, ‘eh?

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT!

  69. Symone April 4, 2010

    To all Chris Brown fans….Don’t waste your time with these LAMES. As I said before many have unresolved abuse issues that they project on Chris and many others are just plain jealous.

    Understand that many of the LAMES are unhappy because Chris has not become reclusive.For some odd reason,these LAMES think they are the judge of others,which tells you they are THE WORST TYPE OF PEOPLE……”The Biggest Hypocrites are The Loudest Critics”.They like to look at the flaws of others so they won’t have to look at themselves.

  70. Symone April 4, 2010

    Many of these LAMES are also upset because in their delusional minds,they thought The Whites that support GaGa would support Rihanna but those Whites were not fooled by her act.They are sucking their thumbs because GaGa is diamond while Def Jam hasn’t got a return on their investment….

  71. DANBOFFICIAL April 4, 2010

    Chris Brown –
    The album debuted at #7 on the Billboard 200 selling 102,489 copies in its opening week. The album peaked at #134 in France, #83 in Germany, #47 in Ireland, #55 in the UK, and #83 in the Netherlands. The album has sold about 290,000 copies in the United States as of February 24, 2010.

    Rihanna –
    In the United States, Rated R debuted at number four on the Billboard 200 chart and sold 181,000 units in its first week, beating her previous album Good Girl Gone Bad’s first week sales of 168,000,[98] and making it her highest selling week ever.[99][100] The album was also Rihanna’s fourth top ten album in the country and her second highest album chart position.[101] It also topped Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, becoming her first album to top the chart. On January 8, 2010, Rated R was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) with an estimated 1,000,000 copies shipped to date.[102][103] The album had sold approximately 774,000 units in the US as of March 31, 2010.

    outselling flop brown by millions……….nuff said DANBOFFICIAL — OUT !

  72. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut April 4, 2010

    I just saw her Cover Girl commercial yesterday. “Brighten the look in your eyes” or something, some type of mascara and/or eye shadow that’s supposed to bring out blue/green/gray/hazel type eye colors. I think it’s b*******. How does mascara or shadow bring out any type of light in ones eyes? Wouldn’t you have to apply the makeup right on your eyeball for that to happen? And even then, you’d just end up with an eye infection. Maybe I’m looking a little too deep into this…

    I just wanna see some leaked nude Chris Brown pics before he completely falls off the face of the earth. I want a s** tape from this n****. Honestly, he might as well go out with a bang and do some crazy s*** that would possibly overshadow his beating.

    I’m sure both Geronimo and X,Y,”and Z” wanna see the d*** too (if not more), since they’re his two biggest d*** riders on this blog. Oh, and let’s not forget about Symone’s crazy ass. God, where do you people come from…

  73. Gucci April 4, 2010


    April 4, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    Rude Boy

    Wait Your Turn


    Chris Brown stans ya can all shove it up your tits………his musical career is OVER !




    First of all to the fool who tried to say Rihanna is not endorsed..sweetie she still has Cover Girl despite XYZ’s retarded comments. Women lie, men lie, but the commercials I see on television don’t. Second she has Gucci. Yes, GUCCI. Third she has one with Totes umbrella’s ever since her Umbrella song.

    Now in regards to how to make money XYZ. These artists make the majority of their money from endorsements hun. Companies are willingly to pay millions for celebs to endorsements products and generate sales. While concerts and tours do make lots of money as well, you’re forgetting that the check is split MANY different ways, between dancers, singers, instrumentalists, stage crew, and all. And why are we even going over this? Chris Brown isn’t headlining any concert, (DON’T EVEN BRING UP BET SPRING BLING, because i said HEADLINING). Nor is this fool doing any world tours, so really where is the money going to come from? Simple answer: This n**** is broke as hell. Stop making excuses for him. Regardless of how much you hate Rihanna, she can pretty much buy his entire career right now. Nobody’s checkin for him boo. And Rude Boy is still number what? NUMBER 1.

    LOL Gucci – OUT!

