Hot Shots: Britney Spears Heads To Rehearsal Studio Ahead of Vegas Residency

Published: Saturday 31st Aug 2013 by David

Peep these pics of Pop purveyor Britney Spears, snapped entering at a LA dance studio in preparation for her forthcoming Vegas residency!

Set to take place at Planet Hollywood this Autumn, the long running show saw the star step out of the recording studio and step into dance mode as part of its development, joined by her Yorkshire terrier pup months after enlisting to executive produce her eighth studio album.

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  1. RI STD August 31, 2013

    AWWWWWWWWWW that puppy is cute!

    • xcbxcbrturtu475 August 31, 2013

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  2. Rosie August 31, 2013

    She looks about 40.

    • GIMME MORE August 31, 2013

      Ur faves lips are full of reslin.. she’s been 40 for about 4 yrs now

      • Britney stan August 31, 2013

        Lmao ok f*** this dumb h**

      • Rosie August 31, 2013

        And she still looks younger than S******. Has Femme FATale sold 2 million yet?

      • Jenny September 1, 2013

        Femme Fatale sold over than 4M worldwide.
        please have a seat.

    • Kitty August 31, 2013

      Lana looks 45 with all of that filler in her ugly ass face.

      • Britney stan August 31, 2013

        Hahahaha read this d***.

  3. Carly August 31, 2013

    She looks rough

  4. Kingstown August 31, 2013

    That pic has got her looking wrong!

  5. rih rox((beyonce stealing Nartasha dress)) August 31, 2013

    Drugs are bad…mmkay.

    • Britney stan August 31, 2013

      But you stan for Rihanna who laces her blunts with crack so keep it cute.

      • MILEY wins August 31, 2013

        Britney psychotic is s*** MILEY slays that w****

  6. Love Life August 31, 2013

    These are not hot shots

  7. Suicide Blonde August 31, 2013

    I love those pants, Princess of Pop 4LIFE.

  8. Molly August 31, 2013

    She looks so old.

  9. Molly August 31, 2013

    And shes goin to a vocal coach? lol for what? when we wll know shell be lip syncing.

  10. Britney stan August 31, 2013

    Im ready for the Queen to slay my f****** life..

  11. Daniel Teflon August 31, 2013

    Lmao they teach ya how to practice how to LYP SING? LAWDY I’VE HEARD IT ALL THESE DAYS & TO THINK FOLKS PAY TO HEAR HER LYP SING!!

  12. Kitty August 31, 2013

    Britney can’t even sing but watch her come slay all of these basic ass b****** Miley, Katy and GaGa…

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 31, 2013

      She didn’t slay nobody with flop fatale tho….and news flash. This old woman is a basic b**** herself. Have a seat.

  13. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 31, 2013

    Lookin’ Good and Healthy Brit-Brit, I can not Like I Like Herrr. 😀

    Negative B****** Who hate themselves need to STFU And Let other people Shine.

  14. RNB DIVA August 31, 2013

    White people don’t age gracefully.

  15. Jenny September 1, 2013

    Can’t wait for the new single.
    after a decade still slaying!
    Queen of Pop.
    Bow down b******

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