Tinashe Tapped As Ambassador For Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty

Published: Monday 25th Nov 2019 by Sam

With new music in the mix, Tinashe is getting brand game on too.

For, the singer has been unveiled as the latest brand ambassador for Rihanna‘s lingerie line Savage X Fenty. 

Details below…

Taking to social media, the ‘Die A Little Bit’ cooer posed it up in RiRi’s range and captioned the snap:

“Bad b*tches LINK UP ? @savagexfenty #SavageXAmbassador”

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Bad bitches LINK UP 🖤 @savagexfenty #SavageXAmbassador

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The gig comes after it was revealed that Normani also snagged a Brand Ambassador spot for Savage X Fenty.

It also comes on the heels of the release of Nashe’s new album ‘Songs For You’ – which topped iTunes upon its initial arrival.

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  1. only facts November 25, 2019

    Uh, TGJ, I think she just used the hashtag. These low quality selfies are not official promo pics for Savage x Fenty. I could be wrong but um…yeah…I think she just used the hashtag. If she was an ambassador, Savage x Fenty would have posted her on their brands Instagram…they did not. Tinashe is looking for attention.

    Still loving the album though, Tinashe. But this is kind of a pathetic attempt for attention.

    • Clarks0oon November 25, 2019

      Gurl I thought u said Taylor dont like Camila anymore

      I thought u said Taylor was gonna pay Camila dust at the AMA awards.

      I thought u said nobody like Camila?


      Camila and halsey both joined Taylor to perform shake It off. Taylor even allowed Camila to stand in the middle when she was singing her part.

      How many lies have u told now?
      U keep spreading hate and fake news.

      I wonder how ur gonna twist this scenario? Camila is clinging on to Taylor for clout? ?????

      Camila performed 3 good times. The most of any performer. And she slayed all 3 performances. Everybody raving about her vocals.

      Where was normani? sitting at home watching like a loser as her peers were slaying the stage and winning awards. Lol

      • only facts November 25, 2019

        You keep asking where Normani is, but where are Camila’s solo songs on the charts (billboard and iTunes)? Her 5th and latest single which she premiered the video for yesterday AND performed on the AMA’s stage last night are nowhere to be found on iTunes. Poor thing 🙂

        Enjoy this comment because it’s the last reply you’re getting from me, dollface.

      • Clarks0oon November 25, 2019

        U spread fake news.
        Seniorita is gonna hit 1 billion streams this week.

        U keep talking about these solo songs , all these songs are eligible for gold certification.
        They achieved acclaim from critics.

        Beyonce had only 1 hit in her self titled album and drunk in love didnt even hit number 1 it stalled at number 2 and it was a feature with jay z.

        All u need is one hit in an album and the era is successful. Seniorita is a mega hit. One of the most successful song of 2019.

        U said Taylor doesnt like Camila anymore but they performed shake it off last night together with halsey.

        Ur a clown
        U played urself

        Ur such a lame àss loser.
        U are delusional as hell.

        When Camila sell out her arena tour I wonder what u will say? Selling out arenas dont mean shìt ?????.
        The same way u said latin Grammys dont mean shìt cause Camila won 2 Latin Grammy awards. Lol

        Gurl Camila took the stage 3 times. Won her 5th AMA award last night
        Normani was at home watching like a loser. Nobody checking for her.

    • Besty November 25, 2019

      This is for commercial work, of course she tries to catch people attention just like Rihanna, Beyoncé and many others do. It’s part of the job so what’s the deal?

  2. Clarks0oon November 25, 2019

    Gurl gotta eat.

    Normani and tinashe have several things in common

    Both were on dancing with the stars, none of the won the competition even tho their fans like hyping their dancing skills

    Both have weak vocals

    Both are flops

    Both have no number one song or Grammy nominations to their names.

    • Besty November 25, 2019

      Who cares? I’m still going to like the music and buy it just like many others, why are you so pressed? Camila won’t always be on top, you don’t want anybody to do the same when it will stops. You talk a lot of nasty b******* but you can’t even do half of what they did from your couch so shut up and ne quiet now.

  3. Clarks0oon November 25, 2019

    TGJ u guys should do a run down of the AMA awards.
    Best performances of the night

    My faves performed 3 times while some people’s fave was not even invited. Lol

    • Besty November 25, 2019

      You sound so stupid and immature.

      • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 25, 2019

        AMEN. TGJ needs to ban that thing Clarkson Tranny

    • Besty November 25, 2019

      I wish I could think different about you Jasmine but you showed me an angry and nasty face couple of times before and I’m still wanting to believe that you can be a great person. I know my wickest part is my kindness, that will kill me someday but I hope you don’t really wish bad things of some artists and realise that (and from now I talk for everyone so it’s not just about you don’t worry) sometimes they just do their own thing without thinking about doing what Mr This or Mrs That wants her to do for their ears. I’m sure you understand what I mean, some artists try to be what everybody want them to be and they do messy stuff because it’s not really authentic and it can be frustrating for everyone in the end. We just need to let them do what they want to to independently because sometimes it’s the only ways they have to express themselves and finally enjoy doing what they are supposed to do by passion and for survive. Let’s just be all anout peace and stop critisizing everybody negatively because this world is already too shitty and dangerous, you must see it everyday on news am i wrong? Let’s just spread some encouragement en good vibes, we can dislike some songs and project but we can choose to say it gently without disrespecting the people who think differently. Sorry for this 4 page letters but I needed to say it. Peace and Love to everyone.

  4. Fanciest BISH November 25, 2019

    Rihanna pitying the girls….. LMAO I remember when they turned Tinashe away during one of Rih’s shows. And didn’t she steal one of her songs?

    Anyways ok.

  5. Besty November 25, 2019

    This is for all the haters, hate it mother fu*kers like Jasmine the Queen of slaves and trolls.

    • ? Jasmine’s Grape Juice ? ? November 25, 2019

      Bow Down ??‍♂️ To your Queen. Thanks for thinking of me sis and running your mouth about me on a post u have not commented on yet!

      • Besty November 25, 2019

        I was angry and you know what, even if I had reasons to come after you, that’s not the right way to do things correctly. You have my apologies, I hope my other message will get to you as a proof of my deep thoughts about everything. Sincerely yours.

  6. Juicy juicy November 25, 2019

    These some weird hating ass comments on this page TF LMFAOOO. Why is Camilla & Normani being spoken of, the article isn’t about them. And Roc Nation already signed Tinashe, it’s not far fetched to think Riri putting her on too. Tinashe been getting slept on for WAAAY too long and she’s too amazing for that. Now the big heads are taking notice and that’s what’s up. Congrats to Tinashe if this is true ??????

    • Clarks0oon November 25, 2019

      Gurl being a fenty ambassador is not a big deal. Any body can be a fenty ambassador.
      Its just like fashion nova, anybody with 10k followers on Instagram can be an ambassador for fashion nova

      A drag queen is an ambassador for fenty underwear. Lol

      • Key To The Kingdom November 25, 2019

        You are definitely a fake troll! Nobody cares about Camila that much and neither do you. You insulted the lgbt community and she lives lgbt so you’re fake and fraud caught .

  7. Keith November 25, 2019

    Good for Tinashe!!!

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