  74. Keesha April 5, 2010

    I just wanna know how the haters seem to know that his career is over. Why do you want his career to be over so bad? Why do some of his haters wish death or horrible things on Chris? Why can’t you wish that he would get better or that he learns from his mistakes? Is it because you seem to think that Chris is like “every other woman beater?” and just like “every other woman beater” they “never” change? How do you know that? And why does album sales have to be brought up in the first place? Of course we know that his album sales aren’t going to be as good as Rihanna’s, so why do the comparison? Is it because you think that we’re going to go in a corner and cry for Chris because she outsold him? If that were the case, we would have done the same thing for his last album, because from what I recall, her album sold more than his as well. And why would you spend your time trying to tear Chris Brown down? It makes no sense. I will never like what he did to Rihanna, never, and I’m pretty sure Chris himself doesn’t either, but I would think that you guys could at least be decent enough to hope that he gets better. I thought that we as people would be better than that. I’m sorry to see and to continue to see that I was terribly wrong. I feel sorry for all those who get satisfaction out of tearing Chris and his fans down. And to the fellow Chris Brown fans, don’t cuss out the haters. Don’t call Rihanna and her fans out of their names and don’t stoop to the level of these sad people who continue to post comments on someone that they hate.

    And to Chris (if you were to ever read this), continue to get better and learn from your mistakes. Stay humble and have integrity. And always pray to God and ask him to show you the way. Also pray for those who love you and support you, as well as those who wish bad things to happen to you.

  75. A,E,I,O and U April 5, 2010

    x y and insane

  76. X,Y,”and Z” April 5, 2010

    @Gucci — “Chris Brown isn’t going to do a World Tour?!?!” <<–But Sam and Trent, and even, "Camp-Chris", DID announce HIS World Tour; complete with Country, City, Venue and Dates; what are YOU talking bout?

    …And if YOU will: the date, time and channel, YOU saw her CoverGirl commercial – if you please?

    ….And you've YET to answer: "If Rihanna, that most-noble, "woman-of-means," has at HER disposal – "an empire", why is it that she couldn't "find" $30K to pay HER personal trainer? …And talking 'bout going broke; all-due to "a-poor-grasp" of finance/economics: how do you buy, cough (rent), a $10-million home, and yet-STILL can't "find" $30K?? …And what's worse, you're THEN, having-to-face the embarrassment, of being dragged, kicking-and-screaming, into a Los Angeles, California court-room, ONLY for YOUR victim to seek compensation, for YOUR "THEFT OF SERVICES?"

    …But maybe, there is still hope for Ms. Fenty: I'm thinking "Valtrex pitch-person" – that "Hereps-infested mouth-of-hers," might-JUST, be a god-send; what say you: "Gucci", "12345", "youputthelimeinthecoconut"???? ….The Rihanna and MattK reality TV show, brought to you by Valtrex! Valtrex: no-need-to-fear; no flare-up too wide; no sore too deep! …Move-over Kardashians', make room for (drum-roll) "Rihanna's Valtrex reality"!!

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT!

  77. Puppy Love April 5, 2010

    To my fellow C.Breezy fans,

    This is time of you alls life your using, use it wisely. If thats the way they feel about him, so be it. Because at the end of the day, God has the last say so in what happens to Chris. Their opinions dont matter.

    In the words of my grandmother(May her soul rest in peace) “The Devil Hates Progress”. Of course Chris has demons hating him. HE’S MOVING ON WITH HIS LIFE! I dont know about you, but I LOVE the hate. It just reminds me of how good hes doing…

  78. Puppy Love April 5, 2010

    @Germino and X,YandZ,

    LOL! I take it that you all are some….uh…devoted CB fans.

    Love you everybody. And by the way, Chris is looking mighty good. Hope he had a wonderful time. And Tyga is just to cute…

  79. asdf April 5, 2010

    Reality is Chris was wrong from hitting Rihanna, if if she was punching on him. Reality is Chris’s career is NOT over. Grafitti was NOT a good album. But at this point Chris is already a certified millionaire – see he had great management – he made enough money to live off the rest of his life on his Excluxive tour. He sold out MSG and all large venues all across the United States and Internationally. That’s where the money is in music. He also writes songs, so royalties even on Rihanna’s Disturbia are coming in to him. He had 2 #1 movies so that TRUE money and believe his next movie, coming up in MAY – TAKERS, will be #1. Rihanna may sell crazy amounts of CD’s, but that’s not money. She writes none of her music, and she still has not been able to head line a tour in the U.S. So her money is no where near what Chris’s is. Bottom line, he needs to come up with a new CD, that’s a great as his first two and he’s right back on top. Charlie Sheen’s show hasn’t suffered, Sean Penn went on to win an Oscar, Christian Bale hasn’t lost his career, – none of the mainstream artists have lost anything for beating on why should Chris??

  80. geronimo April 5, 2010

    I became a chris brown fan after the chrianna incidence, my boy has started to bounce back, its a matter of time only.

    Go chris

  81. X,Y,”and Z” April 5, 2010

    @ASDF — That’s MY “EXACT-point”; BEEN shouting-at-the-top-of-my-lungs, for some-time now: Charlie Sheen is a SERIAL ABUSER!!! Yes, 44 y/o Charlie Sheen IS A SERIAL ABUSER!! No one believed, “Bond-Girl” : Denise Richards, HIS X-wife, when SHE revealed HIS sorted-and-menacing behavior. …”Sour Grapes”, they said; but now, with HIS RECENT abuse-incident, we’re ALL taking note! Ms. Richards, and several of HIS X-girlfriends, have said, they’re willing to come-forward and testify as-to HIS “character” — ‘Or-lack-thereof!’

    …Ms. Richards, has said that Mr. Sheen, the Mainstream’s Gold-Boy/Hollywood Royalty, shoved-HER-to-the-ground, WHILE SHE HELD THEIR INFANT CHILD – IN HER ARMS!!!! Said instances of abuse, at/by the hands of Mr. Sheen, was all-too-common, an occurrence, at the Sheen household! But NOW, Mr. Sheen won’t cop-to-the-Felony, as the Aspen, Colorado prosecutor, demands of HIM! …No, he’s fighting it; as now HE, has said!

    Said, court-proceedings, will commence THIS Summer, just-in-time: the “concert/tours” will be in full-effect!! We’re bound-to-hear, ALL sorts of grimy, sorted and “nauseating details”, ’bout a man; given chance-after-chance; opportunity-after-opportunity and benefit-of-doubt yet again; and-again.
    …To THEN transgress, but to ONLY be-“redeemed”, based ONLY-on, HIS RACE!! America, will YET-HAVE, it’s “crisis-of-conscience”: race WITHSTANDING, will THEN have to reevaluate, reconstruct and re-scrutinize!
    …ALL, to-the-benefit, rightfully and righteously-so, of/to/for one 21 y/o Christopher Brown!

    …I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  82. audrey jones July 2, 2010

    so nice picks i like you chris

  83. amaya December 6, 2010

    man f**k chis & tyga

  84. mjihifki February 18, 2011

    She said in the teen starlet, i added. Even checking

  85. glennipoo4CBreezy May 1, 2011

    I really dont get it!! If you dont care for Breezy, get the fuc* off his di** and his press that he gets, be it good or indiffferent. Those of you that are asking about him making muzik, Did yall miss the ratings on his latest release (CD) called “F.A.M.E.”. He topped charts, Got like 3 or 4 maybe 5 Number 1 songs out…on and on and on and so on and shooby dooby dooby!! Robyn Fentys page iz MT…No latest hits that shes done alone, cuz she is always singing on somebody else s***, yall bored? Thats y yall losers and haters on Breezy DiC*!! Get a life and do your homework b4 you get on here talkin’ bout y he not somewhere making muzik!!! Cuz HE DONT HAVE TO RIGHT NOW>>>>DAMMIT!!!!!

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